Another tax season came and went. Some got refunds while others had to pay into the system. But did they really have to? No, I’m not talking about under threat. I’m talking about the legality of the tax system. You might be surprised to find that there is no law requiring you to pay taxes. Wait, don’t start yelling and screaming at me just yet. Before you do, I ask you this, have you ever seen a law that required you to pay taxes?  Have you physically seen the law, or are you just going by the old saying, “taxes and death.” I will bet dollars to donuts you can not recite one law that points to you being required to pay taxes.

This is not a new subject, but it is a widely ignored subject by the media. Why would something that equates to robbing 320 million Americans through force of imprisonment, garnishment, repossession, and other means go ignored by the media? Well, I would like to throw another saying out there – “follow the money, honey.” The same corrupt entity that is controlling things by pulling the strings of their puppets (politicians) are the same ones owning the media and dictating what messages get out or in this case, don’t get out.

A quick search online and the problem is apparent. It’s the Federal Reserve’s strong-arm that has our politicians scared and controlled and our President, regardless who it is, as nothing more than a mouthpiece or spokesman for the Corporation of the U.S.A.

Before I get into the purpose of this article, let me encourage you to watch an excellent documentary that can explain things in much more detail than I can in this article, and that is the Aaron Russo Documentary titled “America: Freedom to Fascism.” This documentary is a must for anyone that wants to understand the complexities of the tax code.

So you did your research, watched the documentary and now you are boiling. Couldn’t find a law, could you? No one can because there is no law outlining the responsibility of everyone to pay taxes. Now you are asking yourself, “what can I do?” This is a common question and one that has many answers. The short of it is to do something. Anything! Just bring awareness to the issue. This is where #OpTaxPenaltyDue comes into play.

#OpTaxPenaltyDue was started on social media by a group of people who remain anonymous and have a lot of insight into the issues we are facing. What they and I want to accomplish with this operation is a social media blitz of awareness and facts. Starting Saturday, May 7th at 9:00 AM and running till Sunday at 9:00 PM, we want everyone to post videos, pictures, memes, anything you got on the legality, or lack thereof, of the tax system.

One video that should go viral concerning taxes is titled “Most Americans Do Not Owe Income Tax.” This is a video that I and others will be blitzing social media with, and we ask that you help get it out. If you are reading this article after the #OpTaxPenaltyDue event takes place, then continue the movement. Don’t let it live and die in the allotted time, but instead consistently bring attention to this issue. We see the most significant transfer of wealth in history takes place, and it is 100% illegal.


It is with your participation that we can get this turned around. It is through dedicated research and a commitment to uncovering truths that the masses will wake from their slumber and see what is going on in America. We are at a pivotal point in our time, and silence cannot be an option. The stakes are too high, and the consequences are a generation to generation problem.

What is at stake is total global governance that we are financing through this transfer of wealth. Where is the money going? Roads, infrastructure, schools? If you thought that, then your research is just now beginning. I must warn you this is a rabbit hole that seems endless, but it is so important to jump down. Start your research off with a blank sheet of paper and go where the evidence and facts take you.

The attack to institute this One World Government, or as George Bush Sr. and many others refer to as the New World Order, is underway, and the main goal to get us dependent on government is to break us. We are too strong to ever be attacked successfully from the outside, so the attack is slow and methodical through the economy. A favorite method is written about by Cloward and Piven and is being played out today.

We are currently at 19 trillion dollars in debt. We are broke financing this Empire, and the amount of debt we are placing on future generations is staggering. We can be the generation that stops this through awareness and dedication, or we can be the generation that kicks the can down the road for our children and grandchildren to deal with. What seems more responsible to you?


#OpTaxPenaltyDue will not end this fight, but it can be the first punch in the fight. Non-aggressive and a logical approach that dictates communication and dialogue. That should always be our first step, and that is the step we are taking. I ask that everyone take to your social media accounts and use the hashtag #OpTaxPenaltyDue in your post. Of all the things that “trend” on social media, none will be more important than this one. Get on Facebook, Twitter, Tsu, Instagram, or any other site you have and post the above videos, memes, pictures, or anything you got to keep the issue of taxes in the discussion.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s post during #OpTaxPenaltyDue and keep it going long after Sunday. Let’s kick the Kardashians out of the “trending now” section and replace them with real and valuable information. We can do this, and we can win. It will take a collective effort and pass the information on to everyone.

You can follow me on Facebook by liking the “Fighting the Tyranny” page, and believe me, I will be participating in this operation. On Twitter, you can find me @patriotman23 as well as the social media site Tsu also @patriotman23. Be the resistance, be the change you want to see.

Written by: Michael Howell

Please visit the Fighting the Tyranny Blog site for more articles.

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