Rise of The New World Order: The Culling of Man

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

What is going on in today’s time is by design. Yes, it seems like chaos, and to you and me, it is. To the elite that is causing this division, it is by design and centuries of methodical planning geared to bring us to a one-world government, or New World Order. If you do not believe this or still throwing out the term conspiracy theorist, then I want to highly recommend a book to you that lays it out in plain English and traces it back to its original root – King Nimrod.

What author J. Micha’el Thomas Hayes explains in this excellently written and researched book is the lifelong goal of the globalist, and it is imperative we combat this goal as it is, in short, the destruction of humanity as we know it. The book I am referring to is “Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man.” The title says it all, and the book details the “great plan” to the smallest detail.

There are books that I recommend to have in everyone’s collection, and this one is at the top of my shortlist. Others being Ron Paul’s “Liberty Defined” and G. Edwards Griffins “The Creature From Jekyll Island.” While Ron Paul’s book is excellent at defining true liberty and G. Edward Griffin’s book explains the Federal Reserve and every detail that led up to the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Mr. Hays goes much deeper into the abyss of the tyranny we have today and defines it flawlessly.

I have read this book many times and felt I had to have Jeff Hays on my radio show, Fighting the Tyranny, to explain the agenda in a way only he could, and he did not disappoint. I got in touch with Mr. Hays through a mutual friend of ours – another radio host and good friend – and set the day and time to have him on my show.

We started the roundtable discussion with the “great plan” and its early beginnings. Beginning with King Nimrod and the Tower of Babel all the way to the present day players at length. With every question I asked, not only did he answer, he gave documentation and research that is readily available for anyone willing to dig. From the early days of the Rothschild’s influence and control of the money supply to the present-day legislation coming out of the United Nations, we covered it all. The two-hour show flew by, unlike any show I had done previously.

While I knew of the “great plan,” and much of what we talked about, it was refreshing to hear it laid out in a timeline style manner. We did not just wake up one day with our rights and liberties limited, but instead,d our silence helped perpetuate the goal of globalism and the divide and conquer that is among us at this moment. The New World Order has had a plan, and we exposed it from beginning to end.

culling of man

Rise of the New World Order covers everything from the “great plan” from secret societies in which the elite communicate, plot, deceive, and control the global agenda to false flags that they have been carried out in the name of “safety” to institute the agenda under false pretenses. Diabolical and ruthless the goals to enslave humanity encompasses one-world governance, one world currency, one world religion, and propels the State above individual sovereignty and free will. We are at the tipping point and just a push away from their momentum picking up steam.

With chapters like “Dawn of the New World Order,” Jeff takes you through the birth of just how the Illuminati, started by Adam Weishaupt, has used key players like Albert Pike, Manley P. Hall, Madame Helena Blavatsky, and even the evilest man ever, Aleister Crowley to push the global agenda through tearing down society through the Luciferian agenda. This is backed up not only by Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt himself but through groups like the Freemasons, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission to the modern-day legislative global governing body, the United Nations.

Love of money is the root of all evil. We have all heard that saying many times, and it is covered as well in high capacity in Rise of the New World Order. In the chapter titled Money = Power, Rise of the New World Order takes you through the history of money, the Federal Reserve, the masonic images on our currency we use today, Central Banks, and even breaks down fractional reserve lending banking system we operate under today. Indeed, money is the root of all evil and is the machine that is driving the gears towards the one-world government.


Rise of the New World Order takes on the mother lode of all false flags head-on with evidence and facts that can’t be disputed. Covering every aspect of the tragic events, it uncovers the agenda of the globalist and why they pulled off such a plan. And make no mistake; it was an inside job. As noted in the book, the FBI still has no evidence regarding the events of 9/11 to implicate Osama Bin Laden in the planning and execution of the attacks on 9/11.

Operation Northwoods is another false flag event that Rise of the New World Order talks about in great depths. This is a very telling false flag that shows the madness of the agenda. There are no boundaries that are off-limits to the Luciferian plan, and no life is sacred to them. Whatever it takes, they will pay the cost, but it will be with our blood, not theirs. That is the evilness in their goal. It is all about propping themselves up as masters and keeping us as slaves. Debt slaves acting as serfs for their enlightenment.

To see where all this is headed, just pay close attention to the chapter The United Nations = One World Government. From Agenda 21 to the World Trade Organization to the New World Order, New World Religion, this chapter takes you down the end game of the globalist. It is a telling chapter as we are witnessing many of these things jump off the page at us now. If we do nothing about this now, then Agenda 21 will be our demise. We can’t afford to wait, and we can’t afford to kick the can down the road. The consequences are a generation to generation scenario with everything to lose if we do not fight.

I could write a whole book about Jeff’s book, but trying to condense it into an article is hard to do. There is a ton of knowledge in the pages of this book, and once you realize the facts of the situation, you will be a sponge. I, myself, am writing a book on this very topic as well, and Rise of the New World Order: The Culling of Man is a go-to source for me in my en devours.

You can get you a copy of J. Micha’el Thomas Hays’ book at his website, Samaritan Sentinal, or you can check it out at Amazon and be sure to read the reviews. It is one of the best books out there that goes over the “great plan.” Be sure to pass on the information you receive in this book to friends and loved ones. It pertains to them as much as each one of us. With his second book, Rise of the New World Order: The Awakening in edit now look for him to make another appearance on my radio show, Fighting the Tyranny and other radio shows. Maybe if he allows, we will give away a couple of copies on the show like we did with the first book.

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4 thoughts on “Rise of The New World Order: The Culling of Man

  1. Wow Michael, this article is another homerun in the ball game that is your writng. I remember when he was on your show, I listened intently to what I knew was absolute truth from the years I have spent studying the Bible and especially it’s many prophetic passages. No matter how awake one becomes, it is impossible to comprehend the events taking place in our world today, in the absence of what the Bible reveals to us. The word “Luciferian” describes so well the events we are witnessing on the world stage that are literally leaping from the pages of Scriptures. We would all do well to listen to those who tell their truth using the Bible as their outline and study guide as Michael does in this fascinating book! Great Article! Thank You, Sitting Bull

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. This book along with others out there telling the truths of what is going on is important for all to read and really grasp what is going on. It is being fulfilled whether we choose to see it or not. Time to walk by faith and not by sight!


  2. Its ѕuch as yoou leasгn mу mind! Youu seem
    to ɡrɑsp so much about tҺis, llike yoᥙ wrote the boߋk in it oor something.
    I think that you could do with some p.c. tto drive the message housᥱ a bit, however instead of that, this
    is fantaѕtic blog. A fantaѕtic read. I will definitely
    be back.

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  3. Sir…You have really hit a home run here in many ways, and I am sharing this with as many as I possibly can…With the Covid-19 Fake Virus, we have, at least in my humble mind, the FINISHING TOUCHES and their FINAL PLAY with The Great Plan…This is it…This is EXACTLY what you were warning about…Alas, it is far too late…But…There are a few things I pray you will see and come to understand before you find yourself before Christ…First off, let me guide you to another author “Jonathan Gray”…Dead Men’s Secrets is a book you should find very easily, and free…This may open your eyes and heart to some of the things you may not have seen in your research brother…DNA is proof positive, we did not come from apes…Evolution is a lie, and came from the very same self proclaimed elite, to guide us away from the Most High…You mention in your book, that Enoch is a book we should read, and I already have, many times…You are right, in that, it was removed in order to keep it hidden from OUR generation…Alas, it is our generation that has found it and it has spread like FIRE…BUT…This Enoch is NOT the one that the secret societies mention…Groups like the “FreeMason’s” worship the Enoch, son of CAIN..!!! Cain had a son, and named him Enoch, and built a CITY and named it after his son, Enoch…!! Free Mason = City Builders…I pray you already see this connection, but hey, do not take my word for it…Search for their Free Mason manuals of the 1800’s and the DATE the Enoch to this EXACT same time…! So…next I need to bring up Genesis 6…The Sons of GOD seen the daughters of men, and took them wives so whomever they chose…They had SONS…These were the Nephilim, the GREAT ONES…These are NOT GOD’s children, they had half Fallen Angel and Half Human bloodlines..!!! THIS WAS THE CAUSE OF THE GREAT FLOOD BROTHER..!!! Noah was not without SIN, as only CHRIST was found to be totally SINLESS…No…Noah was found perfect in his BLOODLINE…!!! BUT, some of the Nephilim survived the flood…The BIBLE tells us as much…THESE ARE THE ONES THE GREEKS AND ROMANS WORSHIPED…MIGHTY MEN, MEN OF RENOWN…And may very well be a STRAIGHT LINE connection to the self proclaimed BLOOD LINE ELITES OF TODAY…The trails are hard to follow as they keep these facts HIDDEN from us peasants….The have even changed their NAMES in order to DECEIVE us…NEXT….The Jews in Revelation that are NOT Jews….Christ warned us about these people…You need to look up a man named Shabbatai Zevi….He proclaimed himself to be the long awaited JEWISH SAVIOR…In guess what year…? JUNE 6th 1666….6 / 6 / 1666 ~ CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP..!!! He founded a religious order called SABBATEANS…And a man named Jacob Frank originally Jacob Leibowicz….This man carried on Sabbatean religion and this is where the ILLUMINATI were formed from..!!! This is a rabbit hole EASILY followed if you take the time to do the reading…These men are whom rule this world from behind their mega fortunes and world banks…They believe, knowledge handed down through LUCIFER himself, that the more bad and the worse society gets, the FASTER their god, little G, will come down to this earth…GO FIGURE…And you see this manifesting as you wrote in your book…IT IS HERE NOW…We are living in these END TIMES…SO VERY CLOSE NOW….Lastly…You claim that you do not believe every word of the BIBLE, and I get that…It was not written in English, and the translations have been fiddled with a LOT…BUT, through MANY translations, and with some time seeking the ORIGINAL texts, you can come to learn, the BIBLE IS THE TRUTH…THE WORD WAS MANIFEST INTO FLESH and HE came to shed HIS righteous blood to wash away the sins of the world..!!! HE was murdered on a wooden cross on a hill, HE HIMSELF created..!!! The Bible is the truth, the way, and the LIGHT…In Revelation, when HE returns to judge the un-righteous, HE has a name, it is THE WORD..!!! King of KINGS….Anyway….You will likely never even see this, but I pray you do…If so, I pray you will find the book I mentioned, and that you see these final puzzle pieces to a picture you have already elaborately uncovered, to see the entire picture, as it really is….I have more for you, such as “space” ~ “NASA” which was founded by a group of NAZI’s and men whom performed SATANIC RITUALS, and the true shape of our Earth, but alas, this may very be a reach, as it is so very difficult, given the LIES, MAIN STREAM MEDIA, MOVIES, and MIS-EDUCATION in our public schools, so that this last one is so very difficult for many to accept…Anyway…GOD BLESS YOU SIR…We are so close now…LOOK UP…For our redemption draws near….MUCH LOVE…Travis Scroggins


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