11 thoughts on “Why Did The G.O.P. Turn the Stars on Their Logo Upside Down

  1. No, the fact that the stars are pointed downwards post 2000 is not true. I’m watching footage right now pre 1993 and they’re downwards.


  2. Dear Michael W. Howell, in the 2000 election Al Gore won the popular vote (not John Kerry). Also, it has since been determined that Mr. Gore also won the hanging chad votes of Florida, so he actually did win Florida’s electoral college votes. So, the Republicans stole that election, and flipped their stars (to celebrate their allegiance?). Please get your facts right. Good article, otherwise. Thanks!
    Desdamona Racheli


    1. Actually, having been on the campaign (part of my reason for leaving) I can tell you that’s not true. That was not the reason for the stars being flipped as it was discuss in our meeting for two years previous. Thanks for the comment!


    2. You are correct about the 2000 election being between Gore and Bush, not Kerry and Bush. You are also correct that Al Gore won the popular vote. You are not correct however, about the election being stolen. That is a false DNC and Media narrative that seemingly will never die. The notion of a stolen election has been debunked time and time again. The 2016 election was also not stolen in case you go down that road next.


      1. True. And what everyone forgets is the 1.2 million absentee ballots from military personnel from the state of California, that were never counted. What percentage of the military, at that time, do you think voted Republican? Gore did not win the popular vote.


  3. I would agree with you regarding the importance of symbols. It’s another form of communication or a language. All around us with the products that we purchase and corporate symbols, we can find symbols tied with the occult. That said, I’d guess that the bulk of the populations, around the world, have no clue what these symbols mean. For example, think of how many articles of children’s clothing that’s littered with the ‘peace symbol’ kids are wearing, and have no clue as to what that symbol historically means. I see this star changing as probably due to ignorance of any symbolism or meaning. That said, I don’t think the author of this article is correct with regards to the star symbol for the GOP suddenly changing after 2000. I didn’t spend a great deal of time searching, but was curious and what I found was that even prior, one can see both stars, in GOP symbols, and still both positions of stars in GOP symbols can be found in current GOP pics. My guess is the reason is due to layout in design. Do I see it as disturbing, of course, but I’m just as disturbed with all the rest of the occult symbolism that we routinely see every day around us.


  4. It’s not rocket science. If you have a basic understanding of this system, then you know what their symbols, slogans and acronyms mean. Take for instance the MAGA term/slogan. A Maga is the 5th degree of the Church of Satan. Do you really believe that of all the handlers of Trump’s political campaign, nobody knew this? Or is it possible the people in-charge (Trump included) knew fully?

    That star style is a pretty well-known satanic symbol, too. Both the demonrat and republicscum parties use it in differing ways. People are truly sleeping if they’re not seeing such a blatantly clear message, but I’ve given up on the average person. They don’t know anything and they don’t want to know. Just keep wearing your masks in the open people, and keep waiting on stimulus money while you lose everything right from beneath your feet because the government has you allll taken care of, smh.


  5. Actually there was a reason given that everybody applauded : the inverted stars stand for the upside down American flag supposed to represent America in mortal danger and yelling for help, as was clearly Bush’s intention when devising the 9-11 event. Anyway that was not the first time at all when the Republican elephant bore the inverted stars. Anyway also, both stars, upright and downwards, are malefic in nature : an upright star stands for luciferian prideful revolt against divine order and the downward pointing one satanic hedonism of giving up all values for instant gratification. That is what most Republican stand for now : fuck the world but the party must go on.


  6. Vincent Marks writes: “True. And what everyone forgets is the 1.2 million absentee ballots from military personnel from the state of California, that were never counted. ”

    We don’t forget them because they never existed. There are not 1.2 million military personnel from the state of California. The entire US military has about 1.3 million personnel. Just under 200,000 active-duty military personnel from California. We certainly don’t have 1.2 million military personnel stationed overseas; personnel stationed here generally do not use absentee ballots. And in any case, Gore received 547,398 more popular votes than Bush in that election, and there were not enough military absentee ballots to overcome that, even if every single one of them was for Bush (they weren’t).


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