The New Space Race Will Be Lead By A Space Force

Written by Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

What does a country with over 700 military bases in over 130 countries do next? What could possibly be the last remaining Superpower’s next move having already conquered global dominance through its military might? An expansion, of course. This time the threat is inter-galaxy. Or is it interstellar? I better brush up on my, what use to be considered as Sci-Fi talk, because it looks like I may need to know the lingo now with America, or Earth, getting a Space Force! Yes, a Space Force. Remember our reactions when Newt Gingrich talked about the need for a Mars exploration during a Presidential debate? Well, President Donald Trump’s announcement Monday wasn’t that of expanding space exploration, or even a new mission to hopefully uncover new technology. Nope, the silliness of this administration hit a new laughable level with his revealing of a new “Space Force.”

“We must have American dominance in space,” Trump said during a speech at the National Space Council meeting, held at the White House on Monday.

“I’m hereby directing the Department of Defense to immediately begin the process to establish a space force as the sixth branch of the armed forces.”

“We are going to have the Air Force, and we are going to have the space force,” Trump said. “Separate, but equal. It is going to be something so important.”

“My new national strategy for space recognizes that space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea,” Trump said at the rally. “We may even have a ‘Space Force’ — develop another one. Space Force. We have the Air Force; we’ll have the Space Force.”

Of course, everything with President Trump has to be YUGE and exaggerated, and the recent talks of the Space Force aren’t any different. Giving himself credit as only the “Donald” can, he stated that the idea came to him just recently.

“I was saying it the other day—cause we’re doing a tremendous amount of work in space—I said, maybe we need a new force. We’ll call it the space force. And I was not really serious. And then I said, what a great idea. Maybe we’ll have to do that. That could happen. That could be the big, breaking story.”

Ironically, President Trump has already stopped the creation of a Space Force once, yet, now he wants to take credit for the idea. In July of 2017, the House of Representatives passed legislation that would direct the Defense Department to create a “Space Corps” as a new military service, housed within the Air Force. It was President Trump’s Pentagon that was in opposition to the program.

When Heather Wilson, the Air Force Secretary, was brought in and asked about the potential new program, she replied, “The Pentagon is complicated enough… This will make it more complex, add more boxes to the organization chart, and cost more money. If I had more money, I would put it into lethality, not bureaucracy.”

Since the days of President Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars Defense Program, a version of a Space Force has been shuffled around the halls of government. In 2000, a military-reform commission led by Donald Rumsfeld suggested the creation of such a force, but the idea was scrapped after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the following wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Last year, the House Armed Services Committee approved a measure to create a space corps brought forward by Mike Rogers, a Republican from Alabama, and Jim Cooper, a Democrat from Tennessee.

The proposed space corps would absorb the duties of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, a unit inside the Air Force that supports most of the country’s military operations in space and employs about 36,000 people across more than 130 sites around the world. The division would collect space professionals throughout the government into one place. “The military has not done a good enough job looking after space with all its other distracting priorities,” Cooper told Berman last year. “It’s just not getting the attention it deserves.”

The measure made it into the House’s version of an annual defense bill, but the Senate’s version banned it. The Pentagon stood by in its opposition, which was carried over from the Obama administration. Congress passed their final bill in November with no mention of the space corps. Its most fervent supporters vowed momentum would return, but the idea has mostly fallen out of consideration again.

In a report that was written in April of 1998, by Major Steven R. Looten, it outlines in concrete details the duties and responsibilities, protocol, and the future direction of a Space Force. The title of the report is called, “Space Force 2020” indicating a projected target date for the implementation of such a department.

The report is interesting and telling at the same time. It is complete with charts and tables to help illustrate the objectives leaving no room for speculation as to its intent. This is the future of the United States military and the reason given for the need to rush to dominate this space race, as was the case with the space race with the former Soviet Union in the 1960’s, is, well, dominate. The President said the new branch’s creation will be overseen by General Joseph Dunford, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

There is so much to keep an eye out for concerning the Trump administration, and this latest announcement promises to be one to watch for years to come. Social media already had its fun with the idea of a Space Force. The memes have ranged from Spaceball references to Star Wars characters all chiming in with their whimsical notion of fighting for freedoms, in space! Whatever the future holds for the program one thing is sure. Gross government spending and irresponsible management will be the norm with any new or existing government intervention.

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The Growing Pains of a Third Party

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For years many people have been disappointed in the two-party monopoly that has plagued modern politics. The corruption among both parties had come to a boiling point. The frustration with the two major parties began to find itself struggling over crucial issues relative to the party. After the 2012 Presidential Campaign and leading into 2016 election, voters started to leave the major parties and join a lesser known party called the Libertarian Party. The initial surge in growth of the party was fueled by Republicans who were fed up with how the party treated Ron Paul in 2012. New arrivals to the Libertarian Party also included Democrats who did not like how Bernie Sanders was treated in 2016. Of course, when these two groups try to unite under one banner, there are going to be some substantial ideological problems that will arise. I think most people who joined liked the idea of less military spending and less foreign policy by way of war. There are many issues that plenty of people who joined agree on regardless of what party they were with before. Continue reading “The Growing Pains of a Third Party”

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Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

You have already seen it a thousand times. The person who thinks that their single issue should be able to trample over the rights of everyone else, and you are a racist/bigot/monster if you think otherwise. The even sadder part is that more and more people are agreeing with that person. Welcome to the era of the Social Justice Warrior.

The idea of being a Social Justice Warrior or SJW for short is not a new one. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing. There are many causes that a person can get involved in to advance a social issue. Gay rights, equality for men and women, preventing hatred against blacks are all worthy causes. Yet the problem lies in putting any of these over another person’s right to choose for themselves. The government can legislate many things, however, it cannot legislate behavior. The truth is, like it or not, that people have a right to prejudice no matter how distasteful it is.

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By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Every time I turn on a computer and go online it seems that I see people posting about how trivial events generate the biggest reaction from people, while much bigger events seem to merit little to no response. People are having a tendency to not get upset over foreign policy, increases to our national debt, or the continued militarizing of our police forces. Yet the smaller things like what a celebrity writes on social media or the manner in which an athlete chooses to protest creates an enormous response. In the case of the latter example, people seem to have been more upset over how a person chose to protest more than what he was protesting about. Continue reading “Bringing Politics Back To The Conversation”

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By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer for Fighting the Tyranny

I am about to tell you something that may blow your mind. Television is not politically correct.  You might think with the title I wrote and from some of the programs that you have seen in primetime that it is. But it really is not. Of course, most network executives may want you to think that it is. But when you look at all programming you see it really is not the case. There are plenty of off-color remarks but those are usually directed at conservative white people. You see the TV executives know that most white viewers will not get offended so they fill their series with as much non-PC material as they can. Continue reading “TV- Rated PC For Politically Correct”

Freedom from Tyranny: Catalonian Independence

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Fast forward to a few days later and I see a video of police beating people just going out to vote. And I said to myself.”Wait this is Spain, not some third world country. How is this being allowed to happen?” Not only was it allowed to happen, but when the votes were totaled more than 90% of the population voted in favor of independence. Over 900 people were injured by Spanish police for the crime of voting. Continue reading “Freedom from Tyranny: Catalonian Independence”

The Real Drug Crisis: Big Pharma

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

It seems to be almost a daily occurrence when you look in the paper or online and read that someone else in your neighborhood has died from an overdose. Usually, you think that it might be a drug like heroine that is involved and in some cases, sadly, it is. However, as is becoming more and more common it is not an illegal drug causing these overdoses. It is a prescription drug that is deemed to be safe and legal.

Yet, while the headlines are dominated by death caused by illegal drugs, you seldom hear about the deaths caused by legal drugs. That is of course unless it involves a celebrity.

Why is that? Why are we so familiar with the scourge of illegal drugs but most of us do not realize the dangers of the pills that might very well be sitting in a medicine cabinet in our very home right now?

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