CERN: Opening Up A Portal

By Michael W. Howell
Staff Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

CERN has many faces and many deceptions that leave much to the imagination. They wear two faces. A look they wear in public and a dark face that is the agenda and works of the program. Of the research I have done to date on CERN, I can tell you that the mysteries surrounding this project are ritualistic, full of symbolism, and dark in tone and nature. What is CERN’s mascot, or chosen statue just outside of its headquarters? Shiva, the god of destruction. More on that in a bit. And what is the company’s logo? Well, the design has no distinguishing resemblance to link it to CERN but does look like a take on 3 sixes – 666.  I know what you’re thinking, I thought it, too, at first.

CERN logo 2
The official CERN logo with the 3 sixes

CERN explains their logo like this:

The shapes in CERN’s current logo represent particle accelerators. The logo in this form dates back to 1968 when a decision was made to change the CERN logo from the original one. Some 114 new designs were proposed, many of which used CERN’s experiments as inspiration. The final design used the original lettering, surrounded by a schematic of a synchrotron, beamlines, and particle tracks. Today’s logo is a simplified version of this.

Now that I have your attention, even if nothing more than curiosity, let’s take a look at CERN and its inter-workings.

What is CERN And How Does It Work

CERN, or Large Hadron Collider (LHC), is the world’s biggest machine. It sits on the French-Swiss border, and the cost is immense, said to be $9 billion. It is buried underground at a depth of up to 575 feet or 175 meters. The LHC’s facility is circular in design and runs over a 17-mile or 27-kilometer circuit. The scientists who worked on the project say the laboratory was built underground because the Earth’s crust provides the protection needed against radiation that might stem from the project.

The purpose of CERN was to find, through collisions of the smallest particles, the answer to how the universe was created. In an article I found said to have been written by a CERN Physicist who said his name is Dr. Edward Mantill, he admits this is a fabrication as a cover story to feed the public. He acknowledges that the sole purpose of CERN was to open a doorway – his words. In fact, in the letter, he published he had much to say about the project. Is he even a real member of CERN at all? More about Dr. Edward Mantill’s letter later.

The workings of CERN can be confusing to the layman, and I am apparently just that when it comes to this subject, but I will do my best in explaining this project and said intentions.

According to an article published by Popular Science in their April 2015 issue, they explain it in 4 simple steps that make it easier to understand without having to get to “science” on the subject. They explained how CERN works like this:

1. Acceleration: The collider occupies a nearly 17-mile circular tunnel. Two proton beams travel around the ring in opposite directions, racing through tubes kept at an ultra-high vacuum and guided by superconducting magnets chilled to a temperature colder than that of outer space. Moving at near light speed, the protons make 11,245 circuits per second.

2. Collision: The beams cross in four main detectors, where particles collide 800 million times per second. During the upcoming run, those collisions will produce an unprecedented 13 Tera electron volts. That’s 13 times the energy of a mosquito in motion but squeezed into space a trillion times smaller—a density similar to moments after the big bang.

3. Creation: As Einstein theorized in E=mc2, energy can be converted into mass (and vice versa). And so the energy of two protons colliding can combine and convert into massive new particles, including a top quark—the heaviest subatomic particle ever observed. Because they’re unstable, these particles quickly decay into a number of new ones.

4. Detection: As these secondary particles fly away from the collision point, the detectors measure their properties—including positions in space, energy, momentum, mass, and charge. Physicists use this information to deduce the identity of the particles created at the moment of collision and scour the data for anomalies that may indicate something entirely new.

At 28,750 cubic meters, ATLAS is the largest volume particle detector ever constructed, and it was designed to do the broadest range of experiments. When particles collide, four components record the result: the inner detector measures momentum; calorimeters measure energy; the muon spectrometer tracks muons (a collision byproduct), and the magnet system bends charged particles. Because the data rate is equivalent to 50 billion simultaneous phone calls, it also has modes to decide which data should be recorded or ignored.

CERN generates temperatures that we can’t even fathom. It is said that it will reach temperatures as hot as the conditions in the Universe after the big bang, or more than 100,000-times the temperature at the center of the sun. CERN said this will be achieved by accelerating and colliding together two beams of heavy ions. With a plan like that, what could go wrong, right? The possibilities are astronomical and have many in the science community nervous and on edge.


Not All In The Scientific Community Is Onboard With CERN

It is clear to many of the dangers that the CERN program pose. Some of the top scientists have spoken out about the program and its uncertainties. The leading Physicist, Stephen Hawking, had this to say regarding CERN in the preface to a book, Starmus, a collection of lectures by scientists.

“The God particle found by CERN could destroy the universe.” The Higgs Boson could become unstable at very high energy levels and have the potential to trigger a “catastrophic vacuum decay which would cause space and time to collapse and… we would not have any warning to the dangers.” said Hawking.

Stephen Hawking has also said that physics “would have been far more interesting if it [the Higgs Boson] had not been found,” he also warned that humans won’t survive another thousand years on our “fragile planet.”

In fact, Hawking is not the only prominent scientist to speak out against CERN or show concerns about the work they are doing.

“Ask yourself: How much energy is keeping it together? Then you put more than that amount of energy into the object. …It will explode.” Astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson told Eugene Mirman on his Star Talk radio program.

A German Biochemist and professor, Otto Rossler, from the University of Tubingen filed a lawsuit in late 2008 against CERN with the European Court of Human Rights claiming that the facility could unknowingly cause a black hole that could not be contained and consume the planet. The Court threw out Rossler’s case, but it did start the discussion on the harm of the experiment. He has been a voice against the dangers and concerns surrounding CERN

CERN Is Ritualistic In Nature 

Here is where my “conCERN” really starts to come into play. In CERN’s own short film that was recorded inside the facility called “Symmetry,” so much ritualistic symbolism can be found. You know what cannot be seen in this short film? Any tie-in or reference to the said mission of the program. The short film, or Opera and Dance as they refer to it, could have easily been a scientific explanation of the application or an interview-style commercial of scientists talking about the mission. However, they chose a weird and frightening ad to air.

The entire film is a “Death of Destruction” Shiva dance that I can not get out of my head. What does this have to do with finding the smallest particle? What does this have to do with explaining the birth of the Universe? Absolutely nothing, unless the end game is destruction and rebirth, then, and only then, would the film make any kind of sense.

It is no secret that we are in a Luciferian controlled agenda that is playing out in front of us. Even if you choose not to believe this, it is irrelevant as the controllers firmly believe this. And they are working towards their one-world government control. Could CERN have a role in achieving this goal? Utterly and without a doubt, when all evidence is brought forth and examined.

The official CERN commercial from beginning to end has many overtones that no one can deny is creepy in nature. It has suggestions of rebirth, falling into an abyss or even another plane of existence or time travel, and dance dedicated to destruction before the resurgence. What do they have to say about the film or commercial as I like to refer to it as?

“Symmetry,” its website says, “is an operatic sci-fi dance performance based on the work being performed at CERN.

It follows Lukas – played by the film’s choreographer Lukas Timulak – a CERN physicist, hard at work using the LHC to search for the smallest particle in existence, when a ghostly woman played by soprano Claron McFadden appears, asking him if he loves the particle more than he loves himself, and, if he could, would he become one with the particle.

As Lukas increasingly tries to focus on his work, Claron’s message becomes more insistent as she carries him through time in search of answers – tearing him away from the timelessness of physics and pointing him towards the timelessness of love and music.”

“Dance of Destruction” performed inside CERN
Taken from the Symmetry short film

By their own admission, they declare time travel, giving oneself up to be “one with the particle,” and that this is their work being “performed at CERN.” I know if I were to say these things, then I would be racked over the coals as a conspiracy theorist and all those other silly terms used to describe those of us that research. Still, here you have self-confessions from the organization themselves and no outcry or coverage from mainstream media. If you had heard this agenda before and didn’t want to pay it any attention because you do not believe it is possible, then it is still imperative that you pay attention to the program as they attempt to achieve these things could have worldly consequences.

Shiva And The Dance Of Destruction Statue

As mentioned previously, we have a statue outside the CERN facility of the Hindu god, Shiva. The word “Shiva” means literally, “that which is not.” The point CERN is making in this is that everything comes from nothing and returns to nothing. Shiva is referred to as a vast empty space. In other words, everything comes from Shiva and returns to Shiva or vast nothingness. Shiva is described as a non-being, not as a being. Shiva is not defined as light but as darkness.

Now there is much more to the definitions of Shiva as with all “religions,” but I will leave that part of defining the god to you and your research as I make no claim to be an expert in Hinduism.

With the warnings of Hawking and other scientists about the possibility of destroying the Universe and other problems that could arise, what is CERN saying to us? Are they in alliance with rebirth after first, the destruction?

This is the statue of Shiva outside the CERN facility

Is CERN saying we came from nothing and are on the verge of returning to nothing, or Shiva? If the program wasn’t controversial enough, this adds a new element to it.

Symbolism is very vital with the globalist, and nothing is by accident with them. And the globalists are in control of CERN and the agenda. They incorporate symbols in movies, writings, plays, billboards, advertisements, and their everyday life. If you see an image bet your last dollar, it was placed there by calculation and with motive and intent.

CERN explains the reason for the statue as this:

The statue is a gift from India, celebrating CERN’s long association with India, which started in the 1960s and continues strongly today. It was unveiled by the Director-General, Dr. Robert Aymar, His Excellency Mr. K. M. Chandrasekhar, Ambassador (WTO-Geneva), and Dr. Anil Kakodkar, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary, Dept of Atomic Energy, India.

I wonder if America gave CERN a “gift” of Jesus if they would proudly display it as well? You know, to “celebrate CERN’s long association with America.” Or what about other nations? This is a multi-nation effort, yet, only India’s god is represented?

On their website, it goes into a little more explanation of the statue as well.

” The Shiva statue was a gift from India to celebrate its association with CERN, which started in the 1960s and remains strong today. In the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva practiced Nataraja dance which symbolizes Shakti, or life force. This deity was chosen by the Indian government because of a metaphor that was drawn between the cosmic dance of the Nataraj and the modern study of the ‘cosmic dance’ of subatomic particles. India is one of CERN’s observer states, along with the USA, Russia, and Japan. CERN is a multicultural organization that welcomes scientists from more than 100 countries and 680 institutions. The Shiva statue is only one of the many statues and art pieces at CERN.”

Opening The Abyss

cern abyss 

Well, since CERN brought religion into it, let’s talk about what many have been saying about the true nature of the activities at CERN. Here we can skip all the way to the end of the Bible as this is where many have been referring to when it comes to CERN.

From Revelations Chapter 9

1The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The star was given the key to the shaft of the Abyss. When he opened the Abyss, smoke rose from it like the smoke from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. And out of the smoke, locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for five months. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. During those days, people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

Pretty powerful, but is there any reference to the program trying to open an abyss or other dimensions?

By CERN’s own admission, they are trying to open a gateway to other dimensions. This is not theory, but their mission as they, themselves, say.

From CERN’s own website:

How could we test for extra dimensions? One option would be to find evidence of particles that can exist only if extra dimensions are real. Theories that suggest extra dimensions predict that in the same way as atoms have a low-energy ground state and excited high-energy states, there would be heavier versions of standard particles in other dimensions. These heavier versions of particles – called Kaluza-Klein states – would have exactly the same properties as standard particles (and so be visible to our detectors) but with a greater mass. If CMS or ATLAS were to find a Z- or W-like particle (the Z and W bosons being carriers of the electroweak force) with a mass 100 times larger, for instance, this might suggest the presence of extra dimensions. Such heavy particles can only be revealed at the high energies reached by the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

And also…

Another way of revealing extra dimensions would be through the production of “microscopic black holes.” What exactly we would detect would depend on the number of extra dimensions, the mass of the black hole, the size of the dimensions, and the energy at which the black hole occurs. If micro black holes do appear in the collisions created by the LHC, they will disintegrate rapidly, in around 10-27 seconds. They would decay into Standard Model or supersymmetric particles, creating events containing an exceptional number of tracks in our detectors, which we would easily spot. Finding more on any of these subjects would open the door to yet unknown possibilities.

The following is from a press release that can also be found on their website.

As far as we know, we live in four dimensions, three of space and one of time. But experimentalists at the Large Hadron Collider are looking for evidence that the universe contains more than that. The existence of extra dimensions could explain some puzzling properties of the universe.

Physicists know about four forces that govern the way particles interact: electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravity. Gravity is by far the weakest. Think about sticking a magnet to a refrigerator door. The magnet can respond to the electromagnetic force that attracts it to the door. Or it can respond to the gravitational force of the Earth below. If you let it go at a short enough distance, it sticks straight to the door, ignoring the entire planet beneath it.

Physicists wonder why gravity seems so much weaker than the other three forces. One possibility is that we’re only experiencing a fraction of it. It could be that the gravitational force acts partially in another dimension or many extra dimensions that we can’t perceive. Knowing more about gravity could help physicists seeking to form a so-called theory of everything, a theory that combines the four forces into one.

Extra dimensions would not necessarily consist of alternate worlds, as depicted in science fiction. They could simply be too small for us to see. To understand how this would work, imagine walking along a tightrope. You are able to move only forwards and backward without falling. In this situation, it is almost as if you exist in just one dimension of space.

However, an ant walking along the same tightrope has a different point of view. The ant is able to move forward and backward but also around the tightrope. To such a small creature, a tightrope exists in two spatial dimensions instead of just one.

Even if extra dimensions are small, they can still have an effect on how we experience the world. Scientists think that finding evidence of extra dimensions could help answer some of their questions about gravity, still one of the most mysterious forces in the universe.

Finding evidence of extra dimensions could also give credence to theories of physics beyond the Standard Model. Models of string theory, for example, require the existence of at least 11 dimensions.

Discovering extra dimensions could give scientists clues about the mysterious workings of gravity and could help them to unify the forces or determine the validity of string theory. It could also raise more questions about ways other dimensions shape the world around us.

So you see we are not dealing with theories in the sense of their agenda. They spell it out for you and openly tell you what the goal is of CERN.

Still not convinced about the intentions of CERN or think I am taking things out of context? Let’s look at a question and answer section that CERN held on social media.

One question that was asked of CERN officials was will CERN generate black holes? I found their answer to be very compelling. Their response was as follows:

The LHC will not generate black holes in the cosmological sense. However, some theories suggest that the formation of tiny ‘quantum’ black holes may be possible. The observation of such an event would be thrilling in terms of our understanding of the Universe; and would be perfectly safe.

In that same Q&A session on social media, that can also be found on their website, another question I found interesting was when they were asked, “Will CERN open a door to another dimension?”

CERN will not open a door to another dimension. If the experiments conducted at the LHC demonstrate the existence of certain particles, it could help physicists to test various theories about nature and our Universe, such as the presence of extra dimensions.

One thing CERN does is double talk. What is done in darkness will be brought to light.

There truly are dangers that can and will come from CERN’s attempt to understand how the Universe was created. Will it lead to the judgments of Revelations are will it be other aspects that Hawking and others have warned us about remains to be seen. As CERN fires up their machine again, the dangers will be ever-present and ready for the slightest of miscalculations and error. These are crazy and exciting times we live in, and the scientific community plays a role in how we continue from this point forward.

CERN is studying dark matter and dark energy that I didn’t talk about in this article but will have a full report on that subject in the very near future. We have this matter in us already at a quantifiable level. It is tiny but measurable. It is said that antimatter can control behavior and lead to violence and many other harmful actions that we find hard to harness or control. I will get more involved in that in the next article but know that this will play a huge role in how we are being steered.

Here is a link to an article said to have been written by a CERN scientist named Dr. Edward Mantill. I can not verify or debunk it as I have seen many cases from both sides made about the article. I only include it as another aspect of the dangers of CERN if CERN does cross that line that has many people and even scientists questioning.

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