We Are In The Fourth Reich

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

You think the Third Reich was destroyed and conquered after World War II? Well, if wars are about ending an ideology to maintain person liberties and national sovereignty, then you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Sure we took out Hitler, supposedly, but his doctrine can be found on a global mass scale today. Even right here in the good ole U.S.A. I know what your thinking, but the truth pill is always a hard one to swallow.  It takes shaking off our cognitive dissonance and examining the facts before us.

The tactics that the Third Reich used to propel them into war is the same tactics that the globalist use today. False flags, fear from the citizens of an outside threat, government control to keep the “safety” in order, State propaganda issued through controlled media, socialized healthcare, and invasions of other countries. We will go over these in more detail. Just know the playbook hasn’t changed. Only the manager of the team has.

Globalism has been at the heart of the elite’s objective for centuries, and through our denial, they have been able to make significant strides throughout time. There is a great awakening going on right now that has many people coming to realize things aren’t what they appear to be. In fact, in this great awakening, many people have found globalism is not a conspiracy, but an event that is happening like an avalanche. The more fraud and deception that we expose, the sooner we can all address issues of globalism and the New World Order that many people, including George Bush and Bill Clinton, along with many others, have been calling for. This brings us back to the Fourth Reich, and are we seeing it fulfilled now?

To understand the Fourth Reich, we have to follow the end of the Third Reich. When Germany collapsed from the war, the British and Americans were in hot pursuit of the remaining SS, Hitler’s strong-arm said to have been a million strong. While many were captured and tried, it is believed many escaped through the ODESSA project or organization. The goal of this organization was to carry out Hitler’s vision of a totalitarian regime on a global scale. A Fourth Reich, in essence. The ODESSA, or Organisation Der Ehemaligen SS Angehorigan, has been written about in the book titled, The Odessa File by author Fredrick Forsyth. While German officials claim this group didn’t exist, many facts have surfaced to validate that not only did this group live, but played a more significant role in the escape of many Nazi leaders.

At the end of the war, 150,000 Nazis were accused of war crimes, but only 30,000 were ever tried with even fewer convicted. Most of those convicted were done so immediately after the war. Josef Mengele and Martin Bormann, two of the most ruthless Nazis of the time, were never brought to trial. Josef Mengele has been photographed decades after the war, so it is undeniable that at the very least, he escaped. How did he and others escape?

Many speculations have implicated The Red Cross, as well as the Catholic Church, helped in the escape. Were these organizations part of Operation Paperclip? I believe so, but to what degree remains a theory.

Three years before the name Odessa being made public documents were found to have included the name Organization Odessa. Even a map detailing the escape route all the way into Argentina was uncovered. The information is out there about this organization and has been covered in many documentaries as well.

So now we can safely say that we know many Nazi leaders escaped war-torn Germany and prosecution through Operation Paperclip with the assistance of Organization Odessa, but what does that mean as far as the Fourth Reich? It has everything to do with the Fourth Reich. With the protection for their escape, the agenda could carry on, and under the false sense of “we won the war.” Remember, wars are primarily fought over ideologies and control. When we look at what we fought and where we are today, it seems the ideology, to some extent, continues. Actually, in no small degree, the agenda continues.

Just what were the goals of the Third Reich, and how are they still being used in this Fourth Reich? Let’s look at some parallels.

Immediately after Hitler became chancellor on January 30, 1933, the new government made swift actions to suspend fundamental civil rights for the German people. When the false flag burning of the Reichstag (German Parliament) happened on February 28, 1933, the government made declarations for a communist effort to overthrow the state. A state of emergency was proclaimed in a decree that suspended constitutional rights and enabled Hitler total power without parliamentary oversight or approval.

We saw the same exact process happen here when we had the 9/11 false flag to bring us into war in the Middle East. We were told that Osama Bin Laden, because of his hatred of our freedoms, committed these acts. Our response? Bomb Iraq and Afghanistan, who had no role in the 9/11 attacks, according to Bush himself, out of fear of weapons of mass destruction and harboring terrorists. We went to war without a declaration of war by Congress, which is one more suspension of our constitutional rights. We suspended many Constitutional rights just like Hitler did after the Reichstag fire.

Quickly instituted was the Patriot Act and a mass surveillance grid of all Americans. Even those that have not committed a crime or even suspicious of committing a crime. A direct usurp of fundamental constitutional rights.  The government’s take over of security in all airports were quickly established as well, and the gross expansion of the TSA was born. Police checkpoints on significant highways rolled out, and the fourth amendment was all but nullified. These are fundamental rights. One has a right to be secure in their person, papers, house, and effects, yet, we surrendered these things out of fear of an overseas threat. We gave up the one thing they told us they were attacking us for – our freedoms. If that was the case, then we should have strengthened our rights to show the said terrorist that our resolve on fundamental rights will not be shaken.  Instead, we did the opposite. I claim that a victory for the terrorist.

It didn’t end there by any stretch of the imagination. In late December 2012, President Obama signed the NDAA Act, which is renewed yearly, but this time it was sinister and more take over of basic rights. We could now be detained indefinitely without trial or even charges. What? That is unconstitutional as we all have a right to a fair trial, and if we are not being confined by charges, then we can’t be imprisoned. Once again, we surrendered rights that in years past, WWII included, we fought to protect and maintain. Now we are handing over our individual sovereignty and our Constitutional rights out of fear.

Here I am reminded of the words spoken by Benjamin Franklin. “Those that give up liberties for temporary security deserve neither liberty nor security.”

I think that sums up the importance of safeguarding our rights and liberties quite well. As rights are not negotiable and can not be compromised. We gave them up to the state freely. Again I have to ask. If the terrorists hate us for our freedoms, then didn’t we just give them victory without resistance? No other way to see it then this way.

The Third Reich’s rule under Hitler was also to take over the culture, the economy, education, and law all under the Nazi regime. The Nazis also, but with some failure, tried to streamline churches under the State. Even gained support from a majority of Catholic and Protestant clergymen. Hitler was successful in getting support from Germany’s educated and professional elite in the fields of legal, law enforcement, education, and medical professionals.

This is another mirror image of what we see today. With our healthcare sold to us through lies and propaganda to transfer our health to the state, many in the healthcare industry are helping in this transition. Remember the saying, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Or my personal favorite, “It will cost about the same as your cable bill.” In actuality, the cost has risen in most cases and way above the price of cable for a whole year! In America, we hold our medical privacy at heart and believe it should only include ourselves and our doctor. Now we have a third-party involved in our healthcare decisions – the State. Not only is The Affordable Care Act a failure from the website, to the cost of premiums, to the application of a treatment, but now we are fined if you do not enroll in this silly system. Nothing says freedom like penalizing people for being poor or not able to afford the product. Not to mention the very fact that the government is now forcing you to buy a product. Imagine Ford Motor Company, given the power to fine you because you didn’t want to purchase their product. Why is it any different or less ridiculous when the State does the same thing?

One thing Hitler was known for was his indoctrination of the youth. He took over the education system and imposed the Nazi doctrine and state fed propaganda. We see that here with programs like common core and state-run schools. The education system doesn’t belong in the hands of the state, but rather in control of the local communities. Like I always say, people in Wyoming do not live like people in Connecticut, and people in New York don’t live like people in New Mexico. The school systems should reflect that. Teach the kids skills to succeed in life and not indoctrinate them with state propaganda. Leave the outside influence and teachings to the family. Modern schools teach kids what to think and not how to think, and this is ever-present in today’s youth when they speak or try to calculate and form opinions. It is an excellent tool for the propagandist when dumbing down the individual is the goal.

While we are on the subject of propaganda, lets, look at modern-day media. A complete tool for the propagandist and many are buying it hook, line, and sinker. How many of you have known something to be accurate, and while talking to someone, they say, “why haven’t I seen that on the news if it is true?” It is simple, really. The same people trying to institute globalism and one government rule are the same ones owning the mainstream media. Joseph Goebbels, the former Nazi Minister of Propaganda, would have loved to of had the media we have today. Imagine the sheep he could have herded with the talking heads we have today? One key to fair and open government is its duty to answer to the American people, and the media is our way of checks and balances. Instead, it has been used to progress the one-world agenda and divide us on issues that are anything but liberty and freedoms. As much muck as our government is, our media is in bed with them.

Hitler wasted no time in federalizing the police as well. This gave him and the Nazi party complete control over how the business and laws would be carried out. Take over individual sovereignty and force state-run ideology through fear and the letter of the law.

This brings us to modern times in America. The same thing is happening here, and instead of calling out the take over of our constitutional rights, we are finding many support this through the idea, once again, of safety. In real terms, this hampers our security and turns over our rights to a select few. The governing elites are no longer accountable to anyone.

I touched on it above, but I will repeat it. According to the Constitution, we have to be suspected of a crime to be pulled over. This isn’t debatable or a theory. Now we have police checkpoints stopping every single car and asking for their papers. Sound familiar? If the thought of the Nazis singling out one group of people and asking them for their documents bothers you, then I hope the same level of anger is applied when it now includes everyone. And that is without suspicion or warrant. Violation of the fourth amendment, as stated above.

Look at how the police departments conduct themselves today. You can’t tell a small-town police officer from a soldier in Iraq. They dress the same, use the same gear, and even the same tactics as military personnel. We have free speech zones set up at places of peaceful protest, which I still find disturbing as ALL of America is supposed to be a free speech zone. We lock up people for victimless crimes and destroy families through our prison systems by locking up the poor while the rich walk on much more severe charges. We have become a “prison for profit” system, and our prisons are traded as commodities on the stock market. Land of the free now locks up more of its citizens than any other country in the world! Most are for non-violent, victimless crimes.

One crucial aspect of Hitler’s reign was to control the culture. You can shape someone’s thoughts and actions by controlling the culture. Primarily through force or laws. Here we see our culture being under minded and replaced with political correctness and forced ideology. Our culture is in splinters waiting to be discarded in the fire pit. Individual thoughts and ideas have given away to state-enforced ideology and teachings. I will have a whole article on the culture in America very soon.

Hitler craved and demanded total control. This was a pivotal aspect of him carrying out the global agenda. Hitler believed he was going to be the one to bring forth this one-world government, and what rattled the cages of the elite was he wanted it done on his terms. When he became chancellor, he gave himself complete and total control to make any and all decisions.

This current administration, along with previous ones, has continued this train of thought as we are seeing more and more executive actions pushed through and even the President making and ruling on laws. Take the transgender bathroom issue as just one example. President Obama created and ruled and now is executing this as law. Regardless of what side of the fence you are on in this issue, one common ground between us all should be that the President, any President, shouldn’t have the power to create laws and then rule on them. This is making the country a dictatorship instead of the Constitutional Republic. The President is part of the Executive branch and only has the power to enforce existing laws, not create them. That power belongs to the Legislative branch.

Another example of this total and absolute power the President seems to have is the fact that the Supreme Court has also created laws out of thin air. When it comes to the same-sex marriage issue, the Supreme Court went into a discussion and came out with a law. Once again, the powers the Supreme Court has it to rule on the legality, not create laws. I have to ask this. If you are in favor of this, then it should bother you as well. Today was your victory, but what happens when they rule against you in such an unconstitutional act? A threat to any right is a threat to all rights.

It is time we reign in our occupied government and hold those that usurp our rights accountable before it is too late. Congress has become nothing more than corporate spokespeople for the lobbyist, and we are paying the cost. Our voting process is a joke, so we will not win through the corrupt system, but violence is not what I am advocating. Our state rights have been handed over to the State, and the people seem to be complacent about this taking place. Our youth are becoming indoctrinated not only with the federalized education system but with the evils spewing from Hollywood and the movie industry. Our family is being attacked as the man is becoming feminized, our women turned into sex objects, and the kids running the household. Parents can be a friend to your kids but act like a parent first. Our culture is past the point of decay. It is in the abyss, but we can take it back.

Are we in the Fourth Reich? I have to say our modern civilization is mirroring the goals of the Third Reich. If left unchecked, we could very well wake up and find ourselves in the same situation our grandfathers fought against. We have already lost so many freedoms and liberties that generations have struggled to maintain and preserve. Don’t be the generation that wakes up slaves in the land that their forefathers conquered. Don’t wake up in a New World Order.

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  1. Very good article Michael. You are right on point. And you could even go farther. Everything seems to be related and no good ending is in sight. We had better take our country back soon or there will be no way to take it back.

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