My Tears For America Flow

By Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

My tears for America flow like never before. We have seen a steady decline over the past few years, even decades, but the deterioration is reaching epic proportions quickly. What my tears flow for is multifold and many of us are to blame for our own demise.

My tears flow for America for the usurping of our Constitution at the hands of a small elite. With gross government expansion like the NDAA, Patriot Act (now called Freedom Act), and the unlawful actions of the TSA, to the spying program of the NSA, we are being usurped for a global agenda. That global agenda is being played out in front of us and the progress the elite are making is numerous. No longer is our fourth amendment being respected and protected but instead lost through legislation based on the fear of the populace and the greed of the globalist. Our first amendment is under attack as well in this political speech times we are in as well.

My tears for America flow when I see what Monsanto and other agencies are doing to our food supply. Through GMO’s we are seeing our food supply become more and more synthetic and fake. Without the accountability from our representatives, and even most times at their protection the suppression of the dangers of their products rarely go answered and even undermined many times. Even getting our food labeled is fought at every chance by the GMO companies.

My tears for America flow when I think about what we are doing through the Geoengineering programs. HAARP and the chemtrail programs are changing our weather and creating many illnesses by the chemicals they are spraying us with. Until we have all the data from Geoengineering and HAARP we can not have a logical or intellectual conversation about climate change, but the agenda is still maliciously shoved down our throats in order to institute a carbon tax. Another transfer of wealth to the elite through a fictitious tax.

My tears for America flow when I think about our foreign policy and the lives it is undeniably changing. We no longer go to wars on a declaration by Congress, but instead on United Nation’s approval and sanctions. Regardless of what party is in the White House or the majority in Congress we see the same foreign policy administered. It creates blowback and perpetuates the overseas fighting in which free trading and communication could resolve. With over 700 military bases in over 130 countries blowback is the only logical outcome that could come out of negligent handling of foreign affairs. We are arming, funding and training our enemies only to send our young men and women to die fighting the results of our representative’s irresponsible actions. And they are never held accountable for their treasonous actions.

My tears for America flow when I think of the homelessness problem here in America. With so many great people with great ideas, we can not seem to tackle this issue. We see the top 1% control 40% – 50% of the world’s resources, yet we see the rise in debt and homeless grow. Many police station throughout the country has even been arresting people for feeding the homeless. In one instance alone, a 93-year-old Navy veteran was arrested three times for feeding the homeless. Not only was he doing what was right, but it is our duty to help our fellow-man. We have police departments nationwide creating special task teams to deal with the problem through arrest and taking down of tents and living quarters when that money and resource could have been used to help solve the problem.

My tears for America flow when I think about the fictitious monetary system that we are operating under and will eventually be our demise through false debt and inflation. No longer on the gold standard or any standard for that matter, our money is created out of thin air and then loaned out to us with interest attached. Once it is distributed to the elite’s friends, the banking cartel, it is then placed in the fractional reserve lending system which only keeps the Ponzi scheme afloat. The money lenders known as the Federal Reserve is a private company issuing the nation’s currency and is under no oversight or regulation from our government. This is dangerous to a sovereign Republic as he who controls the debt of a nation, in essence, controls the politics of the nation.

My tears for America flow when I think about the dumbing down of our youth. No longer are our kids taught how to think, but instead, they are taught what to think. Whether it is the common core curriculum or just the public school system alone we are not preparing our future generations for success and productivity. We are indoctrinating their minds with agendas and needless information that is part of the infiltration of the public school systems the communist manifesto spoke about. They are coming after our youth and we are giving them up without a fight.

My tears for America flow when I think about our political process and the way the election process is carried out. With fraud and corruption at the forefront of all elections, it is no wonder why we keep getting elitist and globalist as candidates and those that speak of liberty and freedoms are ridiculed or flat-out ignored by the mainstream media who have their goals dictated to them by the elite that owns them. The cycle is then repeated not only in Presidential elections but for Congress as well. The voting machines have been proven to have been tampered with and many votes not counted, but we still participate in the process though we know it to be rigged against us.

My tears for America flow when I think about how our military is being used to conduct the business of the elite through force and wars. All soldiers take an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or domestic. They are now being controlled by the very threat they swore an oath to protect against. We have become the strong-arm of the elite and our sons and daughters being the muscle in which the elite use to get their ideologies and goals moving forward. We need to stand against these actions and truly supporting the troops is not putting them in a position to break their oath out of fear of repercussion.

My tears for America flow when I think about the whistleblowers that have been incarcerated or even killed trying to expose the works of the globalist and their handlers. Whistleblower Ed Snowden, a former NSA agent, had to seek asylum in Russia of all places for simply telling the American people their government was spying on them, unconstitutionally at that. Michael Hastings who was a writer was working on a story that was going to expose the CIA and he was killed while his car blew up driving down the road. Many will challenge this based on the phony investigation that was done, but the facts are overwhelming. Chelsea Manning, formerly known as Bradley Manning is serving time in military prison because he chose to expose war crimes of his government. He gets time in prison while those he exposed gets re-elected or nothing at all.

My tears for America flow when I think of the growing police state and their lack of compassion for humanity in the carrying out of unlawful orders. The land of the free has become the land of the locked up based on victimless crimes. The true criminals continue to run and operate this country while the people of the nation pay with their freedom all in the name of “protecting you.” Police checkpoints are unconstitutional as you have to be suspected of a crime in order to be pulled over. Now we are pulled over and searched for a crime.

Of all the tears for America that flow from me the most hurtful is the tears I cry for you. Many do not know or even care to know that they are being usurped and in a big way. We are being divided for the eventual conquer that will take place. We are being divided economically, socially, through religion, and through political policies. We need to unite in our differences and fight the real enemy that lies between us. We are 320 million strong being controlled by a few thousand that are in return being controlled by a few hundred and our media is owned by the same controlling elite that is dividing us.

We must break the cognitive dissonance that plagues us and shakes the chains that our Stockholm syndrome has provided us. Stop playing into the Hegelian Dialectic tactics and be the solution ourselves that we seek. We will not elect someone to do this. We must do this ourselves. If nothing else, remember this. Cloward and Piven is the strategy, divide and conquer is the goal and agenda 21 is the end game. Whether or not the elite complete their globalist agenda is up to us, but it is now at our doorstep. This is a knock that we can’t afford to not answer.

What tears do you cry for America? Are you willing to wipe away the tears and help restore the Republic? It starts today. It starts now.

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