Will Red Flag Laws Finish Off Gun Rights

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny
Oct. 26, 2019

With so many firearms in America, the common census among the people is disbelief in the possibility of total disarmament. Why not, right? With a long and proud history of responsible gun ownership with many millions of Americans throughout her history, there is no reason to believe we should be without the right to bear arms. We have managed to secure that inalienable right over the deaths of many of our brave men and women that have fought on foreign lands to prevent the ideologies that threaten our way of life. Or so we are told.

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False Flags and the Florida School Shooting

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

By now we should all know what a false flag is as the events seem to happen more often today. If you do not, a false flag is an event that is designed to deceive in such a way that those activities appear as though they are being carried out by a different individual, or group, or nation other than those who actually planned and executed them. Sometimes a false flag can be an event that never actually occurred, just reported to people with the blame shifted to people who had nothing to do with it.

There are several different types of false flags events. We have seen the Republic witness both types as the stranglehold for control of our sovereignty continues. One such false flag is what is called a false flag hoax like what we saw in the Sandy Hook shooting. Continue reading “False Flags and the Florida School Shooting”

The First Televised Libertarian Debate Introduced Party Stances to the Nation

The party of liberty and freedom wasted no time in last nights first televised Libertarian debate expressing their views and the party’s stance. With a message that you just do not hear from the other two parties, the Libertarian candidates drilled home the message of the Libertarian Party. Self freedom, small government, addressing undeclared wars, and many issues that the party holds dear in order to preserve liberties and freedoms were highlighted with many great views expressed. With so many people getting more and more discouraged with the two party system this was a great opportunity for the Libertarian candidates to not only get their message out, but a great way for the tiring voting populace to hear a refreshing message that starts at the roots of liberty.

While there were three candidates onstage vying for the party’s nomination, what was really at stake was the message of the Libertarian Party. All three candidates did a good job in promoting the message of Libertarians and showed the true difference in establishment candidates and real Constitutional values.

The debate stage was nothing new to veteran presidential candidate Gary Johnson who came into the debate as the party favorite. We will see if he was able to maintain that status. Having ran for President before Gary Johnson seemed to have picked up right where his past attempts left off at. One thing he made clear was that the Libertarian is not a party of isolationist, but non interventionist. This has been at the root of misunderstanding of the party and last nights debate was a great moment to clear the air about the differences between the two views. Gary Johnson stated that it was our foreign policy that creates and promotes perpetual wars as well as the dangers of not going to congress for a declaration of war. His view was that Congress needs to be a part of the decision to go to war and the power needs to stay with Congressional approval.

“…I think our military intervention has made things worst.” – Gary Johnson


When it came to John McAfee’s response to John Stossel’s question about how the Libertarian Party is seen as isolationist, I think he gave a great response.

“I think isolationism is taking on the role of world policemen. Making us a separate entity from the rest of the world. We are the policemen and you are the people we police. So no, we are not isolationist at all.” – John McAfee

“…what has created terrorism? Our interference of affairs in foreign states.” – John McAfee

He is absolutely correct in this statement and it is a clear issue with the Libertarian Party. One misconception about the party is the foreign policy and I believe all three candidates did a great job in clearing the air as far as the difference in non interventionist and isolationist.


Austin Petersen brought up the fact that President Thomas Jefferson fought the Islamic threat while abiding by the law at the same time.

“We’ve got to stand up to people that use every tragedy as an excuse to take away our Constitutional rights. Now listen, Thomas Jefferson had the Islamic terrorist of his day. He still managed to fight them Constitutionally.” – Austin Petersen

The post debate polls that I have seen has Austin Petersen winning the debate. One online poll I saw has Petersen at 54%, while Gary Johnson trailed at a distant 19%. John McAfee in that poll wasn’t to far behind at 15% with the remaining votes going to undecided and others.

One hot topic in the Libertarian Party is the war on drugs. It has been proven to be ineffective and has done nothing to stop drug use, but in reality only grew the drug cartel and has caused many needless deaths in the process. The Libertarian view is that your body is yours to do with as you and only you see fit. As long as I don’t infringe in someone else’s rights then my life is mine to do with as I wish. Now this is a broad statement, however, it is a simple statement at the same time. You may not agree with how I am living my life or the choices I make, but they are my choice alone to make. Moral can’t and shouldn’t be regulated.

There was a Facebook question that got injected in the debate and that question came from Facebook user Lonni Nemo Long when they asked, “People always say that Libertarians will cut the safety net and welfare programs to non existence. How would you address the welfare state? How would it be replaced? How is it not as effective?”

Austin Petersen led off with his tax and spending plan that would “cut across the board.” He refers to it as the penny plan claiming it would put us on a path to a balanced budget.

“My plan cuts one penny from every federal dollar across the board.” – Austin Petersen


“If the American people have to balance their checkbook then so should Congress.” he went on to say. “The debt to GDP ratio is at 105%.”


Gary Johnson stated that he wanted to help those that needed the safety net, but also believes we have “gone way over the line when it comes to that.” Johnson went on to say that he believes government has gotten to big, spends to much, and taxes to much.

“I will be proposing a balanced budget to Congress which will be a 20% reduction in Federal Spending. And to do that you’ve got to include medicare, medicaid and military spending.” – Gary Johnson

Johnson is in favor of devolving medicare and medicaid to the States in order to reduce it from the budget and Federal control. And made the point that a 20% reduction in military spending only takes us back to a few years ago spending levels.

John McAfee used his time to talk about how, we as a society paid into social security with the promise that it would be there when we are older. He believes that as a Libertarian we should honor that commitment made to Americans. He quickly turned to address how bad our veterans are being treated.

“Here’s another issue. We send young men and women off to war saying go and risk your life and limb for your country. Then you come back without the limbs…well we’re sorry…this is the problem.”

The Libertarian debate also addressed the growing government and what agencies the candidates would cut. I thought Austin Petersen had the correct response. “I would cut them all. They didn’t have the right to take it from us in the first place.”

One thing that all Americans can agree on is the growth in government and their agencies. No party tackles this concern with more logic than the Libertarians. While the democrats and republicans act they they are concerned with the rise of government they both grow the government at great neck speed. The Republican party comes from the side of warmongering and foreign affairs while the democratic side attacks us from the growing welfare state. Truly an attack from the left and ride side and they are closing in fast.

While I thought the candidates did the party right as far as the answers given and staying true to party roots, I’m not sure that we have enough time to catch either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. It is the ideology and the foundation of freedom and liberties that I hope catches on and we see this country get back on track through the people of this country and not wait for some politician to come along  and give us back our rights. It is our responsibility to maintain our rights and way of life. Even if that threat exist from the inside.

John Stossel did a great job, unlike the moderators of the major two party debates, in letting the candidates answer the questions and getting the Libertarian message out there. I hope to see more debates and open dialogue from Libertarian leaning candidates and the message will take root.

Use social media, talk with family members, encourage friends to look into, ask questions about, and understand the Libertarian principals. They are the foundation and pathway to liberty that has been usurped by global elitist in the name of safety and security.

“Those that give up liberties for securities, deserve neither, liberty nor security.” – Ben Franklin

Written by: Michael Howell

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Conspiracy Theorist. A Badge I Wear With Honor

Of all the names I have been called, and there have been many, conspiracy theorist is one I have come to embrace. Once I jumped down the rabbit hole and became aware of the issues facing us today I started to hear that term more and more. I didn’t understand why I was being called this name when I wasn’t using theories, but rather facts. Quickly I found that this was a way for the elite and globalist to try to discredit us and make us look paranoid or just flat out crazy. I remember the day vividly when I said to myself, “OK globalist, I accept your challenge.” Every since that moment I have welcomed the challenge to put my research to the test. Like I predicted, the research has stood up to time, criticism, attacks, and a wave of emotion that would have brought some down. I remained sturdy and true in the research.

Before we go any farther let’s define the term conspiracy theorist. If we break down the two words we can easily see that the term has no legitimate place among the truth tellers and liberty movement. Take the first word, conspiracy. By definition conspiracy is when more than one person conspire to do something. We can all agree that not one person, but many are in control of the decisions that are taking us deeper into tyranny. Therefore, we have a conspiracy. The second word in the term is theorist. When I am discussing anything about globalism, New World Order, or any issue I use facts, not theories. Often times I use their own words, writings, and objectives. That hardly makes me a theorist.

The term conspiracy theorist was coined by the C.I.A. after the John F. Kennedy assassination as an attempt to diminish the outcry from the public that the Kennedy assassination was an inside job. For many years, really up to the past couple years, the C.I.A. was successful in their attempt. We are now seeing a mass awakening thanks to horrible foreign policy, endless wars, a fiat monetary system, and other “conspiracy theories” that have all been proven true. The “in crowd” is slowly, but surely, joining the conspiracy theorist.

So what constitutes being called a conspiracy theorist. Well I do not have time to go over all of them, but some topics that will get you called conspiracy theorist is wanting to end the Federal Reserve because of their fictitious hold they have over nations. Along with funding both sides of every war, they set policies and control nation’s economies through a hidden tax called artificial inflation. Not open to any audit or congressional oversight, the Federal Reserve, or the Fed, has complete reign over wars, economies, policies, and control our politicians like puppets. Yes, even and especially the Presidency.

Undeclared wars is another topic that brings out the haters of truth and liberty. Just the mention of not supporting these undeclared wars brings out some nasty vibes in people. They act like we are to just blindly support the troops regardless of what they are told to do. Let’s remember they voluntarily swore an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign or domestic. Yet, we are seeing them breach their oath at the beacon call of a corrupt and agenda driven government.

We are seeing countries go after Monsanto and other companies that produce G.M.O. foods and in America we are called conspiracy theorist even though the ones calling us the names does not even know what Monsanto is, let alone what they are doing to the food supply. Demanding a simple act like labeling our food gets us heckled and ridiculed. If one would just take a brief moment to research Monsanto and all the legal actions taken against them then they would quickly join our side. Instead it is easier to just use that term – conspiracy theorist.

One that I am finding out to be a controversial topic is chemtrails. The ignorance or acceptance that this is a fact is overwhelming. Chemtrail pilots have come out and exposed the program. Governments have acknowledged cloud seeding, H.A.A.R.P. program, and other evidence surrounding the program, but the masses still refuse to grasp what chemtrails are all about. Next time you go outside, look up. Theory will move over to facts and the denial will be out of ignorance, not facts.

And let’s touch on the mother load of all conspiracies. The elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about head on – 9/11. How two planes could knock down three buildings, defying all science, physics, engineering, architectural accomplishments, and just flat out common sense is beyond me. With little research one can come to the conclusion that the official report and the investigation that led to the official report is at best an elaborate piece of science fiction. When building 7 enters the equation it is hard to accept the lies that led to war(s) and a lost of freedoms and liberties we have seen since 9/11.

Acting on emotion instead of rational thinking and a conclusive and independent investigation, we started a war with Iraq and Afghanistan. Both countries our own government acknowledges had nothing to do with the events of that day. Did Americans question our involvement in these wars since they had nothing to do with the 9/11 plot? Nope. They just screamed from the top of their lungs to go to war and to put a “boot up their ass” as one country artist proudly sang. The chants of “turn the sand into glass”, “kill ’em all”, and other ignorant statements based solely on fear and not resolve were at the peak during the aftermath of 9/11. Questions like, “why was the steel (evidence) immediately sold off to china”, or “how does a skyscraper like building 7 fall without being hit by an airplane”, or even a discussion about how the twin towers were designed to withstand multiple hits from aircraft were not in the forefront of the discussion. In fact, if you were to bring these questions up you were instantly labeled and no thought given to the questions being asked.

So having said all of this I gladly accept the label. Call me what you will, I will stand by the facts and research. One thing I do ask of you is that before you use that term ask yourself how much time and resources you have on the subject. Chances are that the person you are about to call a conspiracy theorist has hundreds of hours of research on the subjects. Globalist, elitist, banker scum, dirty politicians, and naysayers, checkmate.


Written by: Michael Howell


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Does Scalia’s Death Equal Another Nail in the Coffin of the Constitution?

So much has already been written over the last couple days pertaining to the mysterious and unexpected death of United States Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia. Depending on your political leanings is how you will remember the Constitutionalist Judge. Having followed the Supreme Court process for many years, I have mixed feelings about his political career, but I am very aware that his constitutional beliefs riled up many feathers in the Nation’s Capital. Strong stance, sharp voice, armed with the Constitution, Judge Scalia was never one to shy away or sugar coat his view on a subject. Continue reading “Does Scalia’s Death Equal Another Nail in the Coffin of the Constitution?”

Here We Go Again. Gun Control Talk Resumes.

Another mass shooting and another attempt to demonize the gun and not the shooter. When these things happen logic and reason seems to be the last thing that is used in the Liberal rebuttal. Somehow, irresponsibly and illogically, they believe, through laws, they can rid the streets of firearms and, therefor, reducing gun violence. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Actually, when that word “logic” is applied it does the opposite. It creates criminals through many means. It grows the firearms black market and responsible gun owners will be deemed criminals overnight, without committing a single crime other than owning a firearm. Or exercising a natural right in self defense and property protection.

Let’s look at one way the left has tried to combat this through legislation and laws. Take for instance the gun free zones implemented throughout the country. Gun free zones makes it a law to not have on your person a firearm. Yet, these acts happen in  gun free zones. That is a blatant disregard for the law proving that criminals do not obey laws. Instead it makes personal targets out of law abiding citizens. If enacting a law would do away with gun violence then gun free zones should be the ideal place to prove the point. It indeed shows the opposite.

Was Sandy Hook not a gun free zone? How about the Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting? The most recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California was a gun free zone as well. I could go on and on about mass shootings that have occurred in gun free zones. Actually if we were honest in this situation, we would all agree that they have become the preferred choice of those hell bent on causing the most casualties through mass shootings. Why is that? It’s simple really. There is no resistance to the shooter through means of self protection, in return, creating a perfect scenario for the shooter to go rampant, unimpeded.

Laws can not be the simple answer to ending this growing problem. Take the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal building. Wasn’t bombs against the law in Oklahoma? Of course they were, but it didn’t stop the criminal mind of his decision to create a huge amount of innocent death. Boston marathon is another example of laws not working. In Boston, like the rest of the country, bombs are illegal, but were used. Laws simply do not work for criminals only law abiding citizens. The Uni-bomber being a classic case as well for ignoring laws for those set on carrying out criminal acts.

Circling back to firearms we need to address this all out assault against our second amendment. The consequences are to high in ignoring this fight. Like George Washington stated, “The second amendment is the Liberty’s teeth.” It covers so much more than protection of one self and property, but against those that wish to overthrow the Republic.

This latest shooting in California only reiterates and confirms how the criminal mind will have zero disregard for gun laws, or any laws for that matter. California has one of the most strictest gun control laws in the nation, (as well as Chicago which I will talk about later) yet several laws were ignored by the terrorist. It happened in a gun free zone with a high capacity magazine, and they had pipe bombs as well. Clear disregard for the left’s approach to combating gun violence. 

We can all wear peace signs, ask the universe to shower us with utopian bliss, and even sing Kumbaya together, but that will not solve this problem. Neither will a magazine capacity law, a gun free zone sign, or an assault weapons ban. Only confronting this through rational and effective means can we see an end to gun violence. We are always going to have violence. That’s not a popular stance, however, it is a realistic fact. The main thing is we do not create unnecessary victims at the expense of ideology from others. 

We hear rhetoric about gun show purchases being an issue in acquiring firearms, but we do not see the firearms being used in these shootings having been purchased at gun shows. Matter of fact, many have been purchased legally as in the California case. Straw purchases, or a personal sale between two individuals also have been used to make the argument in reducing gun violence, but once again, we do not see the facts back that up. Statics show that gun show owners are your most knowledgeable, trained, and respected gun owners. Guess that’s why a mass shooting has never happened at a gun show. Well, that and the fact that a criminal knows he will not get very far in his plan. Why? Because a good guy with a gun(s) will stop him. Also why we don’t see shootings happen at rifle ranges as well. So we can clearly see guns are not the problem, but people who want to cause mass harm is.

Now to Chicago which is Liberal heaven and we can see the gun control ideology played out daily. Chicago, along with New York, New Orleans, Detroit, and the State of California are among the places that has the highest form of gun control. What else do these places have in common? You guessed it. The highest rate of gun violence. That’s not by accident. Criminals know a soft target when they see it. In these places there are many soft targets. Also these places have been governed by the Democratic Party and have instituted the left’s ideology. Only to fail and help make the case against gun control through the need for more legislation.

Open carry and concealed carrying of individuals have been brought up as a means to protect or limit the mass shooters actions, but the left has attacked it as a crazy idea. Even calling them radical. It is here I like to remind the left that it’s not the actions of open carrying or even concealed carrying individuals that have cause this problem. In fact, they have been credited many times with stopping violent crimes. Here again, the left have no logic even when presented with facts and statics. Can anyone name a time when an open carry, or concealed carry individual has committed a mass shooting? An individual that decides to open or conceal carry is generally your most trained and knowledgeable firearm owners, yet through propaganda and unwarranted fear, they are the most demonized. 

There is no doubt that this is and will continue to be a hot topic, but much needed topic to talk all the way through to conclusion. Many views and ideology has been discussed and will be discussed at lengths in the coming months. One thing is for certain, gun free zones are not the answer only helping contribute to the problem. 

We are coming off the heels of the San Bernarndino shooting and the attacks in Paris as well showing that this is a global problem not isolated. Paris is like the States I mentioned earlier in this article, very heavy regulated when it comes to gun control. It didn’t help reduce violence in the attacks, but the legislation Paris has on gun ownership helped create a higher casualty in lack of self protection means.

The fact of the matter is we do not need the government to help us out in this fight. We can send a message to the would be shooters that we will defend our own lives and others around us through continued responsible gun ownership and practices. Gun sales are now at an all time high and the message needs to be heard by the government that the people are sending. That message is “We got this.” 

A nation fighting a growing and out of control “War on Terrorism” doesn’t need an unarmed populace. When seconds matter cops are minutes away. That has been proven over and over time again. From Columbine, to Aurora, to Oregon, and now San Bernarndino, we are the front lines to self protection. Nothing radical about that and it’s our duty to do so. With a true Republic there are risk, but we shouldn’t compound the problem by being helpless victims to those that wish to do us harm.

Whether it is terrorist from abroad or the common mass shooters we are facing, we need to take our rights and safety very serious and let those know that what to take either, rights or liberties, we will not allow it. If terrorist want to change our way of life cause they hate our freedoms then we don’t need to let them win by surrendering our freedom. We need to let them know we will not be infiltrated or usurped because of our differences. 

If the mass shooter wants to do mass damage then we need to let them know we will not stand for it. We will confront you on any ground, under any circumstance. The message of an armed populace will send a message to the shooter that we will not be taken as helpless victims, but rather as a fighting obstacle to their goal.

Having an armed, trained personnel at schools, theaters, and other venues will limit the destruction if not stop it in it’s tracks. This needs to be reported in an honest way through our media instead of the partisan politics that we see reported daily. The media can play a crucial role in securing our second amendment instead of playing party politics.

With gun violence on the rise I am glad to see gun sales also on the rise. The message is being sent, but will Washington accept it or continue to blame the gun, not the individual? If I was a betting person my money would be on they will continue to promote fear and ideology instead of common sense talks and protecting the right to bear and keep arms.

In the words of Senator Dianne Feinstein, “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.” I have to ask the question, did they in Aurora? Or Sandy Hook? Ft. Hood? Paris? Or here recently, in California? This is the mentality we are up against when dealing with gun legislation and gun ownership rights. She knows this is an outright lie, but is playing on the heart strings of good American people. Simply disgusting and unprofessional remarks from an elected official.

President Obama has come out and officially stated, “enough is enough.” Mr. President I agree. Enough is enough. The people are speaking and you, sir, are not listening. Your administration isn’t listening and the amount of dead continue to rise. The problem isn’t the amount of guns, the problem is people. People kill and seek mass casualties, not guns. 

Labeling a firearm as an “assault weapon” and banning them will do nothing to stop gun violence. Limiting magazine capacities will not stop gun violence. A silly sign that says “gun free zone” will not stop gun violence. What will stop gun violence? A good guy with a gun. Leave your political agenda at the door. Swallow your hatred for groups like the N.R.A. and do the job of a President and that is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. No amount of Executive Actions, legislation, or political ideology will stop this. Securing the rights of individual will play a pivotal role in how we stop these acts, or become victims to these act.

Mr. President, the people are speaking. Are you listening?

Written by: Michael Howell

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Roll out the Gun Control Laws

“They didn’t let a crisis go to waste” to quote Rahm Emanuel. Before the facts were known, before the ink dried on the paper of the writers, the narrative was in full swing. The calls, and even more pathetic, the cries for gun control were out in full blast. Being the dominating headline in the events that happened in Colorado Springs, Co. at the Planned Parenthood clinic, the agenda was once again rolled out on queue.

The facts as we know them today, is that a white man aged 57, armed with an AK-47 stormed the Planned Parenthood clinic and started to open fire. Screams immediately were heard as the gunshots started in the parking lot and quickly moved into the Planned Parenthood facility. The shooting left three dead including a police officer. It is reported that the gun man also had some propane tanks at the scene that he planned on setting off as well.

This is a tragic situation and it was a needless act of violence, but we can not overlook the attempt to demonize guns and gun owners in these situations. Some of the common denominators that all the mass shootings have in common is the fact that they take place in gun free zones where firearms are not even allowed showing one important fact. Criminals and those set on destruction do not, and will not obey laws. Leaving the populace unarmed and unequipped to defend themselves in these horrific events.

As I am writing this I am hearing the talking points and seeing the narrative played out on the television. Everyone from Governors, Senators, to even the President has come out and talked about stricter gun control laws that will do nothing but empower the criminal mind, leave us unprotected, and surely result in a much higher death toll. After all, if gun control laws actually worked then Chicago would be the safest city in the nation as its gun laws are among the strictest. However, it has the highest death rate when it comes to gun violence. That’s not by chance, it’s by the fact that law abiding citizens have the least likely opportunity to defend themselves under the present law in Chicago.

Chicago isn’t alone in the attempt to make it harder for the average citizen to acquire a firearm for the means of self defense. Look at New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New Orleans to get more information into the stupidity of gun laws. Once again we see hard legislation geared towards gun ownership, high volumes of “gun free zones”, and once again, large amounts of gun violence crime.

In the spirit of talking points I would like to throw out some of my own. Such as, “If guns were the problem then no one would leave a rifle range alive.” Or how about, “How come no one dies at gun shows with all of those guns present?” Then we have the personal favorite, “85 million gun owners killed no one today!” Both sides have points they like to throw around, but let’s focus on logic and common sense and not be guided by fear propaganda.

One thing in for sure and that is when things like the Planned Parenthood shooting happens, or the Oregon shooting, or any other shooting takes place, it is plastered all over the television, new articles, blogs, social media, and other avenues, but the same attention isn’t given when a gun has been used by citizens to stop a violent act or shooting. Why the bias reporting from the media? Simply stated, it’s a growing agenda and we are loosing the gun rights talk. At least in the talking point narrative sense. It’s time to change that and have an open, logical conversation about self protection.

President Obama had already made the statement “enough is enough”, but has offered no real solution. If it was up to him all guns would have been banned by now leaving only the criminals armed and us defenseless. That is the logic of the debate on the gun control side. They won’t address the criminal side still being armed through ignoring the law, but that is precisely what would transpire.

If laws were the answer and effective at eliminating these acts then we wouldn’t have these acts in the first place as it is against the law now to murder. Yet, we still have these shootings. If laws were the answer to the problem then we wouldn’t have drugs, shoplifting, corruption, rape, or any prisons as the laws themselves, would have taken care of the problem. Laws do not work, only law abiding citizens follow them.

Another instance is the gun free zones that are in place throughout America making sitting ducks of the innocence by those hell bent on carry out their sick ideology. I am for all rights and if a business owner want to have a gun free zone at their establishment then it is their right as property owners, however, making a law dictating no guns on property is not only inviting danger, but a usurp in individual rights as well.

To combat the growing number of gun violence by placing a sign that reads, “Gun Free Zone” is rhetorical and ineffective measure that will lead to a growing number of individuals being killed in these “safe places.” Facts clearly show these are anything but safe places and only leads to a target gallery for the gunman.

There is no doubt that in the coming days and weeks we will be hearing from many people on how we can eliminate these events. One simple solution is to take back the power the gunman feels he has and allow open carry people to quietly and discretely carry their firearms. Believe me, once the shooter realizes he is not the only one with a gun, the balance shifts and we will have a fighting chance in these situations instead of hiding under a table or desk waiting on someone with a gun to come and save us. We are in charge of our own safety and it is past time we take that right back.

Put down the “Don’t Tread on Me” banners. You have already been treaded on. Put down the “Come and Take It” banners. They have already taken them in many cities and the cause is picking up momentum. Instead pick up the banner of rights and liberties and fight the fight with logical and proven facts. We have the facts on our side and the attempt to take our right of self protection is coming like an avalanche. Stand in its way or educate the people the avalanche is coming. Choice is yours and the consequences are high.

This is more than just a right of self protection. This is a right to defend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Even against a tyrannical government. To quote George Washington, “The second amendment is the liberties teeth.”

You bet it is and it is our duty to make it continue to be our last resort, but to protect it as an option. 

Written by: Michael Howell


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Listen To Me Know, Not Later

Listen To Me Now, Not Later

Written by Michael Howell
Staff writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

We are under a massive attack on our rights. This isn’t a theory and it’s not fear mongering. Look around you and think about all the new laws and regulations that are coming at us on every front. Internet regulations, socialized healthcare, Freedom Act, and the Federal Common Core Curriculum to name just a few. What about the expansion of bureaucracies? The N.S.A., T.S.A., Department of Education, Department of Energy, and Department of Homeland Security, once again, just to name a few. How about the expansion of wars either directly or through proxy countries. Everyone can sense that the winds of change are blowing and blowing in a very dangerous direction. Every freedom that past generations have fought for and unfortunately have died for, is under attack. We are living in a pivotal time that will ultimately define how history will be written. Our actions will not only define this generation but how future generations lives will be lived. In freedom, with individual sovereignty. or under oppression and tyranny. That will be our decision to make and time is running out. Continue reading “Listen To Me Now, Not Later”

Operation Mockingbird: Then and Now

Written by Michael W. Howell
Staff Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny
November 5, 2015

Operation Mockingbird. Sounds like an evil plot among birds, right? I can see a tree full of birds plotting against another group of birds calling their plan Operation Mockingbird. Well, this scenario isn’t that far-fetched just substitute birds for people, keep the plotting, and think of the tree full of birds as actually Washington D.C. and the other tree as the American people. Maybe before we continue with the silly analogies, we need to define what this operation really is and how it is manipulating what we see and hear.

Here is what many have officially defined as Operation Mockingbird. It is a government program that used C.I.A. personnel to infiltrate media organizations, and their objective is to control the way we hear the news, receive the story, and even react to the report. Their goal is to discredit alternative media and place the focus on the mainstream media, which they control, run, write for, and present. How did this deception get conceived, and is it still going on today?

Let’s define what it is, and then we will look at is this program still active today. What we do know for sure is that Operation Mockingbird was a secret program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) to manipulate the media as stated above. It got its roots in the early 1950s and was initially started by Cord Meyer and Allen W. Dulles. When Dulles became head of the C.I.A., the program was taken over by Frank Wisner. Their objective was to recruit well known and respected journalist into their system to tell the C.I.A.’s views through a “legitimate” news source. They are even attributed to some student and culture organizations, buying news and magazine businesses, and significant news outlets worldwide.

What would be their point in doing this? The answers here are numerous, so I will touch on a couple. One, and probably the main reason, is to control political opinions and help create the division among us. Why would the C.I.A. want division between us? To implement the Cloward and Piven strategy, but I will touch on that strategy in another article. For time’s sake, let’s just say they can’t carry out their global agenda with a united populace. They need us divided and dependent on them, their system, their goals as the answer. Think of it as them creating fictitious chaos so they can come in with the solution and appear to be the answer to all our problems.

Well, how do we know where to get our news from and who is the reliable source? This is a question I get asked many times. The answer is really multi-layered and needs to be addressed. It is evident and apparent that mainstream media is under the influence of this operation even to this day. So, that really leaves us as the news source. We have become dependent on mainstream media to tell us how to feel, or what to eat, and how to dress, or what’s popular in news stories across America daily. We have become misled to the point of confusion while being fed narrative after narrative. Just like if someone came into our home and took it over, it would be our responsibility to take back our house. This issue is no different. After all, they are coming into our home and taking over our thoughts, opinions, and way of life. Well, let’s take it back!

We can do this in many ways. With today’s social media, blogs like this one, and platforms to get our voice out there, this is easier than ever to report the accurate news. It is imperative in today’s time to not post satire articles. This is a massive issue for me and needs to stop. Sure those articles can be witty, funny, and, most times, so far-fetched that it can not only lose the person out there seeking the information but discredit us in general. We mustn’t become what we are fighting when the fight is about disinformation. There are many out there that may not be vocal in their battle, but they are relying on you for their news.

Use social media to inform the unaware and to open up dialogue. This will not only help the information get out there, but will also open up that dialogue we seek to those that may not fully understand what is really going on. Share articles you find informative, accurate, and trustworthy. Build a pipeline of blogs, social media sites, friends, family, that you see to be engaged and aware. Talk the points all the way through to the conclusion to not only get all the facts laid out but to understand the issues better yourself. In summary, learn the lesson then go out and be the teacher. The critical thing to remember is that you were not born awake, and neither was the person you are trying to reach. Meet them where they are at in their understanding. If they are health conscious, then don’t approach them about the Federal Reserve. It will be overwhelming and unproductive. Instead, let them know about G.M.O.’s and the harms of vaccines. Once again, meet them where they are at. Do not use this time to show off how much you know, but instead help them get to where you are in understanding the fact. Baby steps.

Why alternative media and not mainstream media. Well, let’s look at who owns and operates these mega-media sources. Before I go any further, I’m not saying completely turn off mainstream media, just be aware of the global agenda when listening to them and do your own research. Always do your own research. Even when it comes to alternative media.

Take Fox News, for example. They are the biggest and most watch news we have. Who owns them, and what is their relationship to the globalist, or elitist? News Corp, which is the parent company to Fox News, is actually owned by Rupert Murdoch with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal holding 7% of the operation. When dealing with the global agenda, Saudi is one of the most violent countries even though we refer to them as an ally. They have a horrible domestic policy and, actually, to date, have more beheadings than what we see with ISIS. Saudi has also been implemented and tied to 9/11.

Whenever I engage in talks about Operation Mockingbird, one name comes up every time. Anderson Cooper with CNN. His name is one of the most closely tied to Operation Mockingbird that I have found. There are numerous YouTube videos out there showing him being confronted on this topic, and he always has the same reaction. Dismiss, deny, and belittle the person asking the question. Why? Ask me anything about my involvement in Operation Mockingbird, and I would sit there and talk to you as an innocent person accused of being a part of this would do. There are many, many more out there that I will touch on in another article.

Another way of knowing our media is fake is the content in which they report on. We know our money is printed out of thin air, not backed by anything, and then loaned out, with interest. Why is this not leading off every news cycle daily? Addressing the Federal Reserve, especially in today’s economy, would quickly get an audit, if not abolished completely when the American people really know what our monetary system is about. Ironically, but by design, the Federal Reserve, or The Fed, is controlling the news through financing the leading players and owners of the media.

How about undeclared wars? Why is this no leading the news cycle daily? We are a nation, in general, proud of our military and unite anytime we have to send our men and women overseas, so why not report on how these are illegal wars and not declared by Congress as the Constitution demands. Let’s not forget the troops swear an oath to the Constitution as well as the politicians sending them to war, so why are we not demanding they follow the document they swear to? Because many don’t even know what the Constitution says. That, too, is by design.

Look at the partisan platforms of the media outlets today. Depending on your political leanings is where and how you receive your news. If you are a Republican, you watch Fox News. Democrat, MSNBC, etc. Why and how did we allow this to happen? The media needs to be neutral. They need to tell us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. When they take on a partisan stance, they are helping perpetuate the division and even protecting the very elements they are supposed to be calling out. It’s not by accident that corruption has hit an all-time high, and reporting on corruption has hit an all-time low. It’s because of Operation Mockingbird.

It is very evident and apparent that this C.I.A. program is not only still around, but thriving stronger than ever. We have the power to take it back, and we should take the moral authority to do just that. We are in dangerous times globally, and what gets reported needs to be the truth, regardless of who it offends. We can do this, and we can win. Only when we seek the truth and not partisan politics is when we will be free and informed. So get out there on your social media sites, blogs, radio shows, and activism activities and spread the truth. Spread it loud, spread it proudly, and spread it gently. We will win by being the change we want to see. Let’s start with posting facts, not satire. Learning the lessons and then going out and being the teacher. I am reminded this 5th of November that truth is what set people free in the now infamous movie V for Vendetta, not partisan politics.

I look forward to seeing you out there and learning from you all. Let’s be the peaceful end to Operation Mockingbird.

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Big Pharma and Firearms

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Editor for Fighting the Tyranny

At first glance, you wouldn’t think these two have anything in common. And you would be right to believe that mainly since they shouldn’t be grouped in together. However, the two are more closely linked than you would think. Well, that’s not a fair statement. The more accurate statement should read something like this, “Big Pharma and guns are linked when it comes to mass shootings.” There that’s the most precise way of tying the two together. What do I mean? Let’s look at several things.

What do the majority of mass shootings have in common other than they occur in gun-free zones? Well, we are finding that the gunmen are also on psychotropic medicine, which significantly influences their decision making. Am I blaming the drug industry alone? No, of course not, but they can not be overlooked as we see a mass increase in prescribed medicine to the public. We are in a time where Big Pharma and their influence is significant in power. Just look at the television on any given night and count the pharmaceutical commercials pushing their products in the disguise of a more full life, a more productive life. Now during that same commercial count, the number of side effects vs. the cause the drug is supposed to be treating. It’s mind-boggling the number of side effects of using the medicine vs. the symptoms that initially brought you to the need for the drug in the first place. In some cases, it’s almost worth it to have the symptom and not the side effects of the prescribed medication.

While I am not, and do not claim to be a doctor or even a novice when it comes to medicine, I can not ignore the damaging effects that are plaguing us today with prescribed medication. I always say, “If you go to your doctor and the first thing he doesn’t ask you is about your eating habits, then leave immediately cause that should be the first question of a health care physician.” It just seems like the first and only step nowadays is to check vitals, run some tests, and finally prescribe the remedy through a magic pill. Why not look into the root of the cause like what we put into our bodies? We have a very complicated immune system that is designed to flush and fight many attacks that invade our bodies, but like anything else, we need to take care of the immune system.

Now I am not against medicine at all. I see its benefits when prescribed and administered correctly. I just want the doctor and healthcare industry to be responsible for their patients, not Big Pharma. And unfortunately, the latter seems to be the norm. I could write a whole article on Big Pharma, but that is not the purpose of this article. I want to address the concerns I have of the gun confiscation that seems to be looming and all aspects of the “mass shooting” epidemic we seem to find ourselves in today.

So back to the issue…Big Pharma vs. guns. First, why do I feel like there is a gun confiscation looming around the corner? I see the United Nations, along with the democratic party looking at every chance to pass new laws, regulations, and sanctions on the right to bear arms. Republicans aren’t exempt. While they seem to be vocal, they are not really pushing the 2nd amendment like we need them to. It is a coordinated effort, and the talk on Capitol Hill seems to back up my suspensions. Can gun control really make us safe? No, it can not. It will only lead to more victims because criminals will never lay down their weapons regardless of what law(s) are passed. After all, isn’t there a law already making murder illegal? Of course, there is, and because they are criminals, they will not abide by it. So any kind of gun control is only going to disarm law-abiding citizens and make us a helpless victim to intruders of our family, home, and property.

How can we protect ourselves and still have a society that feels safe going to the mall? To school? Or even a movie? The evidence is overwhelming in support of a good guy with a gun stops or drastically reduces the impact a shooter makes. Isn’t that why we call the police when this sort of thing happens in the first place? Because we believe he is a good guy with a gun? So, it is elementary to dismiss the firearm as the problem when one takes agendas out of the way and looks at the evidence provided. One more point to make as far as guns being the problem. If arms were the problem, then no one would leave a rifle range alive, or even a gun show. However, the opposite, in fact. These shootings do not happen at rifle ranges or gun shows. They occur in gun-free zones. Where self-protection isn’t allowed.

How does Big Pharma fit into the equation? C.C.H.R. International wrote this in one of their articles – “At least 35 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 169 wounded and 79 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs). Another article written by Natural News states the following “Nearly every mass shooting incident in the last twenty years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings all share one thing in common, and it’s not the weapons used. The overwhelming evidence points to the signal largest common factor in all of these incidents is the fact that all of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes.”

There are tons more research and studies that all say the same thing in regards to the mental capacity of the individual on these drugs. Would making more gun-free zones help? Would stricter legislation regarding firearms change this? No, of course, it wouldn’t. Circling back to the point I made earlier, it would be treating a symptom and not the cause. When I really started looking into this connection, I was stunned that this wasn’t the first course of action taken before we talked about the tool (gun) that the individual used for their crimes.

Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting these facts at every chance? Remember those pharmaceutical ads I was referring to earlier?  Well, they are also the sponsor of most, if not all, news channels, and as we know, they will not bite the hand that feeds them. Even at our expense. I do agree it is past time to stop burying our dead due to senseless violence, but disarming law-abiding citizens, or even heavily regulating the firearms industry will have no positive effect on the number of victims. Just ask the residents of New York, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, where gun laws are the strictest, but gun deaths are higher than the nation’s average.

In conclusion, we can minimize the deadly cost of gun violence by correctly diagnosing, prescribing, and following up with healthcare officials. I am not placing the blame on them solely, but the evidence supports the claim that we, as a society, are over medicated. Watch what we put into our bodies, and what comes out will be benefited. Watch who and how we trust our bodies to and take responsibility for our own health at a level we can control.

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