The Revolutionary Knowledge Of Jury Nullification

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

It is a term which terrifies lawyers. A word which some of them as well as judges deny exists. Yet exist it does, the term is jury nullification. It is a long-held and fundamental right of the American people you will hear few talks of it. If you are selected for jury duty, there is an excellent chance that the team of attornies will disqualify you if you speak of it. People have been arrested outside of courthouses because they were informing people of what it is. Why is jury nullification a threat to the system if the purpose of the system in the first place is justice? The fair and impartial justice that is represented by the Lady Liberty Statue standing with a blindfold on showing no partiality to a side, just a focus on the truth. In her hands are the scales to bring balance and a sword in the other hand to represent fair punishment.

So what is jury nullification, and why is it such a seldom heard term in our vocabulary? Jury nullification is the acquitting of a defendant by a jury in disregard of the judge’s instructions and contrary to the jury’s findings of fact. In other words, if the jury feels the law itself is wrong, they can render a verdict of not guilty because they think the law itself is wrong. This is one of the greatest weapons we the people have against unjust laws.

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Slipping Out Of The Matrix No. 3

By Nichole Wilde
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

Fundamental to the discussion of escaping from what has been dubbed “The Matrix Reality,” is a strong understanding of right and wrong actions. An overwhelming amount of people asked will tell you that there is no objective right or wrong action; it all depends upon the intention of the person doing the action. This is categorically false and is a philosophy that has underpinned the building of the false and inhumane Matrix Reality on top of our actual reality. The philosophy is formally called solipsism. Solipsism is a decaying force in civilized societies. Continue reading “Slipping Out Of The Matrix No. 3”

Slipping Out Of The Matrix: An Essay Series No. 2

By Nichole Wilde
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

What you focus on expands. This is a vital and important Hermetic principle that the Powers That Were understand deeply and fully. Those who desire to slip out of the Matrix should consider this axiom and come to understand it. The people who would control the world understand the power of the human individual focus so deeply that they have spent eons in time and energy to learn how to manipulate and direct the focus of individuals exactly how they desire. Picture the power of your individual focus to be like that of a laser beam. It can destroy and maim and blind those in its path. Now consider joining the powerful beams of tens or even hundreds of thousands of individual lasers and you can understand both the power of a collective focus and the desire to be the one who would direct it. Continue reading “Slipping Out Of The Matrix: An Essay Series No. 2”

Slipping Out Of The Matrix: An Essay Series No. 1

By Nichole Wilde
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

Here we are at the end of April 2018, with the world looking very much like a dystopian nightmare. Readers of this page likely have an idea that what we are being told is going on is not entirely nor exactly what is actually going on. We have come to realize that humanity, specifically, Americans, have been duped for at least several generations into a kind of mass sleep of consent to a kind of soft enslavement. Once we grasp the reality of that: we have consented to our own, and each other’s, enslavement, we have a moral responsibility to stop consenting. Continue reading “Slipping Out Of The Matrix: An Essay Series No. 1”

Sophia, Artificial Intelligence, And The New Future Of Currency

By Michael W. Howell
Staff Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting The Tyranny

We are incrementally and methodically inching towards the technocratic era that Zbigniew Brezinski’s book titled, Between Two Ages, spoke of. The push for transhumanism is in hyper-drive as we try to catch up to the technology that we once only dreamed could exist. In the past, we seemed to control the technology, however, as the boom in artificial intelligence rises we may be the ones chasing the technology in the near future. From virtual clouds that can store what appears to be unlimited data to a new blockchain technology promising to revolutionize our monetary system, we are seeing a massive wave surging mankind into the digital age unlike years prior.

What we used to marvel at as science fiction is now performing out live, in real-time, on stages around the world at high-tech conventions. Investors are mortgaging the farm to jump onboard the latest advancement and growth opportunities that artificial intelligence promises. Continue reading “Sophia, Artificial Intelligence, And The New Future Of Currency”

Our Biggest Threat Is Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive dissonance is defined by Merriam-Webster as “psychological conflict resulting from incongruous beliefs and attitudes held simultaneously.” A conflict in beliefs as it relates to facts is a definition I like to use. In other words, someone holding on to their beliefs so strongly that even when presented with facts against their beliefs they still have the same views. Believing in something so strongly and passionately that facts can not even sway them away from the denial. An example of this that I will touch more on in this article is that our current government has our best interest in mind. There are tons of facts disputing this claim that I will talk about, however, many still hold on to this belief even though the facts are overwhelmingly against this view.

Now let’s look at some examples of beliefs that people hold onto in relation to the cognitive dissonance today. Once we address these issues head-on with facts, the conclusions can only be that our thoughts, views, and even our own analysis of issues and concerns are controlled and manipulated to fit a narrative playing out in front of us today. Awakening from this slumber is paramount and no, ignorance is not bliss. It is just that, ignorance.

Foreign Policy

To see a prime example of cognitive dissonance one has to look no farther than our own foreign policy. Congress has an 11% approval rate, but a 95% reelection rate. What? How does that add up? It doesn’t unless we take blind trust into consideration. Why is it that our foreign policy hasn’t changed in over 60 years regardless what party is in office? At one time the Democratic party was the “anti-war” party, but over the years the Democratic Presidents have expanded wars. Bill Clinton when he went into Bosnia and our current President, Barack Obama with his expansion into Libya and his eagerness to go into N. Korea and Syria. Republicans fare no better when it comes to our foreign policy. The first President Bush went into Kuwait and his son, President George W. Bush later went into Iraq and Afghanistan, only to find out later it was a bad decision based on misinformation and lies. Some have seen these lies and have changed their initial stance and support for these wars while some, despite a mountain of evidence, still support and even call for more wars thinking it will keep us safe. This couldn’t be any less true and most importantly, keeps us in perpetual war with nations that pose no immediate threat to us. What this does create is blowback and generations of people seeking revenge against us.

Here is an example of denial I am seeing on a daily bases and it is the arming, funding, and training of our enemies that we are sending our military men and women into harm’s way to fight. This is no theory and even mainstream media has reported on this, yet, we are seeing an increase in the number of people wanting to “turn the middle east into glass” through heavy bombing and, yes, more wars. If we are honest with ourselves in this war on terrorism then the first battlefield should be Washington D.C. and the corporations that supply our enemies. By definition this is treason and a blind eye is turned to it.

9/11 Truths

Here is a movement that has been picking up steam as we see more facts and activist for truths come forward. Again, the evidence is extremely overwhelming and a blind eye is turned. Some of the evidence is that for the first time in structural engineering history a building fell due to fires. In fact, on September 11, 2001, three building fell due to this cause. What do you mean three buildings fell? Yes, the two towers and a third building, building 7, fell into their own footprint, at near free fall speed. Many people still do not know that a third building collapsed on that day. Remember the towers were designed and built to withstand commercial airliners accidentally hitting the towers due to the proximity of their locations and flight paths.

What about the accident scene in Pennsylvania? The only pieces that were found were big enough to be carried by hand and no bodies or luggage were found. This is also a first in aviation history that a crash site couldn’t produce factual evidence of a “real crash.” Where were the engines? Actually, there are many questions surrounding that site, but it continues to receive little attention. Any questions into it would go against the official narrative we were force fed and told in order to have our wars. Circles back to foreign policy doesn’t it?

The Pentagon is one of the biggest mysteries surrounding 9/11. How could the most secure building in the world not only be attacked but no video evidence produced to show an airliner striking it? Let alone the remarkable and fictitious flying maneuvers that a below average pilot would have had to make in order to pull that feat off. The most experienced pilots have come forward and even they said they couldn’t even have pulled those turns and flight paths off. Sure, we have seen one video from the Pentagon that the government has released, however, it shows no plane, only an explosion. After looking at this video it is blatantly obvious we should have seen an airliner enter into the frame. And why is this the only video released to the public? The Pentagon is not only the most secure building in the world, but part of that security is heavy surveillance using security cameras. Yet we get one video and it is not conclusive as to what happens. In fact, it only raises more questions into that day than it answers.

What really happened on 9/11 we do not know, but it is clear to us what did not happen. And what didn’t happen was the official report. Even the official report makes no mention of building 7 and doesn’t answer all the anomalies of that day. Because of groups like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and it’s founder, Richard Gage, we are seeing a big demand for an open and independent investigation into the events of 9/11. Will we ever get one is the lingering and unanswered question? We need one as the official report reads like a horribly written science fiction investigation.

Our Monetary System And The Federal Reserve

Since it’s birth through the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 the Federal Reserve has been under scrutiny and rightfully so. First off its conception and even passing of the Act was a shady business deal between our politicians and Central Banks with a transfer of American’s wealth in mind from the onset. The act was brokered between Senator Aldrich and the big bankers of the time on an island named Jekyll Island and not in Congress with the Americans voice, through our elected officials acting in our best interest. The complete history of the birth of the Federal Reserve has been well documented in the book by G. Edward Griffin titled, “The Creature From Jekyll Island.” It is a book I highly recommend everyone have in their collection.

Here is a very brief history of how our monetary system works and currency is put into circulation. First, the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, not backed by anything, such as gold or real money, then loaned to banks at interest, then loaned again to us with more interest added to that. Through fractional reserve lending banks invest 90% of our deposits and whether those investments win or lose, we end up bailing out the big banks.

Back to the printing of money. The way that money is printed and put into circulation is nothing but counterfeit and if we did that then we would be arrested by the Secret Service and never see daylight again. Why the double standard when it comes to the Fed? How this relates to cognitive dissonance is the amount of information that has come forward whether it be in Congressional oversight hearings, books, or even the Occupy Wall Street and other movements, people still hold onto the belief that we need the Federal Reserve. Where is the mainstream media in this fight? In the Federal Reserves back pocket, that’s where.

Even The Education Of Our Children Isn’t Off Limits

The Department of Education wasn’t instituted until October 17, 1979, which means prior to then we, at a local and state level, were responsible for the education of our communities and our children. Look at the rapid decline in our education system since it has been federalized. We have dumbed down our curriculum to meet others instead of bringing others up to meet the curriculum standards. This will only result in a loss to communities and continue the decline in society. Everything the government touches is over funded and under produced. We should demand more than that when we are talking about our children’s education and the knowledge they will carry with them throughout life.

To hear people talk about their government, they know they are incompetent, but support government’s involvement in such programs as education. A saying I like to use is, “People in Maine don’t live like people in Arizona. People in Wyoming don’t live like people in New York.” So why are we seeing a blanket federal policy when it comes to education. People in some areas will need agriculture while people in New York may not care or need these things. This self-supervision of community-based education helps ensure that communities get what they need to prosper and grow and even be self-sufficient through qualified individuals based on community needs.

Look at the big margin difference in homeschooled students vs. government ran schools. The S.A.T. and college entry scores between the two are vastly in favor of homeschooled individuals. Today’s government ran schools have become indoctrination camps, through political correctness, while homeschooled individuals are allowed to think the process all the way through to conclusion regardless what the question is. This is an important time in a child’s life as it will teach them how to think and not be told what to think. Many schools teach memorization and not thought process. When that child graduates they have what is referred to as “book sense”, but not the real world thought process that is valued to not only self-success but will translate to social success as well.

How Do We Stop Cognitive Dissonance 

Unfortunately, all we can do is keep presenting the facts and hope people wake from their slumber. Get the word out there from a factual, researched view and keep plugging away. Bring attention to not only the subjects I mentioned above but others as well. We can get this turned around, but it is going to take effort from all of us and most important of all is patience. Remember, we ourselves didn’t always have the views we have now. It took us researching and coming to conclusions on our own and it will take the same for others as well.

There is no doubt that cognitive dissonance is our biggest threat. With the facts on our side, no one or nothing can be a legitimate threat to us. with facts, we know how to properly handle and deal with the said threat at the time. Let’s not be divided in our differences, but united in them. Get the facts, research the facts, and share the facts far and wide. Don’t let cognitive dissonance lead to Stockholm Syndrome to where we not only are blind to the facts but embrace our captors. This would be a tenfold problem that we can longer ignore or justify.

Written by: Michael Howell

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