Are Voters Finally Anti-Establishment? About time.

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny
November 20, 2015

The political winds are blowing in a vastly different direction, and it is about time. We are seeing, for the first time I can remember, the vast majority of Americans speak up against the establishment and their crony candidates. From outsiders like Donald Trump to Dr. Ben Carson, the people are voicing their opinion against the grain and are yelling at the establishment. But is the establishment listening? No, they are not, and the dinosaur media is in the establishment’s toolbox for debunking this movement.

Take Donald Trump’s entering into the race as the prime example of the American people’s frustration. A successful businessman, but not an ounce of political experience in Washington, or anywhere else for that matter. That doesn’t seem to bother the voters as his campaign took a commanding lead at the beginning of the run to the White House and is still clinging to the top spot months later. In the past elections, we have seen candidates rise and fall during the race, but the Donald, at least for now, still holds the top spot. 

Rallying around a “Let’s build a wall” mantra, Trump’s appeal has grown, and even under massive attacks from not only the Democrats but fellow Republicans as well, the American people are voicing their wants and needs for the next American President. Clearly, immigration is on the minds of the people, and the candidates are scrambling to appeal to all voters through political games. For the anti-establishment crowd, right now, Donald seems to be their voice. 

Debate after debate, Trump has been ridiculed and attacked, and the people seem to have his back and his ideology. A growing and never-ending war against Isis and open borders during this time seem to have given Trump a surge in the polls that we are just now seeing slowing fade, but maintaining the lead. 

Another inexperienced candidate, as far as Washington standards are concerned, is Dr. Ben Carson. His campaign started off slowly as his soft-spoken demeanor may have played a role in that, but it has managed to pick up a moderate support base during his short run. With a sleepy and almost none interested look, Dr. Carson seems to have found a place among the Republican supporters even though he lacks the much-needed experience to run a nation. Maybe that is what has propelled Dr. Carson’s surge in the polls. Along with Donald Trump, Dr. Carson seems to appeal to the growing Americans that no longer trust their government and the agenda the politician’s horrible decisions we have place this nation in.

Dr. Ben Carson has had a very successful personal career as a Neurosurgeon, but like his competitor, Donald Trump, he has no political experience. His biggest downfall and what critics point out the most is his foreign policy or minimal understanding of it. While I do believe Dr. Carson has a role in the political atmosphere, I’m doubtful it is at the level of Commander-in-Chief. With him being a part of this election cycle, I don’t see him taking another position unless it is a cabinet position, perhaps.

Former C.E.O. of Hewitt Packard, Carly Fiorina, threw her hat in the ring this election cycle as well. We once again have an inexperienced candidate as far as politics goes, making waves in the Presidential run. Though the argument could be made that it takes “political savvy” to run a corporation, the “official” political experience isn’t there. 

She has been credited with streamlining Hewitt Packard business structure, but fell out of favor with the board and was relieved of her duties. Her story that she likes to promote at every opportunity as “Secretary-to-C.E.O.” has even come under scrutiny from many columnists transpiring into a fact check frenzy, but has not damaged her movement she likes to dub as “grassroots.”

The Presidential debates, overall, have been friendly to the one-time businesswoman, letting her chant her mantra of “take America back” and just how the government has lost the confidence of the American people, often resulting in an outbreak of applause. No one can logically say she’s wrong, but it still hasn’t calculated into a strong push in poll numbers.

So just why are we seeing this trend of inexperience candidates not only making the American people listen but act as well? The answer is quite simple. The American people are fed up with a corrupt system that only has a select interest in mind and an economy of overspending that has now amassed a national debt of over 18.5 Trillion dollars. Congress’ approval is at an all-time low, and the President’s favorable poll numbers are at his personal all-time low. We are in a war that the career politicians seem to have no interest in winning, only prolonging. How are the establishment fighting the growing popularity with the “Washington outsiders?”

Same song and dance using the same narratives. Take the establishment’s poster boy from the establishment’s favorite family – Jeb Bush. Playing on the hot topics of the day, Planned Parenthood, he continually reminds us that he defunded Planned Parenthood during his time as Governor of Florida. With deep pockets through a high donor class, he has more opportunities to staving off a long run and can afford to wait out other candidates as they continue to suspend their campaigns. Many believe all he has to do is be the last man standing, so to speak.

If you listen to him speak sometime, you will hear a familiar beat, and that is the beating of war drums. Right now they may appear to sound like congos or bongos, but made no mistake, he has a full drum kit in his arsenal. Attacking President Obama on his handling of Isis, he makes it clear we need a new strategy regarding the War on Terrorism. So many agree on this statement, but his plan to combat terrorism has failed to take root among the voters.

Jeb also likes to promote how his brother’s policies and Presidency kept us safe. This is where I want to remind him that the most significant attack on American soil happened on his brother’s watch. We were told that 9/11 happened due to security measures that were ignored or not fully used on that day. It doesn’t seem like safety to me, but an admission of guilt and failure. Nonetheless, he plays the 9/11 card and uses policies since that day as policies he would keep or even expand upon. Policies like the Patriot Act now called the Freedom Act and also showing favor for the spying on Americans bureaucracy known as the N.S.A.

No one plays the 9/11 card quite as often and vocally as former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Another establishment choice in the race, he has used every opportunity to let us know about all the funerals he has attended in the aftermath of 9/11. This just in Mr. Christie; as a former Governor, we expect you to be there. To the American people, this is not an achievement on your part, but more like a “duh” moment to us. Often quoting and using 9/11 as a base to keep the N.S.A. program not only alive but expanding it, he refuses to acknowledge the usurping of the Constitution that the program has. Even going one on one with Senator Rand Paul during a debate. Rand Paul made valid points to keeping rights secure even under severe times, and Chris Christie wasted no time showing his establishment ties when making his views known during the debate. 

Rand Paul is definitely the most liberty-minded of all the mainstream candidates but still fails to resonate with the movement his father started during his runs to win the Presidency. Straying away from the libertarian label, Rand projects libertarian views but continues to embrace the Republican theme with mild variations. He is at odds with his fellow Republicans on issues that the party has lined themselves with. Taking a page out of Ron Paul’s playbook, Rand has brought attention to the Federal Reserve corruption with an audit the Fed bill, but still doesn’t go after the strong arm of the Federal Reserve – the I.R.S.. Instead of continuing the abolish the I.R.S. movement he has proposed his own tax plan only perpetuating the system.

Senator Paul has been vocal about the war on terror, more specific, Isis, while not really pushing the term “blowback” enough. What we are seeing is direct results from generations of horrible foreign policy that need to abruptly end and fast. Being called an isolationist from his counterpoints, he seems to have trouble resonating with the youth like his father did. Many credit the elder Paul with their coming to terms with America’s foreign policy. There is a clear difference in an isolationist and preemptive war that his father’s former supporters would like to see him speak more on.

Someone who is quickly picking up momentum is the former Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. The evangelical voter is looking for someone to grasp onto, and for the moment, he seems to be filling that void among that demographic. He comes across in issues that affect that group like the border and the current situation with Isis. Soft-spoken, to the point, he has managed to stay afloat and pick up voters and support. We will see if he can capitalize on the political winds blowing in his direction.

Clearly, Americans are fed up with the system and looking for a bright spot in this cycle. Presidential debate ratings are up, the public is listening, and many are bidding for your vote. One thing is for sure, and that is the “outsiders” are making the biggest splash and the Republican party better listen. With a strong candidate like Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings, the party could be in considerable trouble if they become divided. A seasoned politician like Hillary will waste no time rallying her party together and making the wedge more profound and broader among voters.

With just under a year left till the general elections, this will be a fun election to watch, if it doesn’t turn into a sideshow first. Americans are honest in their concerns, and the establishment candidates are out in full force trying to put out the fires and squash all the rhetoric. Who will last in the end? Will the establishment stand behind and endorse the nominee, even if it is an outsider? Many questions remain, and only the American’s voice will crumble the establishment or perpetuate it. 


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