We Have Already Accepted 1984

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

It was a book that was supposed to warn us to the danger of allowing our government to grow too big. To warn us of allowing ourselves to be tracked and spied upon at every turn. To let us know the dire consequences of allowing it to happen if left unimpeded from the people. In short, it was a warning. Yet, we ignored it.

Not only have we allowed it to happen, but we make jokes about it in order to mask just how easily we allowed it to pass. You can’t tell me you have not heard at least a dozen jokes about the NSA listening to what you are saying. At least half a dozen about the TSA, my personal favorite is the shirt that has a person touching another’s genitals with the caption. It isn’t gay if its TSA. We have decided to make a joke of it rather than to confront that we passively rolled over and allowed it to happen. All while trying to delude ourselves into thinking that we have not.

If you do not believe me, please make sure your cell phone is right next to you so Big Brother can listen as you exclaim that you have not given in. I am sure that as they are listening to you through its microphone. They could use a good laugh at your expense.

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The Unanswered Questions of the Las Vegas Shooting

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

We all remember the horror we felt when we turned on the TV or read the headlines on a computer screen as we found out, yet another horrific mass shooting had taken place in our country. We all remember how the tragedy was played out over and over on our TV screens, there was a time where you could not tune into any of the major news outlets without hearing about the Las Vegas shooting at any time of day.

All of us were getting saturated with details the media presented us with the type of weapon used and the details of all the people killed with these weapons. And, of course, the immediate case for outlawing such weapons soon followed. We were told over and over all the grisly details about how people died, how easily they died, all because people could have semi-automatic weapons. We were told the most basic details of the shootings but we were all drilled that this only happened because of the weapons involved. Continue reading “The Unanswered Questions of the Las Vegas Shooting”

Slow Kill: The Agenda for Population Control

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer for Fighting the Tyranny

There is no doubt when you look at the Georgia Guidestones, or read about Agenda 21, that population control is one of the highest priorities for the New World Order. In their opinion our planet is overpopulated and they need to take action to kill off most of the population for their goals.

If you are not aware the message of the Guidestones is to maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Agenda 21 calls for the elimination of 95% of our population by 2030. In order to do this, of course, that spells bad news for most of the 7.6 billion people that live on our planet. That equates to upwards of 95% of the population today.  Continue reading “Slow Kill: The Agenda for Population Control”

Pedophilia: Dirty Deeds Done In The Halls Of Power

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

It is the horrible subject that no one wants to think about it and that is pedophilia in the ranks of our government. Couple that with the growing claims of child trafficking and the problems worsens. Yet, not only is both pedophilia and child trafficking a troubling concern among our society but now it has many connections to the people who control our government at all levels. From Congress, state government, or one of the many governmental agencies we have a problem. I am not going to try and delve into the reasons a person might be interested in pedophilia, but I am going to say that I believe it is another tool used by the Deep State to keep the herd in line using the fear of exposure and/or retribution.

While there are many examples of what is happening in our government involving the molesting of kids, I would like to start by mentioning the 1994 documentary Conspiracy of Silence, which details an alleged pedophile ring operating from Boys Town, Nebraska. Continue reading “Pedophilia: Dirty Deeds Done In The Halls Of Power”

The Two Party’s Stranglehold on National Elections

By Michael D Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Major elections are looked at by most citizens as a question of who is running as the Democratic candidate and who is running as a Republican. This was not always the case as not too long ago third parties were a major factor in elections until they suddenly disappeared from headlines. As a youth I was fascinated by the candidacy of Ross Perot in 1992, now I admit that I did not understand much about his platform at the time, but I was amazed that there were more options than Democrat or Republican. This was a huge eye-opener for me, after all, we really only ever hear of the Democrat or Republican parties on TV, don’t we? Continue reading “The Two Party’s Stranglehold on National Elections”

Anatomy of the Global Agenda

By Michael W. Howell
Staff writer and Senior Editor for Fighting the Tyranny

During my time researching globalism from many different angles, from many different ideologies, one thing was constant. In order for globalism to take root and spread from the ideology to implementation phase, it would take the destruction of the middle-class using methods such as the Cloward-Piven’s strategy, the gradual taxing system from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, or the hidden works planned in the shadows by secret societies of the elite. The deeper I got into my research over the years the more convoluted the agenda would appear. Continue reading “Anatomy of the Global Agenda”

False Flags and the Florida High School Shooting, Part 2

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Roughly a month ago, I wrote an article regarding my first impression about the Parkland High School shootings. That article can be found here on the Fighting the Tyranny website. Since that time, I have found more and more information that makes me believe that there is much, in fact, much more to this story than we are being told. It is still my belief that while the victims in this shooting were very real,  the official story about this being the work of a single troubled 19-year-old is absolute rubbish.

As I mentioned in the first article, I was wary of the alarming number of odd coincidences that have occurred with this shooting. Continue reading “False Flags and the Florida High School Shooting, Part 2”

The Electronic Voting Machine Fraud

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Voting has been a part of many civilizations in history.  As time marches on, the technology to record these votes continue to progress. From its simplistic beginnings such as dropping a colored chit into a clay pot, the process changed to paper ballots being deposited into boxes, which in turn paved the way for the electronic voting machines that we use today.

Fair and honest elections are the right of every American citizen. It is the backbone of the Constitutional Republic that ensures a check and balance system through the voice of the American people. Continue reading “The Electronic Voting Machine Fraud”

False Flags and the Florida School Shooting

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

By now we should all know what a false flag is as the events seem to happen more often today. If you do not, a false flag is an event that is designed to deceive in such a way that those activities appear as though they are being carried out by a different individual, or group, or nation other than those who actually planned and executed them. Sometimes a false flag can be an event that never actually occurred, just reported to people with the blame shifted to people who had nothing to do with it.

There are several different types of false flags events. We have seen the Republic witness both types as the stranglehold for control of our sovereignty continues. One such false flag is what is called a false flag hoax like what we saw in the Sandy Hook shooting. Continue reading “False Flags and the Florida School Shooting”

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