The Political Philosophy Of The Liberty Mind

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Staff Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny
February 17, 2019

Political Science has many subcategories if you will, and political philosophy, or political theory as it is also referred to, is the ideas of an individual that help form and shape the overall perception of how one sees freedoms and liberties. Throughout time there have been many “learned men and women” acting as philosophers offering us their educated perspectives to ponder and quarrel among each other on our own paths to self-enlightenment. From the minds of great men such as Plato, all the way to Thomas Paine, and including more modern-day political philosophers like Noam Chomsky and Friedrick Hayek, the direction of future societies are being shaped with their writings and debates of intellectual presumptions.

Because of the political unrest today, the Political Science classes on America’s universities are filling up with more of our youth seeking answers. Some universities are using their campuses to be platforms for civil rights movements while opening their schools up to diverse speakers and lecturers. Other universities have become propaganda machines for radicalizing the future generations into the predetermined socialist ideologies, mostly unknowingly by the students themselves.

We see a significant spike in the number of our youth and young adults that are starting to become aware of the political circumstances surrounding our daily lives. The awakening or collective awareness that is taking place around us is beginning to take root and shape our modern-day policies. Unfortunately, these policies are leading us towards the end goal that the ruling elite have planned, which is globalism. How did the Constitutional Republic drift so far to the left of the political spectrum that now sees us transitioning into what many have called “soft fascism?”

When you look at the polls of the youth today, many are calling for, or at the very least overwhelmingly supporting socialist’s policies that just a few generations ago would have been unheard of in the constitutional Republic. Today, presidential candidates do not have to hide behind their socialist ideologies. However, they can make significant progress towards a political office by openly supporting many of the policies that are elemental in advancing global Democratic Socialism. Candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have managed to squeeze out highly successful political careers (successful in terms of promoting socialism) while bringing new generations into the desensitizing of the dangers that “Democratic Socialists” policies and overreach bring.

From the moment Karl Marx penned his book titled, Communist Manifesto, it has been used as a playbook by the progressives (from the Left and Right) to help collectivize society in the manufactured Hegelian Dialectic situations we see in America presently. The preferred commandment or plank in Marx’s manifesto for the ruling elite is the importance of a gradual tax system being implemented. At this point, you can have a nation’s economy in a stranglehold, and the citizenry quickly shifting toward government intervention and dependency. The middle-class is being taxed to near extinction level and evaporating fast. Couple the shrinking middle-class along with the thought out planned strategy of the Cloward-Piven method and the overall attempt at the abolishment of property rights comes into their view. At the center of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto was ending property rights and self-ownership of both our labor and self rights. Marx’s manifesto is “manifesting” itself before us today.

Of course, this is just one of the many political philosophies spoken about throughout mankind. However, I wanted to point out Marx’s ideologies as his views expressed in his propaganda piece, Communist Manifesto, is being used against us currently in the form of more and more robust legislation on the tyrannical march to total globalism.

How we interpret, process, and react to the political climate around us determines how we as individuals move forward in a collective society. Many philosophers throughout time have advocated for individualism being the answer that leads to a healthier and more profitable community. In contrast, other philosophers have taught the “it takes a village” or the collectivist’s ideas to advance societies. Karl Marx and others would favor the “it takes a village” or collectivist view. At the other end of the spectrum, philosophers such as John Locke wrote about more individualism that would lead toward achieving complete freedom.

Some of the many factors that go into forming our political views are our religious thoughts, the individual’s own pursuit of happiness, and our level of cognition we apply to the trust in the political system. Today there is little to no reason to place trust in the political order as tyranny has run amuck in the beltway with no impartial justice being served to the offenders. The mass amount of corruption that has been building over the last few decades would help spawn a new political awakening. We are seeing the effects of those efforts today.

The movement we have seen over the last few years that has risen to combat the political corruption head-on has become known as the liberty movement. We saw its grassroots birth first take form during the Ron Paul presidential runs in 2008 and again in 2012. Though Dr. Paul didn’t receive the Republican nomination in either bid, an undeniable movement of liberty-minded individualists were born. The ideas leading the liberty movement’s march were spearheaded with the notion of total freedom with a government so small that it is judiciously confined within the pages of the Constitution.

Of course, the movement was a hodgepodge of idealists that were all searching for more than another politician, even if it were a statesman with the caliber and passion of Dr. Paul, to protect our inalienable rights that were for sale through our Congress to the higher bidder. The term Deep State wasn’t anything new at the time but wasn’t widely used in public talk like it is today. There was a sense of the shadow government’s tentacles at work, and the political division was beginning to brew. Inside the liberty movement of the time, you could find the ideas of new banking concepts, common sense foreign policy proposals, and civil debates founded on Constitutional Law. A fire for freedom had been lit under those who had been turned away from the two-party system and the mainstream ways of governance. The housing market’s bubble burst and banks lined up to drain the last penny from the middle-class’s labor. Collectivism had been exposed, and the march was on to break up the remnants that remained.

What was behind this new movement was a multitude of issues. Occupy Wall Street was fed up with, well, the Fed and all the other global banking powers and civil rights activists were clashing with draconian legislation such as the Patriot Act and the nefarious spying program of the National Security Administration (NSA). The political philosophies of the American people were colliding with the reality of what our systems had become. As the layers were opened and peeled back, the depths of the deceptions were bottomless, it seemed. The fact that our media was bought and owned by only a handful of the significant corporations would help inspire a generation of bloggers and YouTube(rs) to emerge with their voices. We were on the way to spreading the new truths and awareness we have been privy to seeing in our personal awakening. For many in the newly formed liberty movement, it was their first time in the political arena as either an activist or participant.

As the new alternative media started to grow, the people began to openly discuss their distaste for the way Washington D.C. had been usurping the Constitution. New philosophies were banging heads with old policies that have been in the form of exercising our constitutionally protected rights. It would now be the alternative media doing the responsible duties of news reporting that the old media had surrendered to under the CIA’s infiltration program known as Operation Mockingbird. Indeed, the truth had become the new enemy in the empire of lies.

Slowly, methodically, and with patience, we are starting to get the messages out in the mainstream that our founding fathers had initially been planned for the Republic. We have a long fight ahead as the global oligarch guiding our puppet politicians are not giving up on the stranglehold they have had on us for decades. The battle for total freedom and liberty is our responsibility to maintain and protect for future generations. My concern is as more and more become active in the political process, they are misguided by the ideals of the philosophies this great Republic has been able to stave off until recent times.

I am currently writing a book with this same title, Philosophies of the Liberty Mind, where I will be able to break down into more detail the philosophies and ideologies that are guiding us to globalism instead of the individual sovereignty we all seek and desire. With such a complex topic, a mere article can not do justice to the dangers I see the constitutional Republic headed towards. Together we all play a big part in how the country will look in the near future. The tyranny we accept today is the tyranny we leave future generations.

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