The Identity Politics of the Social Justice Warrior

Written by: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny
June 2018

You have already seen it a thousand times. The person who thinks that their single issue should be able to trample over the rights of everyone else, and you are a racist/bigot/monster if you think otherwise. The even sadder part is that more and more people agree with that person. Welcome to the era of the Social Justice Warrior.

The idea of being a Social Justice Warrior or SJW for short is not a new one. Nor is it necessarily a bad thing. There are many causes that a person can get involved in to advance a social issue. Gay rights, equality for men and women, preventing hatred against blacks are all worthy causes. Yet the problem lies in putting any of these over another person’s right to choose for themselves. The government can legislate many things. However, it cannot legislate behavior. The truth is, like it or not, that people have a right to prejudice no matter how distasteful it is.

Now here is the tricky part, while a person representing has a right to prejudice, it doesn’t exclude one from the consequences of their choice. If they are describing something else, i.e., a business-then, they need to set it aside in place of what that business wishes to represent. At least while they are working and depending on the employer, even afterward. If an employer does not want a bigot working for them, then that employer should have every right to fire that bigot. The business owner is also entitled to provide service to whomever they would like, such as in this case where it was deemed a bar is allowed to not serve customers who supported Donald Trump.

To most SJWs, this is inconceivable. They view the state as a tool to use to further their social platform. And quite sadly they are willing to use the state to trample on individual liberties while at the same time they are trying to grant some people more freedom. What most of them do not realize is that if you force someone to act a certain way, they will, in fact, become more intolerant to the idea you are pushing on them. The rise of voters looking to vote for Donald Trump is an excellent example of this. As more and more people felt that political correctness was being forced upon them, there was a massive backlash, which in part helped lead to Trump being elected. The forcing of anyone’s beliefs upon another has in my opinion set the goal of equality back decades

Now people should note that while a person is free to dislike someone for whatever reason, that does not mean that they are allowed to take illegal actions against someone. Beat up someone who is gay, you still go to jail. Kill a person who is black, you again get arrested for murder. The law still applies to protect the fundamental rights of everyone. The most significant changer of people’s opinions and thoughts is time. I am positive that people would love for there to be a way to expedite this, but really, time is the only way.

There is also an issue where SJW’s use their own form of inequality in a way to try and bring about equality. To most, this idea seems laughable. However, to an SJW, this appears to be a perfectly reasonable way to affect the change they so desperately want. The fact is that if people were let to sort things out on their own, we probably would not even need to discuss equality right now. People who discriminate would be ostracized and come to the conclusion that their hatred serves no purpose. If an employer does not hire bigots because they hurt their bottom line, the salespeople who feel that way are more than likely going to re-evaluate their choice of life or else face persistent unemployment.

However, since we will not allow employers to discriminate against those who they hire or fire, they cannot pick and choose people based on them being bigots or not. This, in effect, keeps the free market from creating the change that Social Justice Warriors so desire. Yes, folks, the free market can even correct social issues. It is always better to use the methods of coercion rather than government force whenever possible.

Now it is important to note that not all SJWs think that they need to use government force as the answer. However, they are, for the most part, the minority in a much larger group. This small minority does believe in using coercion, and I fully support their efforts. The time has come for the rest of that group to go around. The only way for that to happen is to make them well aware of the error of their ways. A big obstacle will be that big money is handed to the SJW’s that advocate violence or government use of force. With money backing them, these groups have a large number of resources they can use to get what they want, how they want. These groups need to be continually exposed. The more people know that these groups are controlled, the less they will be willing to join them.

People need to be reminded that social justice does not mean more than personal freedom. While it is rather stupid to refuse service to someone based on skin color or sexual identity rather than their individual character, that person has a right to do so. Being offended does not mean you can use the government to remove a person’s right to choose.


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