TV- Rated PC For Politically Correct

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer for Fighting the Tyranny

I am about to tell you something that may blow your mind. Television is not politically correct.  You might think with the title I wrote and from some of the programs that you have seen in primetime that it is. But it really is not. Of course, most network executives may want you to think that it is. But when you look at all programming you see it really is not the case. There are plenty of off-color remarks but those are usually directed at conservative white people. You see the TV executives know that most white viewers will not get offended so they fill their series with as much non-PC material as they can.

It is only when a minority is mentioned that the PC police comes into play. And they do not affect what you see on television, well they do in that a show might be canceled, but it is never the content of a show that gets the shows canceled in the first place. It is the off-air remarks by actors that get punished.

Now, why would that be? Well according to networks it is because they do not want that individual being considered a representative of their network. Yet in some cases, their shows have displayed far worse views than an actor’s off-screen comments. We need to look no further than the current removal of the popular Roseanne reboot. The shows lead actor Rosanne Barr made a comparison of Valerie Jarrett, the former aide to President Barrack Obama, saying “She looks like the Muslim Brotherhood and the planet of the apes had a baby.” I will admit I do not think it was smart nor really all that funny for her to comment that, nonetheless, there is plenty of reason to acknowledge that her comment was not racist. Naturally, people who look for racism will find it, but not all comments that can be found questionable are racist. In poor taste, certainly.

So why is Roseanne the newest victim of PC policing? Well, it is that any chance the thought police have an opportunity to control how people think, they take it. It does not matter if when Roseanne made her comment if she did so with racist intentions, what is important to them is that they make you think it has racist intentions. Again this goes back to what I began with about making comments about white people that no one gets offended by. It would be ok to compare a white person to an ape if they looked like one, but magically because people get offended you cannot say that about a black person, even if just by looks it might be true. This is because the powers that be want a society where people feel comfortable saying things that might be perfectly fine for some but not for others. It gives them a chance to demonize people for actions or words that might otherwise be considered normal if it was directed to someone who was not a minority.

What this means is that if a person makes the mistake of not constantly reviewing their actions based on race then they are open to being ostracized. We teach people to treat everyone the same yet we create rules that do not reflect that. We can never have equality if we do not treat people as equal. While to some this may mean they will be more offended if they think their race is being slighted well, it happens to everyone including white people. Welcome to equality.

This is not to say that racism does not exist, it most certainly does. However the people who produce our media have placed themselves in a position to determine what does and what does not constitute an offense in this country, they use the platform of popular opinion, which they create, to determine who is right and who is wrong. Rather than use common sense. People look to this increasingly erratic guideline presented by our television screens, and we do not even bother ourselves to question it.

I think we all are intelligent enough to realize that people marching with swastikas or wearing hoods are not people we should emulate or listen to. However, we need not demonize any odd remark as being racist. We are thinking beings, not programmable chips who need some external source to determine our sense of right and wrong. And I also think that if we do not go after these minor remarks then we are going to open the door for the goose steppers or hood wearers to dominate our lives. We are being programmed to live in a world with blatant double standards. And the worst thing we can do is not question why that is.

We all look back to older TV shows and movies and say to ourselves “Well that would not be acceptable today.” Ask yourself, why is that? Were the people acting and writing back then all racists? Or have our thoughts been changed so much that we think that what they said or did was racist? Perhaps then you might begin to understand just how far we have been programmed to believe in someone else’s version of right and wrong.

I do not see an outcry over TV stations airing Blazing Saddles, but if it were made today I most certainly would. Yet almost everyone considers it a hilarious move, not a racist movie. What has changed?



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