Freedom from Tyranny: Catalonian Independence

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer for Fighting the Tyranny

I remember sitting at home and coming across an odd article from the BBC. There was a referendum going on in Catalonia that was being violently suppressed. The people there were angry, and they wanted to peacefully leave Spain and go forward with Catalonia as its own country.

Fast forward to a few days later and I see a video of police beating people just going out to vote. And I said to myself.”Wait this is Spain, not some third world country. How is this being allowed to happen?” Not only was it allowed to happen, but when the votes were totaled more than 90% of the population voted in favor of independence. Over 900 people were injured by Spanish police for the crime of voting.

The Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy deemed that the vote was illegal, claiming that not enough people went to vote on the referendum, he cited that only 42% of registered voters showed up at the polls. However, that could well have been due to Rajoy ordering police to break up the voting. Despite this, the Catalonian parliament voted to ratify the vote and move forward with succession.

This was handled by the Spanish government enacting article 155 emergency powers, which is a seldom-used power in their constitution. The leaders of Catalonia were either arrested or were forced to flee the country as warrants were issued for their arrest. Many people were surprised by this move as it was assumed that the Spanish government would negotiate and possibly restore part of Catalonia’s 2006 autonomy statute. Had such an event occurred it might have been enough to curb the push for full independence. However, Rajoy ordered the arrests and forced the Catalan President Carles Puidgemont to go into exile in Belguim.

One might ask if there were less violent ways of resolving the situation, then why did they just throw people in jail? The main reason is that there is a major concern that if Catalonia was allowed to become independent then it would be the beginning of many smaller nations wanting to become independent as well. There are many smaller nations that are unhappy with their role in politics and less than happy about how they are being treated in the European Union. It is feared that too many nations might just opt out of the Union which would cause its collapse. The NWO spent too much time forming the EU and it is obvious that any threat to it would be dealt with harshly.

The reason for the referendum was due to the fact that most Catalonians felt that the harsh austerity practices forced upon Spain as part of the EU affected them unfairly. Their region produced a lot of wealth and most of it was going out to pay the countries debt while Catalonia was getting almost nothing back in return.

With the expulsion of the previous government, new elections were called for by Spain to replace them. While Puidemont tries to run his government in exile, it has proven to be a near-impossible task. Currently, for the people living in Catalonia, nothing much has changed. After the crackdown, it does seem that support for independence has lowered. Probably because the people know that if they push to be free the crackdown will be severe and they will have no support from the EU or its member nations, they will be on their own.

The lack of any outrage for the heavy-handed tactics should not be a surprise to anyone. Any threat to established plans will be dealt with harshly, and as far as public outrage, well most people have been conditioned to just allow it. The sad state of most Europeans mindset shows that they will continue to allow themselves to be pushed around. Soon enough the call for freedom will be all but forgotten. It is interesting to note that while the UK voted in favor of leaving the EU, the reality is that nothing has yet happened to make that happen.

I would love to see the call for freedom answered, sadly at least as far as Catalonia is considered, no one seems to be listening.

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