The Unanswered Questions of the Las Vegas Shooting

By: Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

We all remember the horror we felt when we turned on the TV or read the headlines on a computer screen as we found out, yet another horrific mass shooting had taken place in our country. We all remember how the tragedy was played out over and over on our TV screens, there was a time where you could not tune in to any of the major news outlets without hearing about the Las Vegas shooting at any time of day.

All of us were getting saturated with details the media presented us with the type of weapon used and the details of all the people killed with these weapons. And, of course, the immediate case for outlawing such weapons soon followed. We were told over and over all the grisly details about how people died, how easily they died, all because people could have semi-automatic weapons. We were told the most fundamental aspects of the shootings, but we were all drilled that this only happened because of the weapons involved.

That is until people started asking questions about how the shooting happened. Suddenly most of the major media outlets did not mention another word.

Once people started to wonder about the details of how the shooting happened, the media closed the press rather than provide details. Could this have been because once people started to look close, the whole story started to fall apart?

As we are told by the media, Stephen Paddock was the lone shooter killing 58 and wounding over 500 people. Many questions were surrounding this event. The first question I would like to start with is the sounds of multiple guns being fired into the crowd that night. The official explanation is that the sounds of numerous guns were just echoes coming from between the buildings. However, to answer this, I sat down with my friend, sound engineer, and co-host of Crow777 radio Jason Lindgren. After running the sounds of the gunfire through his equipment in his professional opinion, multiple weapons were being fired, these were not the sounds of echoes from one gun.

The next question that I have is why are there multiple reports of ground floor lobbies having been “shot up” as people described. This would seem to be rather hard to do if one person was shooting down from 32 levels up. The answer that would seem to make the most sense is that there was at least more than one shooter involved. This also goes with witness statements that they heard firing on the ground level.

Another question is the curious case of hotel security guard Jesus Campos, who’s story regarding the night of the shooting has changed twice. It was claimed that Paddock shot Campos through his hotel door. However, in an interview, Capos said he was shot walking down the hallway. Not only does this raise questions about why Paddock stopped shooting but why it took so long for police to arrive at his room.  Supposedly, Campos arrived at his room right before the shooting started, yet it took police almost 20 minutes to reach his room, and they did not enter the room until an hour later. Why the delay? And why did Paddock stop shooting after only 10 minutes when police took 20 minutes to arrive? For these questions, I have no answer. Currently, Campos is not giving any interviews, and while he had scheduled a series of interviews, he canceled all of them and only appeared on the Ellen show. Since that show, Campos has vanished from the media, and no further comments regarding the shooting have been made.

I would also bring up the reported stories of people in the crowd hearing a woman telling the crowd at the concert 45 minutes before the shooting started that people needed to leave because they were all going to die. The woman was described as Hispanic, made her way to the front row to warn people. There has been no follow-through by either the police or media outlets to identify this person.

Yet another important question is why the police never secured Stephen paddock’s home? While police searched the home on Oct 3rd, somehow burglars managed to break in on Oct 10th, police have no idea if anything was taken or damaged during the burglary. How could the home of the largest mass shooting in recent history be left unsecured? My best guess here is that anyone who might have provided help to Paddock made sure to remove any evidence of their existence he might have kept at home.

Another question regarding this shooting is why the Las Vegas Police Department has stopped talking about this case to anyone? Not only are the police refusing to discuss this case, but they are also actively fighting against the release of information. This is a rather abrupt change from when they issued a press release telling people they would keep them as informed as possible about the shooting.

While there are many more questions I could mention, for the sake of this being an article and not a book, I will only bring up one more question regarding the Las Vegas Shooting. And this is quite possibly the most important question surrounding this shooting. What motive could Stephen Paddock have had for doing this? Paddock was, from all appearances, very wealthy. He owned multiple properties and was seemingly living a very comfortable retirement. His political feelings did not seem particularly strong. While he did donate to left-leaning candidates, there was not much to make him look like he was far left. While police say he was on a losing streak, he had enough money to pay off his gambling debts before the shooting. The only oddity comes from his girlfriend, Marilou Danley, who was briefly considered a person of interest in this case. She claims that in the last few weeks before the shooting, Paddock was acting strangely, that he was continually looking out the windows. She claims that their relationship was strained, and they were no longer intimate, yet Paddock wired her one hundred thousand dollars shortly before the shooting. There was no suicide note, at least according to police. All this seems strange for a man about to go on a shooting spree then kill himself. I think Danley may know more than she is telling about all this, and her involvement may well be getting covered up, either by official or unofficial means. Remember Paddock’s unsecured house was broken into, perhaps details of Danley’s relationship were removed? She would well know what to tell people to look for and how to break into the house.

All of these questions point to there being plenty about this case that we are being kept in the dark about. And we all deserve to know why.

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