Slipping Out Of The Matrix No. 3

By Nichole Wilde
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

Fundamental to the discussion of escaping from what has been dubbed “The Matrix Reality,” is a strong understanding of right and wrong actions. An overwhelming amount of people asked will tell you that there is no objective right or wrong action; it all depends upon the intention of the person doing the activity. This is categorically false and is a philosophy that has underpinned the building of the false and inhumane Matrix Reality on top of our actual reality. The philosophy is formally called solipsism. Solipsism is a decaying force in civilized societies.

What is a right? Fundamentally, a right is an action an individual can take that does no intrinsic harm to any other sentient being. Rights are natural, inherent, and are not granted by the government. The provisions in our United States Constitution protect inherent, natural rights. Conversely, a wrong is any action an individual can take that does inherent wrong to another sentient being.

The challenge now is to determine how our individual actions line-up with what we say our principles are. And a challenge it is! Our Matrix Reality world has become so far removed from our actual reality, insulating us from the consequences of our own choices by building complicated networks that keep all of us in a place where we have just enough knowledge about what we need to know and not too much about anything else.

We have built a world where our trash is whisked away from our sight once or twice a week. Where we flip a switch or command Amazon’s Alexa and the lights come on. Where we turn the key and drive the car but have absolutely no clue how it actually works to propel us down the street at incredible speeds. We live in a world where schools are removing the old-style analog clocks because the students cannot tell time with them. A world where students are scolded for writing in cursive! It seems to me that off the top of my head, three things we can do to throw a monkey wrench into the inner workings of the Matrix are 1.) teach our children and those around us how to read an analog clock, 2.) teach children to tie and only wear shoes that tie, 3.) write physical notes and letters in cursive, teach and encourage others to do the same.

Remember Pen Pals? That is a fantastic way to strengthen the bonds of the community over distance in a way that is less surveilled than digital interactions. One of the things that the Empire fears most is a strong community of people. Strong, independent communities are much less likely to fall prey to the dirty tricks of Empire.

I am a strong encourager of being involved in your community on a face to face level. Keep the people who are “leading” accountable by taking the initiative to keep your eye on them. Just like the Crime-Watchers stickers in neighborhoods, and perhaps even more important since corruption seems to be the norm in government corporations, we need to hold ourselves accountable for holding our community public officials accountable. It’s so simple and effective. Keep them on their toes by just showing up. I’d also recommend doing some research on reading body language and Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that you can get a true grasp of who it is you are watching.

Words are cheap, and those who seek positions of power generally know how to weave them masterfully to their own advantage. The word spells have enchanted and tricked humans for generation upon generation, causing us to co-create this unreality reality that is inhumane and dissolving around us. Take heart, our awareness, and willingness to step forward and be accountable ourselves are the catalyst for this great dissolving. As a chrysalis into a butterfly. The future is ours to create: what is the content of our character that is creating it? Not so good? No worries! There is time for course correction. There is always time for course correction.

In my day job, I teach machine quilting to professional machine quilters. These are folks that use a very gigantic sewing machine that is mounted on wheels so that it can be drawn with like a gliding pencil. Basically, I teach people how to draw pretty designs that are evenly spaced and all in one unbroken line. I once had a student that was attempting to stitch a very deeply curved feather design. She got mixed up and soon found herself making the feathers in the wrong direction. I pointed it out, and she kept stitching, in the wrong direction. I laughed and told her to stop. “When you are driving your car, and you go off the road, do you stop or gas it?!” Here’s a hint. You are likely to sustain less damage by slowing or halting the momentum. “I thought it would turn itself back around.” No. It usually doesn’t. This is true for most things. When you find yourself off course, just stop. Reflect. Change direction. You are the master of you. Own it.

For myself, this has translated into the monumental task of thinking about absolutely everything that I do and the long-term effect my choices have on the world around me. This means I have reduced my family’s use of disposable products by making less wasteful long-lasting cloth towels and napkins, cloth coffee filters, home-made laundry soap. I use vinegar, baking soda, and coconut oil as my main cleaning arsenal for my home cleaning needs. The bonus of all of this is that I actually have loads more Federal Reserve notes and space in my cupboards. All toxin-free.

It’s the little things like writing in cursive and tying your shoes that are the drip, drip, drip as Chinese water torture on Empire. It doesn’t take a tank or any kind of weapon to conquer this beast. It takes the small courageous acts of people of character. Every. Day. Be Revolutionary.

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