The DNC Continues To Blame Trump, Russia, And Wikileaks But Not Themselves For Losing The Election

By Michael W. Howell
Staff Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been successful in blaming everyone around them for their historical loss to Republican candidate Donald Trump in 2016. With no real platform to reign in voters that were divided between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat’s defeat is still sending shockwaves through the party. What does the party do in response? Bring their base together on issues? Reach out across the political aisle? Not these ideologues. They continue to play the victim card by blaming others for their lack of political solutions for middle America.

I decided to leave the political spectrum many years ago to instead, direct my time and energy towards the much larger agenda of globalism. Once the conscious decision was made the deception was revealed to me over time. What seemed like real partisan issues based on the values and principles that the voters held to be their own became auctioned off to the highest lobbyist passing through D.C. at the moment. The media’s guiding of our minds through decades of manipulated reporting has taken its toll on the views we have cultivated. The division runs deep in the Republic with a tipping point that seems to loom. Not that the RNC has the people’s best interest in their minds but it seems the circus that is happening within the Democratic National Committee has many clowns under their tents.

President Donald Trump is not the party’s problem, though to hear their leadership speak of him is as to hear a Southern Baptist “fire and brimstone” style lecture. The DNC, or more specifically the voters in the Democratic party, problems started during the primaries when it was proven that “the fix” was in against the popular Democratic-Socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders. In emails that have been revealed and reported widely on, the DNC’s leadership was shown to sway the party’s nomination in the “I’m With Her” camp instead of the direction the party’s base was wanting. In typical “Clinton power” enforced by large donations backed by a corrupt Clinton Foundation, Bernie Sanders would not put up a fight against the obvious crimes, but convince his base to back the party’s lies.

At the time, it was shown in Real Clear Politic polls that Bernie Sanders had beaten Donald Trump head-to-head in 23 consecutive polls. Hillary had a harder struggle if she was to beat Donal Trump as she only had a 1.5 point lead over Trump in the RCP polls. Nevertheless, the Democrats bankrolled on the coronation of the coming Queen-to-be hedging their party’s next four years on gender and not policy or substance.

In all truths, to base Hillary’s campaign on her achievements was a disastrous plan since Benghazi was still ringing in the minds and hearts of the “Basket of Deplorables” voters. Her time as Secretary of State was known more for corruption and scandals than safeguarding an Embassy or liberties and freedoms. I could sum up her time as a New York Senator by simply saying “ditto”. Nothing to hang on the wall to show skin-in-the-game other than the titles themselves. The voters got tired of having to defend their candidate and along with Bernie’s socialist utopian dreams, the base was less than enthused to support the Clinton presidential run.

From the very start, the DNC would be plagued with weak leadership and armed with an agenda they would protect at all cost. In this case, it would be the White House and possibly Hillary’s political future. Another irrelevant politician restfully hanging on like a coat on the White House’s visitor rack. After what she described as a “hard defeat to take” it seems she is letting the party take the lead voice. In all efforts to save not only Hillary’s reputation to make a third run at the White House but to save-face for the DNC, they continue to play their bizarre blame game. The finger, ironically, never points back at their views or lack of connection to the voter base. Now it is Russia’s fault. No, wait, we meant Wikileaks. Just kidding, it is Trump’s fault. Depends on the day as to who is blamed for the DNC’s campaign corruption.

Nothing holds the blame for the DNC’s problem more than the failed leadership of Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Now that she has been removed from the position the DNC continues the blame game. With all their fingers pointing elsewhere, even the DNC attorney has admitted corruption in the Democratic National Committee.

Quote from the DNC’s motion:

For example, Rick Washik donated to the Sanders Campaign between February 2016 and June 2016, months after posting a link to a petition that claimed that Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz was biased. Catherine Cyko, FAC 19, donated to the Sanders Campaign between February 28, 2016, and June 30, 2016, after she posted an article accusing the DNC of bias. Marlowe St. Cloud Primacy, made her first reported donation to the Sanders Campaign on March 8, 2016, several days after posting an article accusing the DNC of bias.Rosalie Consiglio,, made her first reported donation to the Sanders Campaign a week after posting an article accusing the DNC of bias…

Apparently, the DNC’s belief is that corruption is alright within the party as long as the base is aware of the corruption. In the final analysis, it wasn’t the strength of Donald Trump’s campaign that won him the election, however, the Democratic party’s disarray that cost them the White House and is what has led to the blame game of the party. When all else fails, blame Russia. Or, better yet, let’s blame Wikileaks for exposing the corruption and not the corruption itself. In a world that is upside down and right is wrong, the DNC is the poster child for the times.

The Republican-led House intelligence committee on Friday officially declared the end of its Russia probe, saying in its final report that it found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 presidential race. Will this bring an end to the political drama that comes from the Democratic Party? Not a chance. As the committee made the report public the Democratic party is already making claims that the investigation is a partisan witch hunt. Regardless how much evidence comes out the party will continue to act like the entitled child throwing a tantrum after not getting their way. Leaked email after email has proven corruption, however, the party diverts their crimes to instead cry foul play. Now, that is irony!

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