Slipping Out Of The Matrix: An Essay Series No. 2

By Nichole Wilde
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

What you focus on expands. This is a vital and important Hermetic principle that the Powers That Were understand deeply and fully. Those who desire to slip out of the Matrix should consider this axiom and come to understand it. The people who would control the world understand the power of the human individual focus so deeply that they have spent eons in time and energy to learn how to manipulate and direct the focus of individuals exactly how they desire. Picture the power of your individual focus to be like that of a laser beam. It can destroy and maim and blind those in its path. Now consider joining the powerful beams of tens or even hundreds of thousands of individual lasers and you can understand both the power of a collective focus and the desire to be the one who would direct it.

How do a few powerful people, whose names are not even known widely, manage to direct the powerful individual creator-focus of so many billions of individual powerful creators? It seems like madness or even magic, to consider. In a way, it is magic. The tricks are deeply ancient but they are used deftly with the bonus of modern technology. It’s very useful to have all of the people educated as children in institutions that are all very similar and all teach the similar curriculum. We begin the training into cultural domestication as children and the techniques used are similar to those used to train dogs. Most humans are good-natured and want to be compliant. We avoid pain and discomfort and are thus easily managed with threats and coercion. It is not any wonder that children who are taught to be obedient and quiet grow up to be adults that unquestioningly live lives of quiet desperation.

The problem with humans is that you have those few stray wires, throwing sparks and disrupting the apple cart. They begin to question, “Why do we have to stand in line here?” and that starts the rumbling in the room. A few people who are on the edge of desperation catch the spark, “Yeah. Why?!” and the next thing you know you have a wildfire of consciousness and a good bit of chaos.

Part of what the Powers That Were are counting on is that chaos. It’s fairly insured, too, unless we work diligently to improve the quality of our own character and encourage those around us to also improve their own character’s quality. If we are going to not just survive, but to thrive in the future we must become acutely aware that the quality of our personal experience is directly proportionate to the quality of our personal character.

Self-discipline is the vital first step in the Wilde Character Workout. Like the fundamentals of strength-training your body, learning and practicing self-discipline is a firm foundation for the work to follow. Just a quick word about work. If the word work is something that makes you feel icky when you hear it, we need to heal that perception or find another word to use. I understand that many people have spent many years laboring with work that is soul-sucking and unfulfilling, and I have compassion for you. I desire to help you to heal your perceptions so that you never again have to view the energy that you are expending as a net sacrifice.

Integral to the practice of fulfilling self-discipline is the understanding that you are the one who has power over your mind. You own your thoughts. You have the control, or you don’t, but it is your responsibility to oversee your thoughts. If this is a new concept for you, your self-discipline practice should begin with consciously observing the thoughts that you are thinking. It is best to begin this work by just observing the thoughts that you think and not judging them as good or bad. If you can last two weeks of objectively observing the thoughts you think, that is amazing! I’ve found that most people only take a few days of observing their thoughts before they want to begin playing with controlling them.

When you are ready to begin molding your thoughts, it is helpful to think about how the thoughts you are thinking serve you. Some habitual thoughts are incredibly unproductive and serve to create exactly what you say, but not so much what you mean: “I can’t wait” and “I’m always late.” The intention of “I can’t wait” being that I am so looking forward to enjoying that experience but resulting in always being in the state of “can’t waiting.” “I’m always late,” being an expression of exasperation and disgust because you desire to not always be late. The affirmation of what you don’t want will always bring exactly that. Words are spells. There is a reason we call it spelling. Emotion gives the spells their creative umpf. When you grasp this esoteric truth your life will change drastically.

I recently came across a quotation that said something to the effect that a good leader is one who makes people feel important. I immediately was repelled and thought, no, a good leader reminds people that they ARE important. There is a fundamental difference between the two statements and this is a beautiful example of how a word spell works. The first statement is advocating for manipulating a person into a state of being, the other is stating the fundamental truth. Feeling important and actually being important are two very different things. One is empowering and the other one is like a house built on sand.

Part and parcel of practicing the self-discipline of controlling your thoughts is awareness of what you are feeding your mind. As you become adept at noticing your thoughts and guiding them into more productive directions I hope that you will also consider the media and experiences that you are feeding it. We live in the best of times and the worst of times, where we have so many choices of what to feed our minds and our bodies. It is completely up to us to make choices that are edifying and uplifting. It is a heavy responsibility but the lifting of this weight is the key unlocking the prison door.

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