Slow Kill: The Agenda for Population Control

Written by Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer for Fighting the Tyranny
April 23, 2018

There is no doubt when you look at the Georgia Guidestones, or read about Agenda 21, that population control is one of the highest priorities for the New World Order. In their opinion, our planet is overpopulated, and they need to take action to kill off most of the population for their goals.

If you are not aware, the message of the Guidestones is to maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. Agenda 21 calls for the elimination of 95% of our population by 2030. To do this, of course, that spells bad news for most of the 7.6 billion people that live on our planet. That equates to upwards of 95% of the population today. 

Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia

I would like to examine the programs that are currently being used to achieve this goal and plans I feel will be used in the future. Followers of the Fighting, the Tyranny website, are aware of many of these programs while to others you may be beginning your research now.

First, I would like to talk about Chemtrails. The spraying of our skies has been going on for over two decades. There is much talk about what is being sprayed, but the consensus is the two most prominent materials are Aluminum and Barium. (a full list of Chemtrail ingredients can be found here) This had led to many cases of what has been known as a chemtrail cough, which has symptoms much like the flu but does not follow many of the patterns of the flu. You might notice the vast increase of flu-related deaths in recent years and wonder if the results are from the flu or these chemicals being sprayed on us?

In recent years the effectiveness of the flu shot has gone down, yet the number of flu shots has remained constant. What has changed? Perhaps it is the Chemtrails acting as the leading cause that has been unreported in the increasing number of deaths. This past year alone, there were numerous reports of hospitals being flooded with flu outbreaks. Yet one only needs to look up at the sky to see a possible reason why this is the case. The documentary Frankenskies does an excellent job of covering the programs and lies that have been told to us regarding chemtrails and their use.


Next is the use of vaccines, which are used as a means of population control. There have been stories in third-world countries like Kenya that a tetanus vaccine sterilized 500,000 women. This has been disputed with the only comment being it has not been totally proven that the ingredient added to the vaccine (HCG) causes sterilization. Yet, reports from Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines seem to back the sterilization claims. Another case, as reported in the United States, is the use of the vaccine, Gardasil. The vaccination has led to 257 deaths and caused over 50,000 severe adverse reactions. For those who do not know, Gardasil is a vaccine to prevent the spread of Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which is a sexually transmitted disease and is administered to children as young as 9-years-old. Somehow a 9-year-old is considered the right person to need a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease? Are they really trying to help 9-year-olds from problems with sex, or is there something else going on here?

While there has not been a study to make my case, I would wonder how many of these children being vaccinated will have problems becoming pregnant when they get older.  Also, many people have attributed the massive increase in cases of Autism to the ever-expanding list of vaccines we subject our children to. There have also been many concerns not only about the complications of, but also the effectiveness of the Measles, and Flu shots as well.

The Depopulation Eugenics-based ideology isn’t contained to just the “healthcare” industry. The sterilization and dumbing-down can be found in our day to day foods and activities. This brings me to our water supply. There are two main issues that I would like to discuss, fluoride, and the levels of lead found in public drinking water. First, I will start with fluoride. There have been many uses for fluoride, as a child in elementary school I can remember a person coming into our school to give us dixie cups filled with fluoride and other ingredients to “help our teeth.” We were always warned not to swallow what we were given. And for a good reason, because fluoride can cause birth defects, Osteoarthritis, Bone & Uterine cancer, Perinatal death, Immune System Suppression, Gastrointestinal disorders, Lowered IQ(especially in children), and Skeletal Fluorosis (brittle teeth and bones). While it is claimed to be safe at low doses, fluoride is actually more toxic than the next problem with our water supply, lead.

We have all heard about the terrible situation regarding the drinking water in Flint, Michigan. The water is so bad it is practically poison. As awful as this is, would it surprise you to learn that in the United States alone, 5,300 water systems are contaminated with lead? That is quite probably a low estimate. At least 18 million people are currently drinking water with unsafe lead levels in the United States, it is impossible to know the numbers worldwide. Still, if it is this high for a developed country, it is safe to guess the numbers are much, much higher. The consumption of lead leads to significant health problems. For example, in children, there can be behavior problems, lower IQ, and issues of growth and development. In pregnant women, it can lead to premature birth. And for adults, while it can cause heart problems, it can also cause reproductive problems in men and women. When looking at this from a perspective of population control, we can see why the contamination of lead in water has not been a priority to be fixed.

lead water

And now, I would like to look at what I believe will be the future of population control. The 5G network. We have been warned about the dangers of our current wireless network. In fact, the World Health Organization has classified radiofrequency radiation(RFR) as possibly carcinogenic to humans. With our current 4G system, we have around 308,000 wireless antennas mounted on cell towers in this country. The new 5G network would require 4 to 5 times this amount. With a subsequent increase in the radiofrequency radiation created. The primary health problem associated with RFR’s is damage to our DNA, which often results in the formation of cancer. As we have seen a significant spike in cancer cases since cell networks became common, it is terrifying to think about what will happen when the amount of towers increases four to five times. If I might also make an educated guess, if our DNA is being damaged, then there is a good chance our ability to reproduce is being impaired too. So not only are people dying of cancer, but they are not able to have children as well. This serves the agenda of population control quite well.

To sum all this up, population control is meant to be a slow process. It is intended to happen over a long enough timeline so that people will not notice. Reducing the rate of birth has already taken hold in Europe and developed countries, in fact, the fertility rate per woman in the world has dropped from 5.4 in 1955 to a low of 2.4 in 2016. High rates of cancer will further bring population numbers down. The drive to immunize the local population and to create and connect 4G networks has already begun in less advanced countries, and soon, the numbers there will start to dwindle as well. We need to be aware of what is happening and do what we can to stop it, either for pushing for people who we can actually trust to take office or going to meetings and opposing what we can ourselves. If we wait too long, it will be too late.

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