Slipping Out Of The Matrix: An Essay Series No. 1

By Nichole Wilde
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

Here we are at the end of April 2018, with the world looking very much like a dystopian nightmare. Readers of this page likely have an idea that what we are being told is going on is not entirely nor exactly what is actually going on. We have come to realize that humanity, specifically, Americans, have been duped for at least several generations into a kind of mass sleep of consent to a kind of soft enslavement. Once we grasp the reality of that: we have consented to our own, and each other’s, enslavement, we have a moral responsibility to stop consenting.

It is unfortunate and I must be blunt, but to escape the enslavement will require sacrifice, discomfort and likely even pain. The older that you are, the more likely it is that you have entered into binding contracts that require you to fulfill them. The very first and foremost goal of the awakening American should be to pay off all of their debts and not to acquire any new ones. This is easily said but requires a level of discipline and care that will be uncomfortable. For many people, the ease of just getting by with the “freedom” to purchase whatever gee-gaw that catches the attention that day is very much worth the invisible enslavement – perpetual debt. Most people who are not aware of the larger scope of reality do not even realize that they ARE enslaved.

Debt is a perpetual cycle and the debtor is always a servant to the lender. A pair of the most freeing things a person can be is debt-free and cash only. This is a recommended primary goal for the person intent upon securing their individual sovereignty. I personally benefited from Dave Ramsey’s method for escaping the consumer and debt cycle, and I am sure that when you look for help to tackle this in your life you will be able to find the perfect method for you. I would like to remind you that none of this is a race. Slow and steady, slow and steady. Time passes like a flash and before you know it your slow and steady practiced actions will have resulted in creating the thing that you intended. Keep on keeping on!

In order for us to create the kind of world that we envision for the future we must look at the foundation we are building the future upon. I would submit to you that the very foundation that all cultures are built upon is the fundamental character of the people that compose the culture itself. This submission has deep, personal implications and will require some reflection and action on the part of the individual who is called to create a better world. Like the classic Michael Jackson song tells us so eloquently, “I’m looking at the Man in the Mirror…” we will create the world we say we desire by being the kind of person that we desire populate that world.

As you are working diligently to fulfill your contractual obligations, strengthening your core character, consider that you, freeing yourself from the burden of debt and consumerism, are also giving the Earth a little bit of a lighter load. Living life efficiently cuts down on the amount of energy required for you to live. Shopping less keeps your trash cans light! I’ve heard the argument that “one person’s actions are useless when there are 7 billion people” and I say that that is a cop-out and an excuse for behaving poorly. We all really have no excuse to do things that we know are harmful to our health, our family’s health and our environment’s health, however, we en masse continue to make the easy choices because, well it’s easy and we are soft. I’m calling on those who are concerned about health, happiness, and freedom to think about every action you are taking in your life day-to-day and consider if it is helping in the long-run, rather than just soothing in the short-term.

Ultimately, the Powers That Were know who we are and how powerful we are and they have spent centuries, untold riches to keep the masses of us from understanding it so that they can steer us like pawns in a maniacal game of Risk. They want us to be like those little plastic soldiers in the game. A part of what makes this version of the game so thrilling for the key players is that they know we can wake up at any time and decide to play the whole board differently. This is what I am calling on you to do.

Join with me and play the whole board differently. Grasp hold of who you really are, a creator-being with a Divine spark, harness your creative ability for the benefit of yourself and all of humanity. Develop your core character. Remove your financial energy from large corporate banks. Take the time and effort to find a REAL community bank or credit union so that your life energy is not feeding the beast that enslaves you. Work on paying your debts and fulfilling your obligations under contracts and think long and hard before you enter into any new contracts. Every time you sign your name to an official document you are signing a contract. Read all contracts carefully and thoroughly. Remember that words are spells and the legal society knows how to weave the spells intricately. Just be aware. The Rumpelstiltskin fairy story contains esoteric truth and is worth investigating.

Awareness is a continual process and awakening can be terrifying. It is vitally important that those who are just beginning to see what has been hidden in the shadows for so long do not get caught in the dark unveilings. That in itself is another trap that keeps you stuck as a plastic Risk soldier rather than animated as the creator-being that you really are. Slow your pace a little and take time to really notice what is around you at any given moment. This is the very seed of the revolution for in the noticing comes the choice point and choices made with conscious determination rather than muscle-memory or impulse are the choices that will create the life and world that we know is possible.

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