Syria And The Continuation Of PNAC

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff Writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Overseas conflict is not something new to the citizens of the United States. Though we have not had a fight on our own soil since WWII, our country continues to go to war with the claim we need to do so to preserve our freedoms and securities. It is really in the name of the global ruling elite who control our country’s rule of law and continue to use us to destabilize the world. One region or regime at a time.

We have been presented with many reasons why attacking another country was necessary. But the truth is we have been involved in 134 countries where we have conducted military operations. Since a lot of these operations were classified, we did not know about them until much later. The need for the wars-for-control is always later to be proven based on lies, deceit, or false information gathering. The current conflict in Syria is no different as it is beginning to parallel the former narratives used to force globalism.

Beginning in 2015, the invasion of Syria by the United States had been justified by the claim that the Syrian military, under the command of their President Bashar al-Assad, used sarin gas to kill their enemies. The use of this gas was considered a war crime and the United States had to invade to stop this and to bring stability to the region. The war in Syria began in 2011, inspired by the “Arab Spring” demonstrations. The demonstrations were widely believed to have been created and used by the United States, as a tool for inspiring rebellion, in return, hoping to create regime change in the countries of the Middle East. Thus far, it has resulted in the loss of 350,000 lives that we know of.

What we now know to date, is that the United States has no evidence that Syria used sarin gas on its own citizens. The best claims we have are the stories of people that say they knew what happened rather than the hard evidence needed for a military invasion.  Yet, this is the reason we sent troops to Syria and have spent countless billions in ordnance and supplies. Just more bad foreign policy creating the problem with purposeful intent.

After three years of military action, the region has finally started to settle down. Assad seems to have established control over his country once again, and the ISIS militants have been contained or close to being weakened, if not eliminated. It would seem that now would be a good time to withdraw our troops and end our involvement in another country’s business, would it not? Sadly that is not to be the case. Last week President Trump stated that he will keep our forces in Syria, at least for the time being. This was quickly followed by, what else? Another announcement of a Syrian chemical attack! Again, are we supposed to believe that Syria would risk a war crime and possible invasion by many countries while it is on the cusp of victory?

While I am sure there are some that for ideological reasons would choose to believe this, for the rest of us we can see it for the sham that it is. But then we have to ask ourselves,”Well, why are we still there?” Good question. The answer lies in a strategy laid out almost immediately after 9/11.

This sums up a guideline called, “The Project for a New American Century” or (PNAC). It outlines a plan to disrupt several Middle Eastern countries for no other reason than to secure the natural resources of the region. Politics plays no part in this other than being the necessary “system” needed to give them authority for use of their force. While the timeline has been changed, it is rather obvious that the targets are the same. This is a plan that started during the George W. Bush presidency and the operation is still being carried out today under the Trump administration. There is a reason our foreign policy hasn’t changed regardless which party controls the majority or when the White House. Administration after administration, lie after lie, and legislation after legislation the wars continue and the Empire expands.

The cycle of the increasing never-ending wars has been something we have spoken about often at Fighting the Tyranny. The continued spending of not only the arms but the rebuilding of countries we have destroyed is what keeps our fiat monetary system going. As the system comes closer and closer to collapse we will see, yet, more wars with growing battlefields. Perhaps on multiple fronts with false narratives in order to keep the war machine beating. As long as we keep electing the two chosen puppets of either major political party we will have the same results. More war, more death, more debt. We are currently financing the chains that our children will be enslaved in. Now is the time we need to try a different strategy. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. We can’t keep approaching our foreign policy in the same insane manner that has become the norm.

There are many factors at work here, I’ll admit. It is more complex, sure, but the turn around must be the shedding of our collective cognitive dissonance in the face of the facts. If we do not have the facts, all of the facts, then we need to seek them and debate them. No more war-for-profit for the greedy fat cats and it is time we take an intellectual stand, an intellectual revolution, against all forms of tyranny. We can do this by not complying and demanding all of our voices are heard. No more “notifying Congress” we are going to perform a calculated and precise “strike”. It is time we take back our voice by standing firm in the truths while we debate wars in an educational manner against the laws of the land.

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