The Two Party’s Stranglehold on National Elections

By Michael D Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Major elections are looked at by most citizens as a question of who is running as the Democratic candidate and who is running as a Republican. This was not always the case as not too long ago third parties were a major factor in elections until they suddenly disappeared from headlines. As a youth I was fascinated by the candidacy of Ross Perot in 1992, now I admit that I did not understand much about his platform at the time, but I was amazed that there were more options than Democrat or Republican. This was a huge eye-opener for me, after all, we really only ever hear of the Democrat or Republican parties on TV, don’t we?

Sadly, since his candidacy under the Reform Party, there has not been another possible Presidential contender except those in the Republican and Democratic ( the big two) parties. It seems that the possibility of a viable third party candidate has all but vanished placing more power in the hands of the big two parties. And with this consolidation of political power, the idea that presidents are selected and not elected has never been more obvious to me.

First, I would like to start on the Republican side of things and discuss the primary election of 2012. While there were many candidates at the start of the primaries, by the end there were only three of note, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul. Eventually, Santorum would drop out leaving the race between Romney and Paul. It is true that Ron Paul drew record crowds at the time of his primary speeches, yet, somehow the massive turnout for his speeches did not result in a large voter turnout. While the popular vote made Romney the apparent winner, there was a problem. Ron Paul had suspended his campaign to win popular votes to a strategy to win the support of delegates who select the nominee.

The goal was not to win the nomination outright with these delegates but to win enough support to prevent a majority vote that would create a second round of delegate voting. At which point, all delegates that were bound to vote for the popular vote winner in their state (Mitt Romney) and would be allowed to vote for whomever they pleased. At the time, it was speculated that a lot of these bound delegates would change their vote to Ron Paul. However, the RNC chose to strip delegates supporting Ron Paul and replace them with alternates who would vote for their chosen one, Mitt Romney.

The end result was that the RNC got its way despite the objections of the attendees at the RNC National Convention. Of course, this meant that Mitt Romney won the nomination and then went on to lose the presidential election to Barrack Obama.

romney obama

Now on to 2016 and the Democratic presidential primaries. For the most part, this race was between two people. Hillary Clinton, a former Senator from New York and former Secretary of State under the Obama administration. And Bernie Sanders, a Senator from Vermont who, until running for the Presidency was listed as an Independent.

While both candidates had a strong support base, it was clear that Bernie Sanders, much like Ron Paul back in 2012, was drawing record crowds at his rallies and appeared to be a more popular candidate than his opposition. While, in a lot of cases, he did win the popular vote in many states, the Democrats had a mechanism called superdelegates to help them decide whom they wanted to win the parties nomination. The superdelegates make up 15% of the delegates that vote for the party presidency. They are not bound to vote for the winner of a popular vote. Of the 656 votes possible from superdelegates, 609 went to Hillary Clinton. Simply put, without these votes which are cast by party insiders and officials, Bernie Sanders would have won.

While no one will ever know what the result would have been if the Presidential voting would have been if it were Bernie Sanders Vs. Donald Trump. Nor, do we know what the results would have been if it were Ron Paul Vs Barack Obama in 2012. What we do know is that for the second election in a row the result of severe party interference created another candidate that went on to lose against their opponent. Almost as if it was done by design.


The sad truth is that both parties are controlled by the same power known to some as the deep state. As long as we continue to give control of our future to either of these two major parties we are going to have the same results. The deep state continues its agenda unopposed. The person who would seem to be the popular candidate will lose if they are not selected to win, and as history has shown that person will go on to lose against the person selected to be the President.

The only way to break this hold is to break the hold of the two-party system. To do this we need to remove our dependency on the electronic voting machines process. I detailed an article concerning those issues that can be found here. Once that is done people need to stop voting for Democrats or Republicans and vote for any of the other parties on the ticket. We also need to become more involved with elections, learn who you are voting for. Ignorance is the tool of the deep state, an informed populace is their biggest threat.

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