Anatomy of the Global Agenda

By Michael W. Howell
Staff Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

During my time researching globalism from many different angles, from many different ideologies, one thing was constant. In order for globalism to take root and spread from the ideology to implementation phase, it would take the destruction of the middle-class using methods such as the Cloward-Piven’s strategy, the gradual taxing system from Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, or the hidden works planned in the shadows by secret societies of the elite. The deeper I got into my research over the years the more convoluted the agenda would appear. A vast network of intelligence gathering corporations and government agencies working with the deceptive Military Industrial Complex to usher in the global narrative. All funded by the highest of the high in the pyramid of centralized power and most privy to the shaping and steering of the narratives – the international bankers.

The global agenda, or the more commonly used term globalism, as I would come to find out, would hide behind many masks that are controlled by such a small oligarchy from hidden and unreachable places. From generation to generation the divide deepens and the endgame inches closer and closer. When we look at the policies, both foreign and domestic, the endless wars that are undeclared, illegal, and unconstitutional, we see a pattern towards a global one-world rule within arm’s length of the Constitutional Republic’s sovereignty. The battles we are seeing at all levels of government today is an inward chess match of epic proportions as the methodical usurping of individual rights is the key target to achieve the United Nations’ global initiative of Agenda 21.

The heart of the ideology for the Luciferian one-world rule can be traced as far back as time itself. Good versus evil in the grandest of choices using the ultimate gift of free will. With “self” and “do thou own will” acting as the enchanting mantras to maneuver the unknowingly into the abyss of New Ageism. Using the Theosophy teachings and writings left behind by Madame Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, as well as writings from Aleister Crowley, the transition into humanism and false “enlightenment” has been as smooth as a big pharma ad during your daily program. In fact, even though their ideology goes against the Republic’s founding and laws, we have become, in many ways, subservient to a minority group being held as hostages through political correctness. I could do an entire book on that subject alone so let me stay on point.

When I was writing Anatomy of the Global Agenda, I had already come to the conclusion that this would be a three-book series as the information is not only massive in scope but can be rather overwhelming as well. To research this material over and over is one objective in itself, however, to narrow down such an important topic as globalism and present it in a manner that accurately tells the agenda was the challenge. As my notebooks of handwritten scribbles, outlines, keynotes, and quotes started to mount I knew the goal would be to focus on facts, not theories. Not to say that theories do not have their necessary role in a scientific manner such as experimentations, but in telling the global agenda I didn’t want to approach it will the typical “conspiracy theorist” uses of theories.

Though the story starts in the Garden of Eden when the serpent said to Eve to “eat of the tree of knowledge and be god-like” the attempt through time continues. That single verse in the Bible, found in Genesis 3:22, is believed to be the cornerstone of the secret society Skull and Bones’ logo. Just under the crossing of the bones in the logo, the number 322 is found and the importance of the number can be found inside the “Tomb” (name of the Skull and Bones house) as well. There is a specific room bearing the number 322 said to have been used to perform rituals.

In Anatomy of the Global Agenda, the idea was to be as concise in telling the backstory leading up to the modern-day New World Order but not to regurgitate the same talking points pertaining to globalism we have become accustomed to hearing. As the agenda would unfold the more I researched, the layers of the global conspiracy of a one-world rule would appear to be so intertwined that unraveling the ball of yawn was a daunting task. At the root of the problem, I found that the LOVE of money was the root of all evil. Where have I heard that before?

Indeed, at all levels of the Luciferian masterminded plan to enslave humanity, it is centered around money. At the very least, they use nation’s currencies and monetary systems as nothing more than a tool in their toolbox, or a play from their playbook, to advance their nefarious goal of divide and conquer.

As the book progresses it goes over the unchecked controlled that the House of Rothschilds holds on countless nations. From the late 1700s to this day this one family has been able to overthrow nations with their interest inflated fiat currency. The current Federal Reserve system we have today didn’t come into existence until the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, however, America has had two Rothschild baked central banks in the past. Both, the First Bank of the United States and the Second Bank of the United States, as they would be officially titled. The two banks were originally on a 20-year charter with neither being renewed by Congress after their expiration. After a secretive meeting on Jekyll Island in 1910, by the most elite in the banking world, the Federal Reserve act was drafted. All that would be left after the treasonous meeting was for the international bankers to have their puppet in the White House to get it through Congress. They would have their man a few years later when President Woodrow Wilson signed, later regretting, the Federal Reserve Act.

It wouldn’t take President Wilson long to discover the level of corruption and deceit that the international bankers held. Not only did the Federal Reserve Act take the authority to issue and print the nation’s currency away from Congress but it also assured that the manipulating of artificial inflation, a hidden tax, would be subject to no Congressional oversight or audit. Along with the act came the Internal Revenue Service as well as the gradual tax structure still in place. The entire act was riddled with tyranny and a deliberate thrust into the goals of shrinking the middle class.

It isn’t just the nation’s economy that the globalist elites have circumvented. With money comes great responsibility and this is the area that the world elite has no self-control over. The false flags that are needed for the agenda to spring forward uncontested are funded by the same oligarchy. Once the false flag event happens then in comes “democracy” with a Rothschild owned central bank following closely behind. The nation’s resources are pillaged like a raid of teenagers in the kitchen pantry. The destroyed infrastructure is turned over to foreign contractors, usually American corporations, to take as much profit back to the untouchable, untaxable off-shore accounts.

The false flags I covered in Anatomy of the Global Agenda are the lies in our foreign policy that either start or perpetuate the wars. The predecessor to the Vietnam War, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, is covered as well as the attacks of September the 11th. From factual statements, evidence, live witnesses and news reports, we can see the official story in many of these events are grossly exaggerated or outright lies to get us into the war-for-profit that the Military-Industrial Complex conducts.

The New World Order’s global agenda is so intertwined that the line between the Deep State and the real government of the Republic is obscured. The intelligence agency, NSA, works with Silicon Valley to fill their obtuse servers with the metadata of millions of Americans without being suspected of a crime. Here is where out of the attacks of 9/11 the shadow government, using our elected officials, was able to pass the odious Patriot Act. The act is anything but what the name suggests. It was the Patriot Act that expanded the NSA and took the TSA away from the private sector and handed the duty over to federal control. Ironically, though the attacks were the reason for the legislation it was written two years prior to the attacks. Though the Patriot Act was passed in the administration of President George W. Bush, the draconian legislation continues from administration to administration.

During President Barrack Obama’s time in the White House, we saw the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The global elite would make good use of his 8-years in the office with the continuing trend on no exit plans in the Middle East and manufacturing support for an anti-second amendment movement. The socialist ideologies of the Cloward-Piven strategy were excelled as unemployment numbers were skewed to hide the real facts of our jobs going overseas. The bailouts of corporations continued as President Obama would give the Solyndra Corporation $500 million dollar bailout only to see them file bankruptcy soon after. Our foreign policy remained the same with new was-for-profits being waged.

With this being the first volume in a three-book series I wanted to introduce some of the New World Order proponents of the past efforts through to the players today. In the chapter titled, Proponents of the New World Order, the actions of Prescott Bush’s involvement in the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime are laid out. Through the funding of Fritz Theissen and Prescott Bush, Hitler was able to fund his coming invasions.

Not to be outdone, George Soros and his many heavily funded organizations are what keeps the agenda on track. With hundreds of millions of dollars from his many billions resting on protected accounts, George Soros has been at the center of the uprising of false protest. His only objective is to get the youth and the next generation to help demoralize society. Hiding behind his wealth and his societies he has been able to achieve much of his stated goals and instill the ideology in the minds of our children.

The book is not all doom and gloom and I didn’t want to approach it from that viewpoint. When we address the New World Order from that mindset we are already defeated. The objective of the book was simply to sound my horn to warn that the sword is coming. Armed with information we can make a peaceful resistance against tyranny. It starts with seeing the facts then understanding the overall implementation of the mission.

The last chapter in the book is titled, “So, What Do We Do Now” as each of the following two volumes will have the same closing chapter. There are things that we can do to reverse the effects of collectivism. In the first volume, I talk about how the answer can be found in the philosophy of “don’t comply”. That in itself is a wide topic best left for a chapter and not a closing paragraph of an article, however, we the people do have the upper hand and the answers are simple.

Volume Two of the Anatomy series will delve deeper into the agenda. With the intent of the Luciferians from the shadows being the destruction of creation, Volume Two opens with Creation Vs. Evolution. Cern, Theosophy, the Vatican, and the hot subject of the Israel-Palestinian conflict is discussed. I am looking forward to presenting my case against globalism and the New World Order in the Anatomy of the Global Agenda series.

Look forward to seeing many of you on the road at my upcoming speeches and lectures. Thanks for the feedback to date that you have given me about the book and love hearing about your experiences. Please visit Amazon and pick up a copy for yourself and one for a family member or friend.

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