False Flags and the Florida High School Shooting, Part 2

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Roughly a month ago, I wrote an article regarding my first impression about the Parkland High School shootings. That article can be found here on the Fighting the Tyranny website. Since that time, I have found more and more information that makes me believe that there is much, in fact, much more to this story than we are being told. It is still my belief that while the victims in this shooting were very real,  the official story about this being the work of a single troubled 19-year-old is absolute rubbish.

As I mentioned in the first article, I was wary of the alarming number of odd coincidences that have occurred with this shooting. The first oddity in this article I would like to point out is the “coincidence” that occurred leading up to this shooting and, had it happened differently, it would have at least prevented Nikolas Cruz from participating in this tragedy. Scot Peterson (yes, the same man who was the first responder at the scene of the shooting) conducted an investigation regarding Cruz in 2016, yet he refused to share the information from his investigation with state authorities, who also conducted a later investigation that was used to determine if Cruz was a threat to himself or to others. The result of this investigation could easily have been enough to commit Cruz, but thanks in part to Peterson’s refusal, this did not happen.

The next “coincidence” was that first responder Scot Peterson told fellow officers to “not enter the building but to stay 500 feet away.” During the shootings, a total of 4 officers stood outside the building, presumably under the advice of Peterson. All of this is in contradiction to what officers are trained to do, which is to engage the shooter and neutralize the threat. At least, according to Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel.

broward county

Yet another “coincidence” occurred when more officers arrived at the scene and tried, using the school’s security cameras, to determine where the shooter was. However, the cameras were rewound at least 20 minutes, and no one informed the officers of this. Twenty minutes would be plenty of time for Nikolas Cruz to escape the scene. If there was anyone else involved, they could have easily departed in this timeframe. The official explanation was that there was a “communications error”, and that was why the arriving officers were not informed. There is no information on who was responsible for rewinding the cameras that were supposed to only play in real time.

Another odd “coincidence” is this interview with Parkland teacher Stacy Lippel, in which she claims she had seen a shooter in full tactical gear looking much like a police officer. This contradicts with the reports of what the alleged solo shooter Nikolas Cruz was wearing said to be a maroon polo shirt and wearing school colors. After he was identified shots began within seconds. Cruz certainly did not have time to change into full tactical gear. So who was this person firing at students in a hall?

There are quite a few oddities also involved with this that do not quite rise to the level of “coincidence”, yet also deserve to be mentioned. The first of which is the fact that police officers were told not to enter the building unless they were wearing body cameras. This makes no sense, especially as how those officers were never equipped with body cameras. Also, there were reports of a victim on the football field. This led some officers to believe that the shooter was outside. Since we know Nikolas Cruz started shooting inside the building and left with the students leaving the building, we can only wonder how this person was shot. Was it possibly another shooter leaving the scene and eliminating a witness? I doubt we will get an answer. Add to this that there are also reports of the police radio transmissions that were lost or somehow deleted, and you begin to see that there is way more to this story than what you will hear tuning into the mainstream networks.

The last oddity I would like to cover is the emergence of David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez as the voice of the gun control crowd. While I do understand that the ordeal they went through would well influence them to be anti-gun, it is rather unusual that the mainstream media would saturate the news with their faces within hours of the shooting. Normally leaders take days or even weeks to develop. But these two seem to have been picked right from the start. The grooming of both of these children is quite obvious. There are multiple videos on the internet which clearly showed David Hogg was reading prepared lines from a script. The media backlash to remove these videos has been rather telling as well. The odds that two people who would be featured by major networks from the very beginning of the shootings, and then become the leaders of a sudden national movement are very long indeed. I feel that it is much more likely that this was also planned out ahead of time so the media and the powers that control them would not have to waste time taking advantage of this tragedy to promote the agenda of gun control.


The support and organization that has gone into making the Parkland students into national anti-gun figureheads are also rather staggering. The massive resources that were placed at their disposal seemingly happened overnight. Money, buses, and planes were at their disposal in a short period of time, and the speed in which these kids were appearing at rallies, town halls, and in protests is beyond what anyone could possibly expect from a movement that we are supposed to believe was created by a bunch of teenagers. The cost of all of those was high, and it takes time to get money like that together. Also, the logistics are not something that could happen in just a few days. While there is no way to prove some of this was assembled in advance, the speed at which everything was in place leads me to think that this was the case.

In my opinion, there are too many things needed to happen to make this shooting happen. The FBI ignoring direct threats, an officer refusing to share information that would have put the kid away, the very same officer along with other officers not entering the school, videotape somehow being rewound so people can escape. Multiple people identifying someone other than Nikolas Cruz as the shooter. All of this points to more than just random “coincidence”. Two or three issues might lead one to believe it was mere chance, but there are at least six major “coincidences” that happened for this event; that is not just random by any chance…that is planning. A planned operation to use a disturbed kid as a screen to carry out a horrible killing to continue the push for gun control. I think there was a second shooter at that school. I think there was a plan for Cruz to show up and to kill some students, but a professional was there to make sure the body count was high, as that would be sure to horrify the average citizen, and to scare them enough to be willing to compromise on the 2nd amendment. Just look at the bills proposed by Congress at the state and federal level right now.


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