The Shadow Government’s Deep State

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny
February 2018

We are now well over a year after the election of President Donald Trump over the heavily favored and seasoned career politician, Hillary Clinton. The election was seen as middle America rising against the Deep State controlled Republic in the effort to “Make America Great Again.” The economy was in the tank from the previous administration, and unemployment, when real numbers were used, showed little signs of growth from the middle-class. The American people were fed up and looking for answers. What have we really gotten in reality? Same company with a new CEO.

For decades the nefarious infiltration into our political system by the shadow government has been seeping into our collective conscience. For far too long, we have had the mentality that following politics wasn’t “cool” or “necessary.” The policies, politicians, corruption, extortion through a gradual tax system, undeclared wars without Congressional approval, and the outright usurping of the Constitution can be traced back to the “I just do not have time to follow politics” herd way of thinking. In actuality, you can’t afford to not follow politics. We are now starting to see a rise in awareness since the election of Donald Trump. Not that I believe he is any different from the previous CEOs America has had, but the overall knowledge of the Deep State is becoming widely known.

Terms like the Deep State and shadow government have been around for decades, and often times are considered one and the same. However, it is the shadow government that controls and runs the intertwined Deep State. Before we get into the specifics of the two that work together to bring in globalism, let’s defined what the two are and how they operate under the umbrella of globalism.

When it comes to defining the shadow government, the names are numerous, but the ideology is streamlined. Whether we call them the New World Order, globalist, elite, Illuminati, or any of the names they operate under, it is the same small oligarchy, with the equal endgame in mind. Total control of the world resources and a small enough population to manage the serfs in the direction of globalism. The ultimate endgame or conclusion the elite are seeking can be summed up in the Agenda 21 initiative with the United Nations playing the critical role.

The Deep State can be thought of as a tool in the shadow government’s toolbox to achieve these goals leading to the endgame of Agenda 21. The Deep State is much broader in scope that consists of many entities. From Wall Street to Silicon Valley to the boardrooms that make up the Military-Industrial Complex, the shadow government operates using the Deep State as their lobbyist, policy writers, enforcers, collectors, and bureaucrats. It is from the shadow government’s ideas down through the narrow and controlled Deep State that the narrative is directed like a Hollywood production. With the “voting elect” acting as the enthralled audience at the latest blockbuster movie.

Intelligence agencies such as the National Security Agency work with their secret society groomed friends in Silicon Valley to gather our information. Through Congressional Hearings involving National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, where the truths of the agencies were revealed.  I highlighted his testimony in my book titled Anatomy of the Global Agenda. In his statement, when asked, “if the NSA collects any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans,” he can be seen clearly not wanting to answer truthfully.

“Not willingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not willingly”, James Clapper responded.

The NSA has long been the bullseye in the target as their power and authority seem to be, at best, mismanaged. Often times, the agency’s failure to provide guarantees that innocent American’s information is secure and safe with the agency’s policies and practices has led to the discourse between the agency and the people. In fact, the NSA has shown many times over to blatantly violate the 4th amendment of the people’s Constitution.

Saying the word Constitution to the shadow controlled Deep State means little today. The militarized police state is a prime example of the global narrative being enforced. The noose around individual freedom is tightening using our fear as the controlling mechanism. The way our streets are patrolled today and the laws being grossly enforced are those meant to generate revenue and help self-fun or boaster the growing police state’s resources. To even question the actions of law enforcement, though the actions, policies, and legislation are unconstitutional, is to seem as un-American in itself. This is the generational mind steering the elite have had in the public blindness and trust of authority figures in society. It is the questioning of unconstitutional actions and legislation of society’s authority figures that built the Republic, and it is that same resolve that will preserve the Republic.

The National Security Agency had long had concerns about their potential abuse of a new and growing form of intelligence gathering. Much like President Eisenhower’s warning of the newly formed Military Industrial Complex, the National Security Agency would have some speak out their concerns as well.

“I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency [the National Security Agency] and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision, so that we never cross over that abyss. That is the abyss from which there is no return.

– Senator Frank Church, 1975

With any new technology, the line between government mismanagement and freedoms are always a risk. Add to it the enticing allure of mass profits and a manufactured fear of a constant “outside threat” and in comes the Deep State’s Military-Industrial Complex. It is here with the Military-Industrial Complex that the needless and unconstitutional wars are planned as a way to sell weapons, not preserve liberty.

The shadow government has the Deep State so intermingled into the system that it is becoming an impossible task to determine the difference in national security and Wall Street gains. Before the creation of the Military-Industrial Complex, we, the people, created weapons for national defense. Now, the people have been removed, and corporations masquerading as weapon contractors are taking the lead in manufactured wars. The Deep State creates the wars that are needed for the large weapons sales to continue to amass a Return On Investment, thanks to the highest bidding nation.

“Millions of citizens are deeply disturbed that the military-industrial complex too often shapes national policy, but they do not want to be considered unpatriotic.”

– Martin Luther King Jr., “Strength to Love”, 1963

When it comes to quotes pertaining to the Military-Industrial Complex, the one above spoken by Martin Luther King Jr still stands today. His words, as well as President Eisenhower’s warnings, sound like familiar speak to those knowing the full ramifications of the Industry’s monopoly on death.  What really drives the point home for me is the last part of the quote. Today’s voting populace doesn’t understand, nor do they even realize they don’t understand the vast difference between national defense and the Military-Industrial Complex. To even question the gross overreach of power from the arms dealing industry is, just as Martin Luther King Jr. noticed in his time, unpatriotic.

The Deep State’s most successful achievement is how the oligarchy has been able to control the ideas of patriotism. Clearly, if the founding fathers were alive today, they would not tolerate the actions of the Deep State, so why are we? Better yet, why do we seem unpatriotic when standing against tyranny when the Republic was founded on that very concept? It has been a deception orchestrated around blind trust that a small group of ideologists – acting in disguise of an elected government – is the collective answer to society’s many problems. In the words of former President Reagan, “… government is not the answer, the government is the problem.”

“We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day”
– John J. Kennedy

In a speech from President Kennedy that has been unofficially dubbed the “secret societies” speech,  he is talking about the entirety of the Deep State’s influence and predictable coming reign of misplaced powers. To some researchers, this open calling out of the powerful Deep State is what ultimately led up to the assassination of President Kennedy.

Coming off the unfortunate embarrassment of the CIA led Bay of Pigs operation, Kennedy would feel the pressure from the shadow government’s inside operative, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, to incite America’s involvement in the Vietnam conflict. Using Kennedy’s own words from his quote, “guerrillas by night instead of armies by day,” he felt Vietnam wasn’t America’s problem or our risk to take. If not Communist Cuba, then why Communist Vietnam so far away? Cuba was a more volatile situation with the former Soviet Union using the threat of nuclear war to acquire a military base in Cuba. So, why Vietnam?

President Kennedy would combat the Deep State on issues such as the monetary system, secret societies, misuse of power from military sources and leaders, and even calling the controlled media out while at the same time being earnest in wanting a transparent and open press. Some see comparisons with his fight with the Deep State and that of President Trump. The two’s fight is opposite ends of the spectrum, but both situations have brought the awareness of the Deep State to the generations of the time. What will we take away from this bout with the Deep State? More surrendering through blind patriotism or the preserving of the Republic through natural rights and laws? Benjamin Franklin was supposedly asked when leaving the Constitutional Convention what form of government “he has given us.” To which it is said, he replied, “A Republic if you can keep it.”

There are records of equal qualifications – in my honest assessment – to believe he did, and also, did not say this. However, it would go perfectly with the mindset of the framers at the time. Whether Mr. Franklin’s response was said or not is irrelevant as the meaning does ring true. We were founded as the Constitutional Republic with a Democratic election process. The question we should be focused on is not if the response is true, but instead, were we able to keep the Republic? From the policies coming out of Washington and the corporation’s control of our resources, including our men and women in uniform, it would appear we have a fight on our hands in preserving the Republic. The time for unity isn’t coming in some distant future but starring us in the face now. The division between the people on partisan issues is the life force for the globalist. The more fear they can conjure in the boardrooms of their towers or from the sleazy halls of their secret societies, the more it perpetuates our enslavement to the global agenda.

My book, The United Deep State of America: A Shadow Government’s Republic, will go into more detail in the overall plan and usage that the shadow government has for the Deep State. Indeed, we are being attacked by an oligarchy, and more than any other time in the Republic’s short history is our freedoms and way of life under attack. The threat isn’t coming from men in caves, or armies hiding in the jungles of the world. The danger is coming from two-week retreats from resorts like the Bohemian Grove. An oasis of debauchery for world leaders and men of prestige among the elite. The threat is from the cigar filled meeting of the Bilderberg Group as they dodge the camera’s peeping eye as they enter the hotel gates. The danger comes from speeches made at luncheons on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations from well-polished politicians. The threat comes from Silicon Valley as information becomes the new weapon of the future, but not before the Military-Industrial Complex empties their overcrowded inventory.

“Hope and Change” is fun to chant, but it will not “Make America Great Again.” It is time to reserve the downward pattern of expanding government and restoring the Republic back to the ideals of “all men are created equal” with the same natural rights afforded to all. It doesn’t have to be a shadow government’s Republic. It remains in our hands, united as one against the tyranny, to defeat the globalist agenda.

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