The Dangerous Influence the Media has on Shaping the Opinion of American Citizens

By Michael D Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

You see them everywhere CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, CBS. The news is big business and that business is to get you, the citizen, to tune in and listen to the narrative that they want to be heard. You cannot walk into a bar, barber shop or even an ordinary store without at least one TV tuned to one of the major media outlets. We live in an age where the newspaper is dying and the most common way for a citizen to stay informed is by either TV or the internet.

In case you are are not aware 6 corporations own 90% of America’s media, that means that almost all of what you watch is constructed by a small group, whom in my opinion work together to help shape your opinions. Who are these 6 corporations? Comcast, Disney (you know the people that shape your kid’s ideas, right?), News-Corp, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

You might ask yourself, “Well what can they do to influence people’s ideas?” The answer to this is very simple. With so few media outlets it is easy to get people to think ideology is either far right or far left. The goal is to keep people on both sides thinking that anyone who does not agree with them, must be a far (right, left) nutjob who has no clue. As this video demonstrates the polarization will happen even when people on both sides of the political spectrum do the exact same thing,

Another easy way to see the left/right bias of mainstream media and their ability to take the same problem and take opposite sides depending on who is in office is to compare their outrage of the sex scandals of Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump. Fox news was, of course, calling for the impeachment of the then current President Clinton, while they currently downplay or outright ignore the scandal of President Trump and his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. Conversely, CNN and MSNBC mostly ignored or downplayed the Clinton sex scandal yet are calling it a major cover-up and possible grounds for impeachment for Trump’s sex scandal.

Regardless of the news source. The goal is to keep you hating anyone who disagrees with you. This is by design, a commonality between people does not increase ratings, in other words, hate sells. Hate helps divide. The greater the visceral reaction any media outlet can get from you makes for better ratings as you tune in to keep being more and more disgusted. As an added bonus if it keeps most people from finding common ground then that is all the better.

A possible compromise to the left/right divide has been the Libertarian Party, it was originally supposed to be a limited government party which then turned into as some members called it a party that is socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Yet even this has been separated in recent years by stories elevating groups like the Libertarian Socialist Caucus or the Libertarians for Donald Trump. These are groups who were disenfranchised by the Republican/Democratic party but were exploited by the media into separating an even moderate party into far left/right lines. If anything, media groups only mention the Libertarian Party when the story revolves around infighting or a member making an awkward comment.

The reason the media does all this can be traced to Operation Mockingbird. A CIA effort to inject their chosen agents into the media newsrooms in order to shape what you the public think and feel about the day’s events. A more in-depth summation regarding Operation Mockingbird was written by Michael Howell which can be found here. I always find this video compiled by comedian Conan O’Brian to be a funny yet sad example of media cooperation.

It really does not matter the subject, in a lot of cases, the major media conglomerates try to form a conformity of opinion regardless of the topic. You can see this in the coverage of what are considered to be fringe topics, vaccines, 9/11, the New World Order, chemtrails, etc. In all of these subjects, all the major news agencies agree and any one person or group that disagrees with them must be crazy and be subject to ridicule. Their interpretation of the truth is to never be questioned. Regardless of any and all evidence to the contrary. Despite their desire to divide citizens into political topics, they always seem to conform when it comes to subjects that are considered to be on the fringe. Nothing can be permitted to make you question the left/right divide.

There was a time, long ago, when we as Americans felt we could trust the people who broadcast the news to present us with an honest accounting of the events of our time. Those days are long behind us. The mandates of ratings and government enforced coercion via the CIA have destroyed this trust. And now the duty falls to ourselves to discern fact from fiction. The only way to do this is to not be afraid to ask questions. The only way to counter the mainstream mass consumed media is for the rise of the citizen-journalist to emerge. We cannot trust what the corporate controlled media tells us to believe, we must take a greater role in our education about current events and not only be able to educate ourselves but try and have the intelligence and responsibility to help educate others.

citizen journalist

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