The Electronic Voting Machine Fraud

By Michael D. Jacobsen
Staff writer at Fighting the Tyranny

Voting has been a part of many civilizations in history.  As time marches on, the technology to record these votes continue to progress. From its simplistic beginnings such as dropping a colored chit into a clay pot, the process changed to paper ballots being deposited into boxes, which in turn paved the way for the electronic voting machines that we use today.

Fair and honest elections are the right of every American citizen. It is the backbone of the Constitutional Republic that ensures a check and balance system through the voice of the American people. This is, after all, the mechanism we are supposed to operate under to keep our country the land of the free and the home of the brave, right? Yet there are major reasons to doubt the outcome of almost any election held in this country.

First, we should look at the main reason why electronic voting machines were pushed on the American public in the first place. In the year 2000, we had a very close election for President between Al Gore(D) and George W. Bush(R). While Gore won the popular vote he lost the electoral vote 271-267, however, that could have changed by a challenge to the ballots in Florida. In Palm Beach County the issue arose that voters claimed they were confused by the ballot and mistakenly voted for Patrick Buchanan of the Reform Party. It was further claimed that 29,000 ballots (approx 4% of the votes in Palm Beach County) had to be thrown out because they included votes for more than one Presidential candidate or had no names punched. In the end, the issue was not solved by a recount, but instead by 5-4 vote of the Supreme Court which ended the recount and established George W. Bush as the new President.

supreme court building

As a result of the recount and the confusion reported by the voters the Help America Vote Act of 2002 or HAVA was enacted. It helped pave the way for a more standardized voting process for citizens. The standard was set and the electronic voting machines made their appearance in many voting stations across the country.

Since they were introduced the new machines have been shown to be easily hacked into by many hackers. That means that of the 40 million votes cast by electronic machines, none can really be trusted. While some of these machines do have paper copy backups, those would only be looked at if a recount is issued. In fact, in the 2004 Ohio Presidential Election there were many discrepancies found. A “glitch” added 3900 votes for George Bush, in a district where only 800 people voted, in Montgomery County two precincts reported an undervote of 6000 people, an undervote is when people vote but make no selection for President, the 6000 votes equaled a 25 percent undervote rate, across the rest of the state it was 2 percent. it is also worth noting that Democratic precincts had 75 percent more undervotes than Republican ones.

There are also issues reported when the machines were said to be working correctly.  In the 2016 voting, there were reports of people electing to vote for their party ticket, only for it to change the votes to the other party. In some cases, this was done on an individual vote, where a voter would select one candidate only for the machine to register it as a vote for the other candidate. The official explanations are that the machines were not calibrated correctly to people just being so incompetent that they could not even figure out how to place their vote.

confused voter


After the problems with voting in 2016, some states have begun to do the right thing by returning to paper ballots. States like Virginia and Georgia have begun the process of returning to a more trackable way of voting. However, it still will leave about 20 percent of the country with voting machines that do not even have paper backups.

While I am sure not every vote is tampered with, the lack of paper proof of a vote and the complete inability to be sure if your electronic vote will be counted correctly is cause for alarm. If every state has the risk of having elections swung by 10 percent to either the left or right then we the people must stand up and demand a more accurate and secure method of voting. A fair election is our right, and as a computer hacker Clinton Eugene Curtis boldly stated under oath there would be no way for a county or election officials to ever see the votes have been tampered with. Not only are new ways of tampering with voting machines being created, but there is little being done to secure these voting machines from new ways of hacking.


In an age where the globalists are doing all they can to make sure the people they want in office are elected we need to be more vigilant in our voting process. The votes do not matter if the people collecting the votes can change them at their whim. Paper countable ballots need to be the standard for every state. This is a small step to fighting back against the globalists. And a small step towards regaining the freedom we as Americans are supposed to have.

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