Terrorism, The Federal Reserve, And The Global Agenda

Fighting The Tyranny

Coming off the heels of the Paris attacks that left over 130 people dead and many more injured the questions are swirling around many pockets in society. From mainstream media to your average everyday person, so much has been said, analysed, and proposed, but who has really offered a real solution? Even as I write this article two stadiums in Germany have been evacuated because of bomb threats. We are at a pivotal time that will define our history, way of life, and the policies and quality of life our children and grand children will have. We have never been in such a pressure cooker time as this. 

When it comes to how we got in this situation the questions are numerous and the frustration levels rise. Believe it or not, this is not a new development and it is not a theory. We have had the answers all…

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