“Taxation is Theft” Meme Goes Viral

Written by: Michael W. HowellSenior writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny
April 15, 2015

Unless you have been living under a rock or just not paying attention to social media, you may have missed the latest meme that is going viral. The taxation is theft meme campaign sweeping the internet faster than the U.S. military through an oil-rich country. And many are taking notice. I have seen much dialogue in the comment sections of these memes. Some of them are just as hilarious as the meaning is accurate.

Maybe it comes about because it is tax season, or perhaps it just came about because so many are now becoming aware of the rigged game and are tired of playing it. We are seeing, more so now than ever, taxation without representation. Our founding fathers fought and established this Republic based on a lot less tyranny than we see today, but the masses seem rather comfortable instead of rebellious.

Let’s get all the popular arguments out of the way. We will start with the most recited justification by statist to pay taxes, and that is the “roads” argument. Roads can easily be covered with a consumption tax, which would enter the individual into a voluntary transaction and would only be taxed on the products they purchase. All infrastructure can be financed this way. Besides, the government has never built one road, ever.

With 100% of all taxes collected now going to pay on the interest of the debt, not the principal, we really are at a time of taxation without representation. All taxes collected off the backs of the working class are then transferred to the globalist, off-shore bankers, and their affiliates. No, we are not paying down the debt or reducing it in number. In actuality, we have raised not only the nation’s debt but the debt ceiling, placing the debt at an ever-increasing amount.


There is tons of information out there in regards to the legitimacy of taxes, but I highly recommend the documentary by the late Aaron Russo titled, “Freedom to Fascism.” It highlights the corruption of the I.R.S. and raises many questions as to what qualifies for “taxable income.”

Whoever, or however, the taxation is theft started, I hope it sticks around. This is a matter that we need the information shared, and the meme idea is a great way to spread the knowledge. We need to take this moment to talk about the year that completely sold this country to global bankers – 1913.

Best described in G. Edward Griffin’s book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island,” is the founding of the Federal Reserve Act cementing the Federal Reserve’s power over our economy, military, and policies. This was a transfer of the ability to print and issue America’s currency from Congress to private bankers. Too often, I see people think that the Federal Reserve is part of the Government when, in truth, they are a board of private bankers that are not accountable to Congress or even open to an audit. This was the game changer the globalist needed to keep wars perpetuated and their agenda moving forward.

“What we really need to do is repeal 1913. That way we could get rid of the income tax and the Federal Reserve at the same time.” – Ron Paul


This new round of Taxation is Theft memes isn’t the first attempt to bring awareness to the problem of out of control taxes and I.R.S. corruption. Ron Paul spent two presidential campaigns talking about the Federal Reserve and the unlimited power they have globally. From Dr. Paul’s effort rose many movements that focused on the monetary problems and the dangers of Congress not being in control of issuing the currency.

“Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” – Mayer Amschel Bayer Rothschild

So to everyone out there keep making those memes and bringing awareness to the corruption and the tax system. Bankers should not get rich off the back of the working class and should be held accountable for extortion. We are passed the taxation without representation that founded this nation. What are we willing to do to preserve the Republic from global, greedy, offshore bankers? Indeed, taxation is theft. It is mob rule extortion.


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