It’s No Longer Bad Politics, Now It’s just Dangerous And Incompetent

Fighting The Tyranny

I can never recall a time in American history when we were so divided. The lack of leadership is devastating and crushing to the American spirit. We are literally on the cusp of loosing our way of life with no return in sight. With the policies that this administration has put in place, and the policies waiting in the wings, we are in dismal times of a dismantling of the Republic. We all can feel it. We all can see it, except our Commander-in-Chief. The one person we elected to see it and act appropriately. No leadership from the White House is starting to take its toll on the American people and the natives are restless.

Since having made the claim that “Isis is contained” and “we are winning the war against them”, we have seen their tentacles reach not only in Paris, but on our own…

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