All Eyes On The Donald In Tonight’s Debate

Just hours away from the last Republican debate for the year and this one should be entertaining and telling to say the least. This will be the first debate for Donald Trump after making his remarks about banning all Muslims from entering the country and I look for him to take a heat wave of questions from the panel. 

This won’t be the first time for Donald to defend his words regarding his closed borders policy, but this will be the first time in a debate format where his opponents will have the chance to face him and offer their rebuttal in real time. So far the armor of Trump has withstood the attack from the left, the media, and even his own party. The majority of Americans seem to be able to relate to him and what he is saying. Tonight will be another chance for the attacks to make a dent in his campaign. 

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is enjoying a spike in the polls and even taking the lead in Iowa caucus, but still falling short in the national polls. Will he use this time to capitalized on the momentum or will Donald Trump make the most of his time to squash the current surge of the Cruz campaign? That is something that the Trump campaign has been very effective at doing thus far.

While the polls are not a scientific proven method to accurately gauge who will win the nomination, it is a method to gauge the American’s concerns and beliefs. Clearly the majority is relating to Donald and what he is saying. The there is more to the polls than just his current lead. Take his poll numbers in a head to head with the Democratic front runner, Hillary Clinton. In a national, hypothetical poll, Trump is a ten point under dog against Clinton polling at 55% to 45%, respectfully. 

Dr. Ben Carson will need a strong showing in tonight’s debate as well as he has dropped to third overall after enjoying a short run in second place in the Republican field. His campaign seems to be dwindling and struggling to pick up new voters. Will he be able to overcome the stigma that he is to soft spoken in these rough times?

Jeb Bush, whose campaign has spent more in commercials than nearly the rest of the field combined, will have to present his visions and policies boldly tonight. Having the most influential family in politics in the last few decades, he has not been able to use that to his advantage. Perhaps that is his downfall as the voting public is weary about another Bush in the White House. He can not rely on his strong ties to donors as the answer to climbing the polls. He must try to connect to the voters on a more personal level. His strategies just doesn’t seem to be equating to votes so far.

There are many things that are at stake tonight and the G.O.P. is under the microscope on many issues. More specifically, their front runner, Donald Trump is under the microscope. Not playing politics and throwing political correctness out the window, Trump is making the voters pay attention to issues like we haven’t seen in prior times. He is making headway with the American people, but driving a wedge between the Republican party. Who will win? Politics as usual or the voice of the people?

Grab your popcorn, put the kids to sleep, and watch the fireworks, or spectacle play out tonight. Surely all eyes will be on Donald Trump as he defends his past statements and lays out his agenda for the American people.

Written by: Michael Howell

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