It’s No Longer Bad Politics, Now It’s just Dangerous And Incompetent

I can never recall a time in American history when we were so divided. The lack of leadership is devastating and crushing to the American spirit. We are literally on the cusp of loosing our way of life with no return in sight. With the policies that this administration has put in place, and the policies waiting in the wings, we are in dismal times of a dismantling of the Republic. We all can feel it. We all can see it, except our Commander-in-Chief. The one person we elected to see it and act appropriately. No leadership from the White House is starting to take its toll on the American people and the natives are restless.

Since having made the claim that “Isis is contained” and “we are winning the war against them”, we have seen their tentacles reach not only in Paris, but on our own soil in the form of mass shootings in San Bernardino, California. Clearly, they are not contained, only growing, yet, this President refuses to see this. His ego matches, if not, exceeds his incompetence. Maybe one is leading to the other. Regardless, we can not continue down this road with this failed leadership.

It is natural that people have differences of opinions when it comes to politics. However, this is not politics as usual. This is failed leadership through incompetence and just flat out neglect. President Obama denies the severity of this war and it has the American people in a frenzy and the Republic in a tailspin. We are seeing America continue to look bad in the eyes of our allies and make a mockery of on the global scale. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing more to combat Isis than the once military superpower America.

Obama is not a complete liar, however. During his campaign in 2008 he made a statement that I can’t get out of my head. “We are days away from radically transforming America.” Mr. President, that is the one true statement you have made that we are seeing played out in front of us to this day. You have radically transformed this country and you are quickly waking the angry bear – the American people. 

The approval numbers of the government overall is dismal to say the least. The confidence of the American people in their “leaders” is laughable. At no time in my lifetime, or in history, can I remember or recall a time when the everyday energy was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Social media is buzzing, the political talks shows are stammering to come up with answers and our President is in cruise control mode. And we are fed up with the lack of attention we are getting from Washington.

Shortly after the San Bernardino attacks the President had the perfect time to address the Nation and reassure the American people that he was taking steps to eliminate the escalating threats Isis poses to our Republic. Standing behind a podium in the oval office, with a poorly written speech, he chose to scold the American people on guns and used his time to blame the guns, not the radicals. Typical rhetoric and another proven moment for us to point out his incompetence and his mentality in dealing with terrorism. Let’s just face it. He is clueless and has no strategy in defeating Isis or any threat for that matter. After all, how could he? He thinks guns are the problem, not the radicals. Failure on all fronts.

A house divided can not set a strong foundation and right now we are seeing this more than ever. Our house is divided and the structure is showing signs of crumbling. Our core beliefs are being usurped and replaced with foreign ideology unknown to our Republic. We are at a crossroads unlike any time before. With the fork in the road starring us right in the face, our leaders do not even have a map in their hands. Lost, confused, irritated, and morally defeated the moral is stagnant at best. A moment when real leaders rise, ours remain in their seats chewing bubble gum.

So what is the strategy? There is none. It pains me to say that but with partisan politics, political correctness, and am irresponsible agenda to pass gun control laws, the evidence is beyond conclusive. The President is spending more time on climate change than he is on taking ownership and responsibility of the safety of the Republic. A responsibility he campaigned for twice and won. This was included in the job description and he is passing the buck or just ignoring it completely. 

It was bad foreign policy that got us into this problem and now the lack of policy and military strength is what will keep us in this rut. Mr. President admit you have no clue, listen to your Generals and Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then get out of the way and let them do their job. We do not need a micro manager just someone who won’t tie the hands of our military. Please suspend you world tour of apologizing for America’s actions and get the job done. Forget worrying about your legacy, it is already diminished and written. 

Mr. President listen to the voice of the American people. We are screaming at this point and you have cotton balls in your ears. In an election cycle we are now looking at non politicians to accept the highest office in the land – the Presidency. Washington, more so, you are failing us and we are all getting antsy. Time is running out and you continue to smirk at the concerns we are addressing. Time for you to secure our borders, reevaluate our immigration policy, put your agenda of gun control on the burner, and focus on the job you campaigned for, twice, and accepted. That is providing the safety of the Republic. We are not scared, as you stated, of women and children coming into this country. We are not bigots as you like to point out. We are not heartless Americans that refuse to help others. And we are not naive. We are, however, angry. We are mad. We are getting tired. Why? Because of the lack of concern, leadership, and focus you are putting on these matters. Mr. President now is not the time to play your fiddle. Now is the time for you to roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you can’t do this, then now is the time you step down for someone who can. We can’t afford your last year in office to be as neglecting as your past seven has been. This sir, is not Bush’s fault. It’s not climate changes fault. This is not the guns fault. This, sir, is your fault.


Written by: Michael Howell


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8 thoughts on “It’s No Longer Bad Politics, Now It’s just Dangerous And Incompetent

  1. Brilliant piece. I think it is very concerning when you have a us president, who has no belief in American values, and devoid of any sense of American patriotism at all. It is unbelievable. His weakness, towards Russia, China, Iran, the Islamic state, and on radical Islam in general has been unsighted. I am far from a fan of George w bush. But the world is falling apart, and it’s safe to say that President Obama is the worst president in America’s history.

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