Here We Go Again. Gun Control Talk Resumes.

Another mass shooting and another attempt to demonize the gun and not the shooter. When these things happen logic and reason seems to be the last thing that is used in the Liberal rebuttal. Somehow, irresponsibly and illogically, they believe, through laws, they can rid the streets of firearms and, therefor, reducing gun violence. This couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Actually, when that word “logic” is applied it does the opposite. It creates criminals through many means. It grows the firearms black market and responsible gun owners will be deemed criminals overnight, without committing a single crime other than owning a firearm. Or exercising a natural right in self defense and property protection.

Let’s look at one way the left has tried to combat this through legislation and laws. Take for instance the gun free zones implemented throughout the country. Gun free zones makes it a law to not have on your person a firearm. Yet, these acts happen in  gun free zones. That is a blatant disregard for the law proving that criminals do not obey laws. Instead it makes personal targets out of law abiding citizens. If enacting a law would do away with gun violence then gun free zones should be the ideal place to prove the point. It indeed shows the opposite.

Was Sandy Hook not a gun free zone? How about the Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting? The most recent mass shooting in San Bernardino, California was a gun free zone as well. I could go on and on about mass shootings that have occurred in gun free zones. Actually if we were honest in this situation, we would all agree that they have become the preferred choice of those hell bent on causing the most casualties through mass shootings. Why is that? It’s simple really. There is no resistance to the shooter through means of self protection, in return, creating a perfect scenario for the shooter to go rampant, unimpeded.

Laws can not be the simple answer to ending this growing problem. Take the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal building. Wasn’t bombs against the law in Oklahoma? Of course they were, but it didn’t stop the criminal mind of his decision to create a huge amount of innocent death. Boston marathon is another example of laws not working. In Boston, like the rest of the country, bombs are illegal, but were used. Laws simply do not work for criminals only law abiding citizens. The Uni-bomber being a classic case as well for ignoring laws for those set on carrying out criminal acts.

Circling back to firearms we need to address this all out assault against our second amendment. The consequences are to high in ignoring this fight. Like George Washington stated, “The second amendment is the Liberty’s teeth.” It covers so much more than protection of one self and property, but against those that wish to overthrow the Republic.

This latest shooting in California only reiterates and confirms how the criminal mind will have zero disregard for gun laws, or any laws for that matter. California has one of the most strictest gun control laws in the nation, (as well as Chicago which I will talk about later) yet several laws were ignored by the terrorist. It happened in a gun free zone with a high capacity magazine, and they had pipe bombs as well. Clear disregard for the left’s approach to combating gun violence. 

We can all wear peace signs, ask the universe to shower us with utopian bliss, and even sing Kumbaya together, but that will not solve this problem. Neither will a magazine capacity law, a gun free zone sign, or an assault weapons ban. Only confronting this through rational and effective means can we see an end to gun violence. We are always going to have violence. That’s not a popular stance, however, it is a realistic fact. The main thing is we do not create unnecessary victims at the expense of ideology from others. 

We hear rhetoric about gun show purchases being an issue in acquiring firearms, but we do not see the firearms being used in these shootings having been purchased at gun shows. Matter of fact, many have been purchased legally as in the California case. Straw purchases, or a personal sale between two individuals also have been used to make the argument in reducing gun violence, but once again, we do not see the facts back that up. Statics show that gun show owners are your most knowledgeable, trained, and respected gun owners. Guess that’s why a mass shooting has never happened at a gun show. Well, that and the fact that a criminal knows he will not get very far in his plan. Why? Because a good guy with a gun(s) will stop him. Also why we don’t see shootings happen at rifle ranges as well. So we can clearly see guns are not the problem, but people who want to cause mass harm is.

Now to Chicago which is Liberal heaven and we can see the gun control ideology played out daily. Chicago, along with New York, New Orleans, Detroit, and the State of California are among the places that has the highest form of gun control. What else do these places have in common? You guessed it. The highest rate of gun violence. That’s not by accident. Criminals know a soft target when they see it. In these places there are many soft targets. Also these places have been governed by the Democratic Party and have instituted the left’s ideology. Only to fail and help make the case against gun control through the need for more legislation.

Open carry and concealed carrying of individuals have been brought up as a means to protect or limit the mass shooters actions, but the left has attacked it as a crazy idea. Even calling them radical. It is here I like to remind the left that it’s not the actions of open carrying or even concealed carrying individuals that have cause this problem. In fact, they have been credited many times with stopping violent crimes. Here again, the left have no logic even when presented with facts and statics. Can anyone name a time when an open carry, or concealed carry individual has committed a mass shooting? An individual that decides to open or conceal carry is generally your most trained and knowledgeable firearm owners, yet through propaganda and unwarranted fear, they are the most demonized. 

There is no doubt that this is and will continue to be a hot topic, but much needed topic to talk all the way through to conclusion. Many views and ideology has been discussed and will be discussed at lengths in the coming months. One thing is for certain, gun free zones are not the answer only helping contribute to the problem. 

We are coming off the heels of the San Bernarndino shooting and the attacks in Paris as well showing that this is a global problem not isolated. Paris is like the States I mentioned earlier in this article, very heavy regulated when it comes to gun control. It didn’t help reduce violence in the attacks, but the legislation Paris has on gun ownership helped create a higher casualty in lack of self protection means.

The fact of the matter is we do not need the government to help us out in this fight. We can send a message to the would be shooters that we will defend our own lives and others around us through continued responsible gun ownership and practices. Gun sales are now at an all time high and the message needs to be heard by the government that the people are sending. That message is “We got this.” 

A nation fighting a growing and out of control “War on Terrorism” doesn’t need an unarmed populace. When seconds matter cops are minutes away. That has been proven over and over time again. From Columbine, to Aurora, to Oregon, and now San Bernarndino, we are the front lines to self protection. Nothing radical about that and it’s our duty to do so. With a true Republic there are risk, but we shouldn’t compound the problem by being helpless victims to those that wish to do us harm.

Whether it is terrorist from abroad or the common mass shooters we are facing, we need to take our rights and safety very serious and let those know that what to take either, rights or liberties, we will not allow it. If terrorist want to change our way of life cause they hate our freedoms then we don’t need to let them win by surrendering our freedom. We need to let them know we will not be infiltrated or usurped because of our differences. 

If the mass shooter wants to do mass damage then we need to let them know we will not stand for it. We will confront you on any ground, under any circumstance. The message of an armed populace will send a message to the shooter that we will not be taken as helpless victims, but rather as a fighting obstacle to their goal.

Having an armed, trained personnel at schools, theaters, and other venues will limit the destruction if not stop it in it’s tracks. This needs to be reported in an honest way through our media instead of the partisan politics that we see reported daily. The media can play a crucial role in securing our second amendment instead of playing party politics.

With gun violence on the rise I am glad to see gun sales also on the rise. The message is being sent, but will Washington accept it or continue to blame the gun, not the individual? If I was a betting person my money would be on they will continue to promote fear and ideology instead of common sense talks and protecting the right to bear and keep arms.

In the words of Senator Dianne Feinstein, “When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in…. that’s just human nature.” I have to ask the question, did they in Aurora? Or Sandy Hook? Ft. Hood? Paris? Or here recently, in California? This is the mentality we are up against when dealing with gun legislation and gun ownership rights. She knows this is an outright lie, but is playing on the heart strings of good American people. Simply disgusting and unprofessional remarks from an elected official.

President Obama has come out and officially stated, “enough is enough.” Mr. President I agree. Enough is enough. The people are speaking and you, sir, are not listening. Your administration isn’t listening and the amount of dead continue to rise. The problem isn’t the amount of guns, the problem is people. People kill and seek mass casualties, not guns. 

Labeling a firearm as an “assault weapon” and banning them will do nothing to stop gun violence. Limiting magazine capacities will not stop gun violence. A silly sign that says “gun free zone” will not stop gun violence. What will stop gun violence? A good guy with a gun. Leave your political agenda at the door. Swallow your hatred for groups like the N.R.A. and do the job of a President and that is to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. No amount of Executive Actions, legislation, or political ideology will stop this. Securing the rights of individual will play a pivotal role in how we stop these acts, or become victims to these act.

Mr. President, the people are speaking. Are you listening?

Written by: Michael Howell

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5 thoughts on “Here We Go Again. Gun Control Talk Resumes.

  1. Excellent Piece! The language in the debate is hard to miss. We talk about gun control, gun free zones, magazine capacity laws, the list goes on. The ban on “assault weapons” doesn’t pass the demogogue test! I call them “anti-assault rifles”. I call them this, not to try to re-label them, but to make a point. And that point is this, the rifle becomes an assault or an anti-assault rifle the same way any weapon becomes a tool of death and mayhem, by a person of evil intent using them as such either to attack and kill or to kill in defense. I told my gun the other day to get up off the shelf and go kill all the neighbors. You know, that gun just laid there looking at me as if to say “if that’s what you want then pick me up and do it”. If I had left it there by itself, laying out in the open for days, it would not have harmed anybody, unless of course, somebody with evil intent picked it up and used it in a criminal manner. Assault weapons Bans, clip capacity laws, gun free zones, gun permits, gun control……wait a minutes, do these people really not get the phrase “shall not be infringed”? Are we as a society really that stupid? I submit that just the opposite is true. The very people you mentioned are the ones that use these “attacks” to demogogue the issue to people who have itching ears. They have either played a role in these attacks or in some way facilitated the attacks just so they could sway public opinion and pave the way for their gun grabs. They know guns don’t cause violence, that people bent on evil cause them. Hell, the politicians have armed security all around them. The Secret Service would never allow that if guns were actually able to harm people. No, man causes the violence. And takes his guns away and he will kill with a knife or sword, a crossbow or some other weapon. The first murder that we know of was when Cain killed Abel, his brother. Do we need to then outlaw stones? Of course not! But the true reason these leaders want our guns is that they know the purpose of the Second Amendment. To fight tyranny, and tyrants know they are tyrants! This Is Not Rocket Science People!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment and I couldn’t agree more. The only form of gun control we need is to aim straight! Like you said, they know they are tyranny and they want total control. It is not about guns, but control. An armed populace can’t be controlled and that is what bothers them the most. Thanks again for your comment!


  2. If you believe that what occurred at Sandy hook, San Bernardino, Orlando pulse or any other reported on National news was an actual event it is you suffering from cognitive dissonance. These events were so sloppily staged and the evidence of it is overwhelming. The truth pill is hard to swallow, but it is not hard to see if you look. Saw your post on minds can you say controlled opposition.


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