Roll out the Gun Control Laws

“They didn’t let a crisis go to waste” to quote Rahm Emanuel. Before the facts were known, before the ink dried on the paper of the writers, the narrative was in full swing. The calls, and even more pathetic, the cries for gun control were out in full blast. Being the dominating headline in the events that happened in Colorado Springs, Co. at the Planned Parenthood clinic, the agenda was once again rolled out on queue.

The facts as we know them today, is that a white man aged 57, armed with an AK-47 stormed the Planned Parenthood clinic and started to open fire. Screams immediately were heard as the gunshots started in the parking lot and quickly moved into the Planned Parenthood facility. The shooting left three dead including a police officer. It is reported that the gun man also had some propane tanks at the scene that he planned on setting off as well.

This is a tragic situation and it was a needless act of violence, but we can not overlook the attempt to demonize guns and gun owners in these situations. Some of the common denominators that all the mass shootings have in common is the fact that they take place in gun free zones where firearms are not even allowed showing one important fact. Criminals and those set on destruction do not, and will not obey laws. Leaving the populace unarmed and unequipped to defend themselves in these horrific events.

As I am writing this I am hearing the talking points and seeing the narrative played out on the television. Everyone from Governors, Senators, to even the President has come out and talked about stricter gun control laws that will do nothing but empower the criminal mind, leave us unprotected, and surely result in a much higher death toll. After all, if gun control laws actually worked then Chicago would be the safest city in the nation as its gun laws are among the strictest. However, it has the highest death rate when it comes to gun violence. That’s not by chance, it’s by the fact that law abiding citizens have the least likely opportunity to defend themselves under the present law in Chicago.

Chicago isn’t alone in the attempt to make it harder for the average citizen to acquire a firearm for the means of self defense. Look at New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and New Orleans to get more information into the stupidity of gun laws. Once again we see hard legislation geared towards gun ownership, high volumes of “gun free zones”, and once again, large amounts of gun violence crime.

In the spirit of talking points I would like to throw out some of my own. Such as, “If guns were the problem then no one would leave a rifle range alive.” Or how about, “How come no one dies at gun shows with all of those guns present?” Then we have the personal favorite, “85 million gun owners killed no one today!” Both sides have points they like to throw around, but let’s focus on logic and common sense and not be guided by fear propaganda.

One thing in for sure and that is when things like the Planned Parenthood shooting happens, or the Oregon shooting, or any other shooting takes place, it is plastered all over the television, new articles, blogs, social media, and other avenues, but the same attention isn’t given when a gun has been used by citizens to stop a violent act or shooting. Why the bias reporting from the media? Simply stated, it’s a growing agenda and we are loosing the gun rights talk. At least in the talking point narrative sense. It’s time to change that and have an open, logical conversation about self protection.

President Obama had already made the statement “enough is enough”, but has offered no real solution. If it was up to him all guns would have been banned by now leaving only the criminals armed and us defenseless. That is the logic of the debate on the gun control side. They won’t address the criminal side still being armed through ignoring the law, but that is precisely what would transpire.

If laws were the answer and effective at eliminating these acts then we wouldn’t have these acts in the first place as it is against the law now to murder. Yet, we still have these shootings. If laws were the answer to the problem then we wouldn’t have drugs, shoplifting, corruption, rape, or any prisons as the laws themselves, would have taken care of the problem. Laws do not work, only law abiding citizens follow them.

Another instance is the gun free zones that are in place throughout America making sitting ducks of the innocence by those hell bent on carry out their sick ideology. I am for all rights and if a business owner want to have a gun free zone at their establishment then it is their right as property owners, however, making a law dictating no guns on property is not only inviting danger, but a usurp in individual rights as well.

To combat the growing number of gun violence by placing a sign that reads, “Gun Free Zone” is rhetorical and ineffective measure that will lead to a growing number of individuals being killed in these “safe places.” Facts clearly show these are anything but safe places and only leads to a target gallery for the gunman.

There is no doubt that in the coming days and weeks we will be hearing from many people on how we can eliminate these events. One simple solution is to take back the power the gunman feels he has and allow open carry people to quietly and discretely carry their firearms. Believe me, once the shooter realizes he is not the only one with a gun, the balance shifts and we will have a fighting chance in these situations instead of hiding under a table or desk waiting on someone with a gun to come and save us. We are in charge of our own safety and it is past time we take that right back.

Put down the “Don’t Tread on Me” banners. You have already been treaded on. Put down the “Come and Take It” banners. They have already taken them in many cities and the cause is picking up momentum. Instead pick up the banner of rights and liberties and fight the fight with logical and proven facts. We have the facts on our side and the attempt to take our right of self protection is coming like an avalanche. Stand in its way or educate the people the avalanche is coming. Choice is yours and the consequences are high.

This is more than just a right of self protection. This is a right to defend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Even against a tyrannical government. To quote George Washington, “The second amendment is the liberties teeth.”

You bet it is and it is our duty to make it continue to be our last resort, but to protect it as an option. 

Written by: Michael Howell


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