What Is A False Flag

Written by: Michael W. Howell
Senior Writer and Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

This is a growing phrase we keep hearing in today’s times, but what does it mean? What do you think of when you hear the term false flag? Gulf of Tonkin? Operation Northwoods? Boston Bombing? What about Sandy Hook? Maybe you think of the mother of all false flags, 9/11? Many of us think of all of these plus many more. There is little to no doubt that there is a global agenda shaping the world today, and the globalists are using the tactic of fear, through false flags, to rapidly and effectively achieve the goals they set forth.

Just how they use these false flags is elementary, but has many surrendering their rights and liberties that generations have died for to preserve at a record pace. It is through our fear and complacency that the false flags are winning, and democracies are losing. We are told that the current situation we are facing with global terrorism is because they hate us for our freedoms and our way of life. The fact that we are giving up our freedoms for safety and changing our way of life to combat terrorism really should equate to a win for the terrorist, but we are told that the steps are necessary. I have to ask the question, “are these steps necessary?”

Take the tragedy that happened on 9/11 when we lost so much life and liberties. The lives lost in New York, at the Pentagon, and Pennsylvania brought forth policies such as the Patriot Act and expanded the spying program of the N.S.A. to include monitoring and cataloging the phone records, emails, and even social media post of innocent civilians without a warrant or probable cause. The fourth amendment nullified, in essence, resulting in both a loss of rights and a change in our day to day lives. According to what we were told about the War on Terrorism, it seems like a win for the enemy.

What makes a false flag just that is the evidence. Let me pause for a minute and clear up the air about what precisely a false flag by definition is. A false flag is typically defined, in conventional terms, as an act of terror committed under a false flag or group to achieve political or military gain. It seems like with the attacks we have seen in recent decades, and even before, both political and military gain has been accomplished.

On September the 11th, 2001, as the nation was gasping for air and understanding, the agenda was already being forged in the media, political speeches, and through the scared voice of Americans. In the instance, we were clamoring for answers and trying to make sense of what we just witnessed. Cries for war were being heard, and Washington was already planning for that.

Among the many signs that 9/11 was a false flag, I want to touch on the events that transpired after the attacks. Of course, the evidence of any attack can conclude if it was a false flag, but the actions in the aftermath all but seal the deal. It seems like they always have the solution in the wings just waiting to be executed right after the events.

On the very same day as the attacks on the twin towers, actually just a mere hours later, we already had a suspect with very detailed facts – Osama Bin Laden. We had the media scrambling to the story reporting on anything and everywhere. We had President Bush calling for “those responsible” to be hearing from us, and soon as it would turn out. Hollywood was in full effect writing songs about putting a “boot in your ass,” and the American people couldn’t get enough of the rhetoric.

By slowing down and asking questions, we could have very quickly pointed out all the anomalies of that day that would have led to a much needed independent investigation instead of a needless war with a high amount of “collateral damage” as stated by Madeleine Albright in a televised national interview. But that wasn’t the endgame, toppling Saddam was the goal. War is big business, and this was a prime scenario for the Military-Industrial Complex to use their new toys in real-world situations and for Halliburton to cash in handsomely.

Air travel was halted to Americans, and checkpoints were in high demand. Fear was elevated to a level we haven’t seen before and haven’t seen since that time. And the lost of liberties was not only welcomed but demanded by the public. Under a falsehood of security, the government was eager to oblige. The media helped to perpetuate this agenda through adverse reporting that involved little to no investigative journalism. It was a script being told by characters involved in the narrative. Many didn’t even realize or care that they were being used.

Now with the public on board to keep the homeland safe, President George W. Bush signed into law the controversial legislation known as the Patriot Act. He didn’t stop there. We got a new leg of government, more like a strong arm, called The Department of Homeland Security that compounded the controversy and receive much attention from free thinkers as needless expenditure of taxpayer money and a massive overreach in our lives. Publicly hire security in airports was quickly replaced with government-paid security, and the birth of the T.S.A. was born. We indeed saw a change in the way we conduct our business and live our lives.

Military vehicles and personnel were in transit to Iraq, and Saddam was on the move. Though publicly, his Minister of Propaganda was portraying a different view. And once again, the American people were yelling for war. But why were the calls for war against Saddam, and more importantly, the people of Iraq, even an option? We were just told that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the attacks, and now we are going after Saddam?

Colin Powell went before the United Nations and laid out the Government’s case for such a war. With confidence, the former General showed us pictures of trucks design to carry and house weapons of mass destruction. With a sharp presentation and little room for error, he made it clear that Iraq was not only holding these weapons but ready and willing to use them. Stories from other witnesses and collaborators backed up his story, and the narrative for war was made.

The goal for the false flag was achieved. Saddam Hussein would be removed, the Iraqi’s resources would be stolen, and The Federal Reserve would get to move into Iraq. From the viewpoint of the elite, this was a victory. Through our lack of questioning and naivety, we got a never-ending war on terrorism and the bleeding of rights and liberties.

9/11 was an example of how a military goal can be achieved through false flags, but let’s not forget political agendas, too, are a cause for false flags. This was never more evident than Sandy Hook. Or Sandy Hoax as I like to refer to it as. The evidence here, just like 9/11, is so overwhelming that it can’t be ignored.

One clear piece of evidence that an event was a false flag is the fact that a “drill” of some sort was taking place at the same time, regarding the same kind of event as the said supposed real event. As the government was running terror drills on 9/11 simulating the very same type of attacks that ended up happening in New York, we find that in Sandy Hook’s case, they were also participating in drills. Why would a school participate in such an exercise, and why use the media in this? Nothing makes something look and feel really like those participating in something under one pretense and calling on the media to spread it like wildfire.

Just years earlier, Eric Holder made a statement that resonates loudly today, and that is the infamous statement he made regarding firearms. “We need to brainwash people into looking at guns in a vastly different way.” Sandy Hook would end up being that brainwashing Obama, and his minions would need and use.

Though Obama ran his campaign in 2008 saying he wasn’t coming after our guns, everyone knew his stance on firearms was weak, to say the least. In typical Democrat fashion, he put on a show to pander votes while secretly plotting his plans to eliminate or significantly reduce the number of firearms Americans would have. Coming from Chicago, he should know the value of gun ownership since Chicago has the strictest gun laws, but the highest gun violence in the nation.

Newtown, Connecticut, the home town of Sandy Hook School, was by all accounts a sleepy town. Charming, affluent, but albeit not much in the way of politics, making it the perfect backdrop for the upcoming false flag. Like I did in the above part of this article with 9/11, I want to focus on the aftermath that came after the “event.”

With the crisis actors memorizing their lines, the media ready to plaster the narratives all over the waiting public, the story begins to unfold. Adam Lanza, a loner and virtually unknown to people in the area, killed his mother and then proceeded to make his way to Sandy Hook School, where he would carry out the mass murder of over 20 kids and a teacher. The details are vague and often misreported when it comes to this story, which is a clear sign of a false flag. The story changes or is flat out rewritten at any given time. Right on queue here comes President Obama and the disarming agenda.

All the familiar statements were uttered and then uttered again in stereo and on loop. “We need to rethink our gun laws to prevent this from happening again.” “It’s such a tragedy that we have guns in modern times.” “If it saves just one child, then we need to rethink gun control.” It wasn’t a gun that did these things, but the acts of an individual person. If the story of Adam’s life were right, which it is not, then even if guns weren’t around, he would have acted out in violence. Another clear sign of a false flag is when the attention is taken off of the act and placed on the agenda as it was in this case.

We saw the President take to the airwaves on television, radio, correspondence dinners, and any event he could use to push the gun control agenda. In many circles and ways, he succeeded. He was not alone in his quest. Picking up the cause and releasing outlandish statements was Senator Dianne Feinstein when she tried to convince us that when the bad guy saw that no one else had guns, then he too would lay down his. What? That is beyond foolish and makes no logical sense at all. Did the Aurora shooter lay down his? The Ft. Hood shooter? And what about all those homicide deaths in Chicago? Did they lay down their guns when they noticed their victims had none? Asinine and irresponsible remarks from someone we should have higher expectations from.

So the gun debate picked up steam, and Sandy Hook was the new role model for the attempt to demean gun owners and the fundamental right of self-protection. Many rallied around their Representatives that called for stricter gun laws while others gathered around the N.R.A. and other gun rights groups. Social media was buzzing with heated debates, and all views were expressed at length. Laws were passed limiting magazine capacity, particular ammo was under the microscope, and any attempt to make it harder to be a legal gun owner was used.

False flags are not new and will continue to be used against us in this all-out attempt at our individual sovereignty. It is as old as power itself, and no sign of let-up is on the horizon. From the Gulf of Tonkin to get us into the Vietnam war to cyber attacks to give up our internet freedom, the false flag card will be played. We must investigate all events and think through to the conclusion using logic and reason when we are faced with circumstances that seem odd or illogical. You better believe there is an agenda behind the act, and it never includes securing our liberties, but in taking them altogether.

The Constitutional Republic is only as free as the rights it retains, not surrenders, under any circumstance. We need to head off those that come after our God-given, natural rights and preserve those freedoms not only for us but for future generations. Through a naive mentality, we have accepted false flags such as U.S.S. Liberty, the Boston Bombing, the Aurora cinema shooting, Operation Northwoods, and many others. It is time to wipe the golden slumbers from our eyes and be the resistance we need to be in this ever-growing fight. Too much is at stake with too much to lose. Fight these with logical researched facts and clear thoughts. When you have all the facts it is hard to be persuaded into the false flag narrative.



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