War Is A Racket

On this Veterans Day I am reminded of a saying made famous by United States Marine General Smedley Butler when he uttered the now infamous words, “war is a racket.” That is pretty strong words considering he is a two time Medal of Honor recipient. What would make a highly decorated and well respected General not only say those words, but write about this in a  a pamphlet as well? Could it be that he knew first hand the real reason of war? Absolutely so and he would make it his life’s work after his retirement to spread what he learned to the general public in hopes of ending warfare.

To understand his thoughts and his views we only need to look at who profits and who looses when it comes to war(s). The outcome, regardless who the “victors” are always leaves a deep impression on all those who fought in the war, on both sides. With many mental and physical side affects coming out of war to the service men and women that fight in them it is important that we make the decision to go to war right, justified, and legal.

Who Benefits From Wars 

This is the first question that needs to be addressed in determining the legality of war and the way we fight them. Really the answer is all around us and doesn’t take much to see. It is the Military Industrial Complex and those that are inside this organization. The Military Industrial Complex is a separate budget from the National Defense Budget and needs to be treated that way. What I mean by this is that is we can not keep supporting this organization in the disguise of national security. The corporations that make up this group are, but not limited to, G.E., Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, and several others. While wars are being fought by technological means today, make no mistake that these, and others, profits are astronomical. War allows them to try out their latest advancements in real world scenarios.

From drones to tanks to satellite technology we are seeing an increase in an arms race while perpetuating this “war on terrorism” that has plagued us since 9/11. Saudi Arabia who is one of our biggest allies in the middle east only behind Israel, is the world’s largest arms importer. They also are the biggest instigator of war and have little role in fighting these wars they help create.

America always seems to take the lead in all wars fought and suffer more casualties than the other countries fighting in the coalition. Backed by an all power Military Industrial Complex and a military system that has massed over 700 bases in over 130 countries, it is no surprise we take the wheel in these fights. This is what Eisenhower warned us of in his farewell speech, but we failed to heed to it. Now it is out of control with no end in sight, only expansion and little to no oversight.

All Wars Are Banker Wars  

Yes indeed the Military Industrial Complex and their toys are knee deep in wars, but let’s not forget about the real profiteers of wars. That is the banking system that funds both sides of all wars. Why would they do that is a question I have asked myself this over and over. The only real and logical answer is profit. See a recurring theme here? It’s not about freedom, protecting liberties, or even an outside threat. After all with such a huge and massive military budget and a military fleet that reaches into so many countries, how can being threatened really be a possibility?

To understand the bankers role when it comes to war is a complex and frustrating process. I know what you are thinking. Do I really believe the bankers starts and funds wars for the sole benefit of profit? The evidence only leads to one conclusion. Yes, i do and you would to with any amount of research into the facts and roles of bankers and war.

Bankers create money out of thin air, backed by nothing, and then loans out with interest to the governments of the world and sit back while we fight over the resources of the invaded countries in order to pay back this bogus loan in the first place. What is the bankers first step in a war torn country? To establish a central bank in order to “stabilize” the economy and to bring calm to a chaotic, collapsing currency. For examples of this see Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Bosnia, and even Germany to list a few. And I do mean a few. The House of Rothschild do not play or compromise when it comes to instituting their Central Banks in countries they want. A couple of countries in the Rothschild’s cross hairs are Russia, Syria, N. Korea and Cuba. What else do these countries have in common? They are at the heart of our fears and desires to go to war with.

Before we make that harsh decision let’s be rational about why we want to go to war in the first place and it shouldn’t be to grow central banks greed. To get to the heart of the problem we are told that they are a threat to our way of life and present a real danger to our democracy. That is the first problem and flaw I see. We are not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic governed by the Constitution, not ordered by greedy bankers.

Next we really need to look at how they became a threat in the first place and it is by America, through Central Banks, funding their Civil Wars that had nothing to do with our freedom and liberties in the first place. It is then carried out by arming and training those same forces through our Military Industrial Complex. Yes, going back to the Mujaheddin, we armed, funded and trained the same group of people that later became the Taliban, then Al Qaeda, and now are the present day Isis forces we are at war with today. This is maddening and sick. When logic is applied we see that just by arresting the politicians that supported arming, funding, and training our enemies we would not need to go to foreign lands and be the aggressors and occupiers in the first place. The war on terrorism could be won without firing a shot, or at the very least few shots, by holding our own politicians feet to the fire by charging them with treason.

What Is The Real Solution 

As mentioned, we need to start at the local level with our own leadership before we go to enforce our will in other countries. This leads to blowback and generations of war and ultimately our men and women that pay the cost for the bankers greed and the Military Industrial Complex testing of their toys. We need to really examine our monetary system and realize it is just a fake as the celebrities we follow in Hollywood. Many have stated the return to the gold standard as the solution and many have come up with other means, but we really need to address our phony money.

Once we address this issue whether through an audit of the Fed, or my solution, an out right abolishment of the Fed, then we can turn to those that have been on the Federal Reserves teat for some time now and that is the growing, ever expanding Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower and others have warned and championed against. Yes we need a National Defense budget, but not a transfer of wealth of the American people to greedy corporations. This is nothing but corporate welfare and a protection of the corporations criminal activities.

In conclusion we can save the economy from over spending, save our military men and women’s lives, and reign in criminal activities by those who swore and oath to protect us, not sell us out to globalism and the bankers agendas. This will not be an easy fight or a quick fix. We need everyone in this fight. Our children and grand children are counting on our voice and actions. A saying I have, and it applies here is “the amount of tyranny you accept today is the amount of tyranny your children will live under tomorrow. Will we be the do nothing generation or will we be the generation that writes the history books?

Written by: Michael Howell

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