Listen To Me Now, Not Later

Written by Michael Howell
Staff writer and Senior Editor at Fighting the Tyranny

We are under a massive attack on our rights. This isn’t a theory and it’s not fear mongering. Look around you and think about all the new laws and regulations that are coming at us on every front. Internet regulations, socialized healthcare, Freedom Act, and the Federal Common Core Curriculum to name just a few. What about the expansion of bureaucracies? The N.S.A., T.S.A., Department of Education, Department of Energy, and Department of Homeland Security, once again, just to name a few. How about the expansion of wars either directly or through proxy countries. Everyone can sense that the winds of change are blowing and blowing in a very dangerous direction. Every freedom that past generations have fought for and unfortunately have died for, is under attack. We are living in a pivotal time that will ultimately define how history will be written. Our actions will not only define this generation but how future generations lives will be lived. In freedom, with individual sovereignty. or under oppression and tyranny. That will be our decision to make and time is running out.

I have listed many objectives from the agenda, but it does not end with these. Actually, this is not even the tip of the iceberg and that is the truly scary part. In this article, I want to talk about Cloward and Piven strategy and how they are using us against ourselves. If you have not heard of that strategy then I urge you to get familiar with it as it is the plan to carry out their global agenda. Make no mistake about it, there is a global agenda in the works. So who are they and what are their goals?

Who the main puppet strings holders are is really the mystery, but their puppets are easy to see. They infiltrate our politics, financial businesses, are academic leaders, and run our corporations. They come across like they have our best interest in mind, however, this couldn’t be farther from the actual truth. They act on the highest form of greed with the blackest of hearts to accomplish the destruction of humanity that they seek. Yes, I realize that is a strong statement, but their words and even actions leave me with no other analysis.

They operate in secret through societies that have been coined as “secret societies.” This is very public knowledge and was even the inspiration of President Kennedy’s Secret Society speech. He had power, influence, and what my generation referred to as “mojo”, but made no bones about calling out these perpetrators. He was a people’s president that went against the Washington grain on many issues such as the Vietnam War, the Federal Reserve, and the global agenda. Many, myself included, believe these, along with other issues is what ultimately got him killed. If we now do nothing, then not only his death, but the death of many of our brothers and sisters will be in vain.

I want to focus on some of these issues as I can’t talk about everything in this one article so let’s start with the term I mentioned above – Cloward and Pivens. This is a strategy that was conceived of in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Pivens. It, in a nutshell, called for over burdening the United States welfare system to the point of replacing the system with a “guaranteed income for all”. Or as we truly know it to be, Socialism. Which in real terms guarantees poverty for everyone. If we can’t all be rich, let’s all be poor. I encourage everyone to research Cloward and Pivens on your own and see how it is being fulfilled today.

Divide and conquer, if we were honest with each other, is the goal so the strategy can truly be carried out. That leads me to my next point. All of this political correctness that we are seeing isn’t by accident. It is coming at us like a snowball rolling down a mountain. And as we all know, snowballs get bigger the longer they roll. This is dangerous cause we are directly in its path. So, how are they dividing us?

They are using devious tactics such as religion, diversity, race, economics, and other means to have us fighting with each other and not uniting in our differences. This is key to the global agenda because what they really fear is a united populace. The agenda can only be carried out when we are divided; so unite. I want to touch on some of these issues in this article. Let’s start with a really hot button today – religion.

This should be personal and protected in a free society, however, we are seeing an attack on religion globally. Muslims hate Christians and Christians hate Muslims seems to be the theme in the world today. While I am a Christian I could care less who you worship or even if you choose to worship at all. That’s not my problem and I shouldn’t be the judge of you or your choices. The only time I have a problem with it is when we are swayed to use it against each other. All religions claim to teach peace and tolerance, but we are not seeing the practice exercised much today. As a Christian or Muslim, or whatever religion you choose to practice you should not impede in anyone else’s rights. Everyone regardless of beliefs have the same natural rights.

Another instance or example rather of the division is race. Boy have the elite got this ploy down to a science. I must make a disclaimer here and acknowledge that I am not a black lives matter person rather an all lives matter supporter. I believe we got in this situation in the first place by putting one ethnicity above the other, and we all know, if we don’t learn from history then we are doomed to repeat it. I do not believe one life matters over the other, rather all lives are equal and need to coexist together. I do understand the claims of that movement and agree completely with the views they are making. I am a white male and have seen examples of police bigotry place on African American people. That is wrong and is another reason we all need to unite and not be divided. Together, and only together can we defeat this. Bigotry will only be defeated by coming together and facing it as one, not individual groups. Ferguson and Baltimore was a great opportunity to start making headway in this, but it just drove a deeper wedge among us.

These are just a couple ways the globalist are trying to divide us and I could spend the rest of the article on other ways, but I really want to cover some other problems we are seeing brought to the surface. I talked in the beginning of this article about some programs and policies that are taking our liberties and I would like to go back and touch on a couple. Why is the Constitution under attack today? Why are we seeing it usurped in such vicious and ruthless ways without any regard to dialogue or debate? Our soldiers, police, and especially our politicians swear an oath to it so why is it not being upheld and protected by those same people?

How is the Constitution being destroyed? In many ways and it is being done by policies and policy enforcers. Take the first amendment as a starting point. This amendment guarantees our right to peacefully assemble and exercise our free speech. We now are seeing a growing number of “free speech zones” being set up to cattle protesters. It’s not if you agree with the protesters, it’s that you protect their right to assemble peacefully. Free speech zones does not have a place in a free Republic. It doesn’t end there by any means. Our phone calls, emails, and even our social media site post are being recorded and cataloged by the N.S.A. program. This has been confronted and confirmed. Once again, that is not free speech. That is hampering free speech as many feel they can’t openly say what they want to out of fear of having their words recorded.

Let’s stay with the N.S.A. program for a minute. The first amendment isn’t the only amendment that this program violates. The argument that they are violating the fourth amendment as well has been made and challenged. The fourth amendment saying I have the right to be secure in my person, house, paper, and effects. Also that in order for this information to be collected a warrant has to be issued describing the place to be searched, and the persons or property to be seized. And probable cause has to exist, supported by Oath or affirmation. The fact that the N.S.A. is collecting everyone’s data, without probable cause or warrant is a clear violation of the fourth amendment. It operates under the suspicion of everyone being guilty until proven innocent. That is another direct violation of our rights and legal process.

Let me piggy back off of the fourth amendment for a second and give you another way it is being usurped. Take police checkpoints on our roads and highways. Of course, they use the all familiar term “for your safety” as vindication for this policy, however, it goes against the Constitution. You can not stop every single car, ask them for their papers, without probable cause. Regardless how safety minded your intentions are. We fought World War 2 over that same mentality and now seem to welcome it openly here. Why?

Now i want to talk about another hot button and that is the right to bear arms. Before I go any farther let me gi

ity of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” That’s it. Sweet and to the point. Nowve it to you in it’s entirety. “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the secur let’s examine the terminology closer. Who is a Militia? We are, the people of the State make up the Militia. That is why it says “being necessary to the security of a free State.” Notice the famous argument about hunting isn’t mentioned, but protecting the State is? That’s important cause the left likes to ask why I need an AR-15 for hunting? I don’t own an AR-15 cause I am a hunter, but rather cause I am a protector. And finally, the term “shall not be infringed.” Inside these four words encompasses the security of the right. The term “shall” is definitive or absolute. Any infringement is a violation such as a magazine capacity, type of weapons allowed to own, or even the type of ammo I am allowed to purchase. To say that I do not have this right because of the technological advancements made to firearms would be equivalent to saying I do not have free speech because of the advancement of the internet. That would be silly.

So, we have many ways that they are coming after our rights and liberties but I still haven’t defined who “they” are. And what about this secret society I mentioned above? What is that and how does that fit into the global agenda I keep referring to? Let’s start with defining what secret societies are and through defining them and exposing their members the question of who “they” are will be brought to life.

Some of the secret societies that we know of are Yale Universities Skull and Bones, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove and the most infamous of all secret societies, the Bilderberg Group. I will start with the Bilderberg Group first.

The members are made up of financiers, bankers, academia leaders, Military, political leaders, media members and others from around the world. All coming together to discuss, in secret and without accountability, the move toward globalism. This is troubling as it is another violation of the Constitution. Policies regarding our Republic are only to be made in a formal manner through our elected officials in Congress. Not done in secret by members of the world elite. Some past members include, but not limited to, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Jeff Bezos, David Rockefeller Sr., Paul Volcker, Ben Bernanke, David Petraeus, John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Colin Powell, Timothy Geithner, Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher, Prince Charles, Prince Philip, and many many others. What they discuss is not cataloged and presented to the public and is operated under heavy security. They meet once a year at various places throughout the world. In the beginning, they even denied that they were meeting but in the past years it has come to light and even mainstream media can’t suppress their activities any longer.

Skulls and Bones is one that is wrapped in mystery. Past members include both President Bushs, John Kerry, William F. Buckley (Founder of National Review), and numerous others. All members have gone on to be prominent members of society such as Ambassadors, media leaders, academic leaders, heads of financial institutions, and members of our political system, even reaching the Presidency. While they claim to be a fraternity on Yale campus they do not operate in manners commonly know to fraternities. Many have reported that they have seen rituals performed at the house and it is even said to be the resting place of the Native American, Geronimo’s, skull. Any investigation into the house or activities is cut short. While John Kerry was running for President against fellow Bonesman, George W. Bush, they were both ask about their involvement in the group. Neither would give any information to the Skull and Bones society even stating it was a “secret.”

The Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are much of the same as far as members go and secret activities. The key to remember is meeting outside of Congress to discuss policy is unconstitutional, but as we can clearly see at this point, they don’t care about the Constitution. It is not being respected by the very same people who swore an oath to protect it.

These are not the only players in the global agenda. As a matter of fact, the above mentioned are small potatoes compared to the real globalist. That would be The Rothschild family which has been issuing nation’s currency since the late 1700’s and even, to this day, continue to print nation’s currency via the Federal Reserve. They are seen as the most powerful and influential family in the world. Having a net worth of over $200 trillion and being the worlds only trillionaire, it’s hard to argue the fact. Think of them as the main financiers of the global agenda.

Where will this global agenda be legislated and ran from? Right here in the good ole United States. Oh no, not in the name of America, but rather in the name of the United Nations settled right in the heart of downtown New York. That’s right we have a foreign government operating and controlling a free and sovereign Republic that many have lost their lives in protecting only to lose it to globalist at the hands of the very same people they were protecting the globalist from; the American people.

You see, the battlefield is big and very complex, but don’t get overwhelmed. Stay focused, pick a fight, draw your sword and stand your ground. To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, “our grandchildren are going to wake up slaves in the land their grandfathers conquered.” Be the resistance and help end the global agenda by holding those accountable for treason and other crimes such as all these illegal wars, fake monetary system, and the outright usurping on the Constitutional Republic. Listen to me now, not later.

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